Governor Cuomo, Your Fracking Ban Is Based on Lies

Vic Furman - American PrideVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist


Vic Furman attends Cabot vs. Kemble hearings and learns New York’s fracking ban is founded on lies by Food & Water Watch and Catskill Mountainkeeper shills.

A famous song writer once proposed this simple question in one of his many hits:

God gave to you, now, you give to me
I’d like to know what you learned
The sky is blue and so is the sea
What is the color when black is burned?
What is the color? 

It all came to mind on Monday, as I sat in Courtroom No. 1 in the Susquehanna County Courthouse for four hearings on motions connected with the Cabot vs. Kemble case. What is the color of a dark lie when it’s exposed?

I was there to learn more about Cabot’s case against Ray Kemble, It’s really a case against Ray’s former attorney, Charlie Speer, of course, but because Speer was only representing Ray, he is the defendant by default. My prayers go out to Ray, by the way, as he fights a diagnosis of cancer.

Craig Stevens. and well known local, self proclaimed scientist, and self-described indigent activist William Huston have also been subpoenaed as part of the case. Stevens has, in fact, already been deposed and we learned some amazing news about that, news which bears directly on my home state of New York.

Court is where truth is told, we hope. It’s a place where the cards are laid out on the table for all to see, and see we did. One of the hearings was on a motion by Cabot to force Ray Kemble to submit to a deposition. We quickly learned about canceled checks proving New York interested environmental organizations had paid Craig Stevens as much as $5000 per month to engage in his propaganda excursions to my state and several others to do the dirty work of Food & Water Watch and the Catskill Mountainkeeper. You can read about it here and here.

That is not, however, what I am writing about although Monday’s events play a huge part in my questions.

It has now been proven some of the activists in court Monday were paid; they were marched around in Albany by the likes of Sandra Steingraber, actor Mark Ruffalo, debunked activist Josh Fox and others, supported by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, but were “nothing more then paid shills.”

Worse, these shills did not disclose this fact to the college students and other citizens of New York who believed they were hearing from victims, not paid contractors on behalf of environmental groups.  These dupes, in fact, grew in number every time that jug of untested water was lifted into the air, not realizing it was all a lie.

Is it not time for Governor Cuomo to admit the cause presented to extend the moratorium on drilling in New York, was non-scientific, wholly paid for activism, that gained ground on falsehoods never investigated?

That brown water jug made more trips to Albany and town board meetings then a New York politician. Yet, it was never confiscated for testing by any politician looking for truth.

And, what about the famous gasland tours given by Vera Scoggins, who told NYC politicians that a water separator was a frack fluid holding tank. Did not her obvious lack of knowledge about the drilling industry disqualify her from influencing anyone, let alone politicians? More importantly who paid for those bus tours, certainly not the $15.00 fee Vera Charged for her so called citizen tours?

I have one final question, though. As these hired shills were in court acing possible additional charges and legal ramifications for their activism in Pennsylvania, why were the following not in court as a show of support for those they used to achieve their goals of stopping drilling in New York even though William Huston had put out a plea for them to show?

  1. Sandra Steingraber
  2. Anthony Ingraffea (Retired Cornell professor and fractivist)
  3. Josh Fox  (well debunked documentarian)
  4. Mark Ruffalo (through his Hollywood fame and tight grip on the fake jug, drew thousands to the cause)
  5. Barbra Lipton (Assemblywoman from Ithaca who showed Gaslies to Albany legislators)
  6. New York Residents Against Drilling (NYRAD)
  7. Vestal Residents for Safe Energy (VERSE)
  8. Binghamton’s Citizen Action (Isaac Gorn, chapter president)
  9. Food & Water Watch leadership (employer of Craig Stevens)
  10. Catskill Mountainkeeper leadership (employer of Craig Stevens)

None of them showed in court because, as it seems, they simply used Craig Stevens and Ray Kemble to do their dirty work and set them aside when their mission was accomplished, letting them take the blunt of their actions.

Governor Cuomo; we now know we were lied to, you know your moratorium is based on a lie and we landowners demand the moratorium be lifted and that we, the true environmentalists and stewards of our land, have our rights to lease restored.

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3 thoughts on “Governor Cuomo, Your Fracking Ban Is Based on Lies

  1. The question that now begs asking: What is to be done with this new knowledge? How can we as natural gas supporters leverage this to get the open ended moratorium lifted in NY? The U.S. Senate on the Committee on the Environment and Public Works already knows about the billionaire foundations that fund all these people and groups – This paper, called “The Chain of Environmental Command: How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA”, was released in July 2014 and yet these foundations and their shills run around unabated. A compliant and sympathetic media controls all this. Do a Google search on “Ray Kemble” to view the dismal lack of media coverage on what should be an earth shattering revelation – It would appear as though these billionaire foundations have in fact been in control of the media as well. The lack of coverage is overwhelming evidence. George Stark, CEO of Cabot, should be made aware of the aforementioned U.S. Senate report and he, along with all the other major players in the fossil fuel industry, should start a campaign of pressuring Washington to do something about all this dark money that is being laundered to activists like Kemble, Stevens, et al. who in turn slander all the fossil fuel companies. Hopefully Tom’s blog is being distributed to politicians. Without this political conduit, all the information in the world is useless unless our lawmakers know about it.

  2. Vic, did Cabot pollute Ray’s water well and the aquifer in Dimock?

    If an NGO reimburses travel expenses for a victim of water pollution does that mean they are no longer a victim of water pollution??

    • No Cabot didn’t… and when you misrepresent yourself as a victim to bolster public opinion your about as credible as a movie made by hopeforpeace and calling it a factual documentary

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