Heinz Endowments Funds Radical Fractivist Attorneys

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The Heinz Endowments is funding radical fractivist attorneys whose real goal is the destruction of capitalism and replacement of it with failed socialism.

During his wife’s campaign for political office, it was revealed that Jordan Yeager, the Delaware Riverkeeper’s radical attorney, was a member of the National Lawyers Guild. He subsequently, and for good reason, seems to scrubbed his biography of any mention of it. The Guild was, according to Congressional investigators, formed in 1937 as a Communist front group and it has identified itself with one radical cause after another, most recently with the short-lived #Occupy movement.

Today, Yeager likes to be seen as somewhat less radical for purposes of appearances in respectable places such as the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. He represented Maya and company there in opposing the Wayne Land and Mineral Group’s righteous lawsuit against a politically corrupt DRBC. That doesn’t mean he’s any less radical, though. In fact, he serves on the board of an extremist association of attorneys funded by the Heinz Endowments  to stir up as much environmental trouble as possible for those of us trying to actually do business and raise families in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

What I’m talking about is a group called Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services, another 501(c)(3) charity engaged in political warfare. This group:

This one uses young lawyers funded by four entities, three of them being well-known fractivist enabling outfits. These include Patagonia, the virtue signaling company and the Colcom Foundation, which has funded the community bankrupting CELDF. Then, there is the Heinz Endowments, which has also funded the CELDF, the phony Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project, the Delaware Riverkeeper, StateImpactPA and just about every other fractivist group in the U.S., while its family board members invest in foreign oil and gas development.

Jordan Yeager, the radical attorney, it turns out, is a Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services board member.  The organization describes itself this way:

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit law firm incubating the growth of sliding scale environmental legal services for modest means clients… empowering communities and stimulating economies in the Appalachian Basin region by providing environmental legal services and counseling to allow the underserved to make decisions about practical and innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges across the region.

By empowering, of course, Yeager and company mean to speak on behalf of those of modest means, substituting the Heinz agenda for theirs. This is the latest strategy of the fractivists; to package their own special intertests as advocacy on behalf of the poor and downtrodden. We see it in the opposition to a win-win SEPTA gas project in the Philly region, in Food & Water Watch fund-raising mailers, in Tom Wolf’s resurrection of the fraudulent environmental justice theory and numerous other fractivist activities.

It’s as if the poor were suddenly less interested in incomes than environmental virtue signaling and, of course, it’s utter nonsense. If there were any such thing as real environmental justice it would be focused on the way environmental groups are preventing growth and opportunity from reaching poor and moderate income communities such as those in Wayne County, where I reside. Instead, Yeager and company, are part of the effort to ensure those communities remain poor and dependent on government.

And, the company doing this includes young radicals just like Jordan Yeager. Take Andy Karas, for example, who is now working in Ohio. According to the group’s website (emphasis added):

Andy’s practice encompasses a wide range of environmental matters, with an emphasis on pollution control law and citizen suits. Additionally, his practice involves improving access to justice in the context of civil rights litigation and criminal defense, particularly arising out of instances of protest or direct action. He is a proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America, is affiliated with DSA’s Legal Working Group, as well as being actively involved with his local DSA chapter in Akron. He is additionally a member of the National Lawyers Guild.

It would be hard to get much more radical than that. Emily Collins, Fair Shake’s Executive Director and Managing Attorney, is a member the “Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Environmental Justice Advisory Board but Andy is the prototype young extremist in a business suit. His Facebook page is a revealing look into who he really is and it’s not flattering unless you’re impressed with self-flattery and immaturity.

Heinz Endowments

The offices of Fair Shale Environmental Legal Services in the former Pittsburgh Wash House and Public Baths Building at 3495 Butler Street where, as the rear alley shot shows, the occupants are ket warm in the winter with natural gas heat; more Heinz hypocrisy.

So, we have the Heinz Endowments funding Jordan Yeager and company on multiple fronts, funding his echo chamber at StateImpactPA and funding his replication with a whole new slew of cloned radical attorneys. All of this is perfectly legal, of course, except that it shouldn’t enjoy tax-exemption, especially when the evident purpose of such so much of this is to support the Heinz family’s own investments in competing foreign oil and gas by trashing the U.S. version. It’s time this fractivist racket was shut down at the source of the funding. The Heinz Endowments itself is radical political enterprise.

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