Has Vera Scroggins Flipped? Now Supports Pipelines?

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Something strange has happened. It seems Vera Scroggins has flipped, dropping her pipeline opposition. Is it so, or is she just trapped by her own illogic?

The Susquehanna Independent carried a highly unusual letter to the editor the other day from none other than Vera Scroggins, a frequent NaturalGasNOW commenter and subject. A friend sent me a clipping of it and asked if it could possibly be real, as Vera Scroggins clearly came out in favor of natural gas pipelines as an alternatives to NG Advantage’s proposal to create a compression site so they can ship the stuff to New England and New York by truck. I looked at it and came to the same question; she said what she said, but did she mean it? Time and our comment pages will, I hope, provide the answer. My guess, though, is that she simply got trapped in her own illogical thinking.

vera scroggins

Who is the real Vera Scroggins?

The letter is one of opposition to a proposed NG Advantage compression station in Susquehanna County. It’s all predictable blather, except for this one paragraph (emphasis added):

This company will have up to 100 or more trucks daily, tractor-trailers carrying about 20,000 lbs. of compressed natural gas under high pressure to points unknown on our roads — so far their destination points being New England and New York to supply gas to companies and to replace the lack of needed pipelines in our county and New York.

What? Vera Scroggins is now acknowledging Susquehanna County and New York need more pipelines? What the heck is going on here? The language is unambiguous. There’s no mistaking what she wrote. She says it; more pipelines are needed.

Vera Scroggins is, for perhaps the first and only time, correct. More pipelines are needed to deliver Susquehanna County gas to New England and New York. There is already more Russian LNG sitting off the shore in Boston Harbor waiting to feed the natural gas needs of stuffy Bostonians who want no pipelines anywhere near them.

Unfortunately, though, the Constitution Pipeline, which Vera Scroggins and friends fought vigorously, has been delayed by a New York governor determined to appease her and her ilk. It is those actions that have opened up a business opportunity fopr NG Advantage. Demand will be satisfied one way or another. Vera knows this.

Therein lies the explanation for Vera Scroggins appearing to flip positions. She’s trapped by her past and her complete lack of logic. She’s smart enough to know the demand is not going away. It will either be satisfied with Russian LNG, NG Advantage’s trucked gas or gas delivered by pipelines. She opposes all three, of course, but knows she cannot say that without also suggesting her renewables are ready—today—to pick up the slack and that just isn’t so.

Her solution to this dilemma is to deploy a bit of sophistry; simply citing NG Advantage’s argument without quotes so she can later wiggle out it if necessary, but keeping her own arguments intact logically. That’s Vera Scroggins.

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21 thoughts on “Has Vera Scroggins Flipped? Now Supports Pipelines?

  1. I do not support pipelines
    I did not mean what your fantasy has interpreted as my starement..

    English is my second language and my writing may not be up to par to your writing skills as an American born person learning English from birth.

    I meant it that the Industry needs pipelines and is not getting all they need, so they are resorting to trucking compressed gas.

    Shows how effective citizen action and protest is to the pipelines and the gas industry ..

    Have a good fantasy day.

    • Ignorance is VERA’s first language LOL. The most environmentally benign means to transport Natural Gas to the Boston States is Pipeline lines. This week the Sable Offshore Natural Gas was capped and New England now has fewer options . Of course Vera and her Apparatchik cultists wish for despots like Putin to supply LNG to Boston.

    • HAHA!!! Vera finally sees the light. Nat gas will be around for a long, long time and everyone knows this fact. What she and her ilk never talk about is heat. Good luck with trying to heat homes and businesses with highly intermittent wind and solar. The whole renewable thing is a joke. I should know because I’ve had a 5,000 watt whole house array on my roof since 2008. When the roof finally needs replacing, that thing will not be re – installed. Had I known in advance how cheap our electric rates would be due to fracking, the thing would have never gone up. Live and learn I guess……. Folks should be fighting these solar “farms” tooth and nail. Biggest scam of the century.

  2. Excuses, excuses… face it… you know exactly what you said and now can’t admit pipelines are the best way to transport NG to New England. Your first language must be ignorance because it is clear with your past behavior an accent or Arrogance is pretty clearly shown.

  3. Well I guess the people in Mass. Vermont ,New Hampshire will have to keep buying Nat. Gas from RUSSIA for awhile. OH WELL!!!!!!

  4. Frank brought up a point that I expect most people, who install solar panels on their roofs do not think about. When a roof has to be replaced, those panels are going to complicate the process, make for a much more expensive roofing job and maybe damage to the solar panels in the process. Solar panels as they currently exist make it highly economical for home installation. Maybe some day there will be affordable solar roofing, but there will still have to be a backup for the solar power, even beyond a battery system.

  5. The solar fields are highly suspect as just a boondoggle arrangement for Wall Street Investors and lawyer investors who understand how to play the game. The installations are leased to schools and other pubic places so the ownership and operating expenses (basically depreciation) that go along with it are retained by the investors. The installation changes ownership multiple times and each time the depreciation schedule is re-set to 20 years (the “book-life of solar for accounting purposes). What this means is that the write-off are expanded to 35+ years with each year total higher than should be while the array is basically useless at the 20-year mark. (Example: Investor group 1 writes off 5-years of 20 and sells after the 5th year when the asset is fully depreciated to Investor group 2. Investor Group 1 pays capital gains on the sale price of 20-244%.. Investor group 2 writes off 5 years of 20 at the same or higher rate than group one based on their purchase price which is usually inflated. Total years of write off have now become 25. This is repeated several times until the total years of write off far exceeds the 20 year operating life of the solar panels). Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Don’t forget this all is on top of the 30% tax credit the owners of the installation receive and the bonus depreciation of 50%. https://heliopower.com/2016/01/06/bonus-depreciation-solar/ Valuation of solar fields: https://www.seia.org/research-resources/valuation-solar-generation-assets

  6. Tom,

    Just curious at what pressure the NG is shipped by this company? I’d guess up to 200 bar (sorry I’m metric, and that’s the same pressure you see in scuba air tanks).

  7. I would be curious to know if Vera Scroggins sold her gas rights when she sold the 40 acres in Susquehanna County?

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