Anniversary of Governor Cuomo’s Upstate New York Choke Hold

Cuomo's Legacy - Dick DowneyRichard Downey
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Yet another year passes and Governor Cuomo is still keeping Upstate New York out in the cold, while giving handouts to his corporate cronies.

Three years ago, Governor Cuomo told Upstate New York to drop dead.  Upstate wasn’t in good shape anyway, infected with three strains of high taxes (sales, property, and income) and a regulatory clot that kept industry away.  However, there was hope, the development of low-cost natural gas that might balance the negatives.

On December 19, 2014, the Governor pulled the plug on that hope.  He banned gas drilling in New York.  Since then he’s systematically impeded gas pipeline construction, thus choking off the rest of the Northeast from the cheap energy available just south of our border.  He does this to service the financiers of the renewable elites and to satisfy his fractivist base.  These folks are his bridge to future ambitions.

Upstate New York

In place of real hope for Upstate, the Governor sprinkles fairy dust from Albany like the Hunger Games, the Buffalo Billion, Start-Up New York, and other giveaways, These are grants and/or tax abatements to companies looking to set up shop in New York.  Call it corporate bribery as an economic model.

But, there’s a benefit in there for the Guv.  While Upstate New York continues to decline, the Governor can tout his programs and tell us he’s done something. The taxes still go up. The regulations continue to bind. The young keep leaving for jobs and opportunity elsewhere.

In the meantime the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania prospers.  New businesses, new buildings, home renovation, good paying jobs, community banks reporting double digit annual growth, counties reporting single digit tax foreclosure sales.  Charitable giving – up.  Real estate – up.

Where is the wholesale economic/ecologic devastation as predicted by the fractivists?  People aren’t fleeing the state.  However, sixty miles north in Otsego County, people are get out of bed at 5:00 AM to drive south to the border to work.  That’s after straightening up the ‘For Sale’ sign in front of the house.

Upstate New York

In spite of Cuomo’s obstruction, the Energy Information Agency reports Pennsylvania’s natural gas production reached a new high of 15 billion cubic feet per day in October, an increase of 25% from a year ago levels and an 80% increase from January of 2013.

Cuomo’s pipeline obstruction is only driving up the price of natural gas for the citizens of New York and the Northeast.  Without inter-connective pipelines like the Constitution, Pennsylvania gas has to take a circuitous route.  Roundabout routes cost money.  It’s the consumers who pay that cost, the price of the Governor’s ambition.

Some Southern Tier New Yorkers can watch the gas development across the border in PA from their back porch.  Others are just packing up and leaving.

A friend’s son returned from North Dakota looking for a house but was dismayed by the taxes.  He found a $250,000 house with land and a $600 tax bill in Tennessee.  His parents will follow him there when they retire.

These are New Yorkers.  They love New York.  They can’t live here.

And so it goes.  Another story in Upstate’s death spiral.

Richard Downey is a retired New York City schoolteacher and a member of the Unatego Board of Education and the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York.

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7 thoughts on “Anniversary of Governor Cuomo’s Upstate New York Choke Hold

  1. Richard, persevere in your fight against the corrupt governor and the wealthy, radicals who are driving people out of New York. Maybe some will wake up and realize they are being led like lemmings.

  2. Cut off all gas to New York City and Albany every Monday. See how long they will hold out. (I know, I know, laws protect the distribution, but wouldn’t it be nice?)

    • No, it is the rules of micro- and behavioral economics that apply here. If you want people to use a product or adopt a new idea, you have to make it worth their while. If they can’t, don’t or won’t change their minds, that is your fault for not explaining it to them better.

      If you think, even facetiously, that punishing them for not agreeing with you will win any new converts, then we’ve identified part of the problem.

      • Mark, I’m sure the point of the suggestion of cutting off gas supplies is just to make people realize how much they take its availability for granted. So many of those opposed to natural gas development have no idea of how much they are dependent upon having a constant supply of it for heating homes, offices, businesses, hospitals and for generating electricity. NG is not a new product that people have to be sold upon, since it has probably always been available in their lives and they do not even think about not having it, until they don’t have it.

        There are, of course, laws against the interruption of such infrastructure; but this does not deter some of the environmental extremists from trying to shut in or sabotage pipelines, who have no regard for those people they would adversely affect.

        • Here’s the way I see it. The anti’s want to deny us “first mover” in energy development. They are way behind in deploying renewable and their only hope is to keep gas out of New York/New England until they can catch up to their absurd schedule. If you want to frustrate them, you have to frustrate Cuomo and the people to do it with are the 1/3+ of the population that are neither hardcore pro- or anti- gassers.

          Nor am I, or the anti’s, much concerned with existing gas infrastructure; it is a “sunk cost”. They hope it will degrade and age out by 2040 or 2050 and be replaced with renewables. To get rid of it now would expose the people who just accept and depend on it to great inconvenience. If we are lucky the anti’s will over play their hand and try to get rid of NY’s nuclear plants. Cuomo is spending several billion dollars in tax credit to keep upstate nukes operating claiming they don’t produce green house gases, while trying to close the Indian Point plant near NYC. That hole in the state’s energy budget can only be filled with gas or expensive Canadian electrons.

          Whether or not the anti’s create a self-inflicted wound or can’t meet their deadlines, gas must be the answer to the public’s future. Unfortunately for the climate deniers on this site, most New Yorkers accept climate change. Don’t let the anti’s control the dialogue while you waste time with conservative political purity. Get on message and stay on message with gas’s advantage. Make gas the solution their problem, not your political ideaolgy.

  3. Cuomo may not be entirely responsible for the failing state of NY…but since becoming Governor the opportunity to rescue this state from an economic holocaust, sliped through his fingers as water over the Niagra Falls!

    Now phony environmentalist will argue he saved the state from environmental destruction from fracking? But here is the problem with that.
    Over 30 other states and multiple countries are fracking and not one, nadda, opso, don’t exist (NOT ONE) piece of data supports the anti accusation except their own… EVER WONDER WHY… foller…the dollar…. fractivism is all about fund raising for personal gain… Proof you ask…Al Gore
    Nuff said God Bless my president PRSIDENT TRUMP
    and Scott Pruitt

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