Governor Corruptocrat Sells Out Southern Tier Again with Still More Deceit

Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


Governor Corruptocrat, a/k/a Andrew Cuomo, is passing out other people’s money in the form of grants for pet projects while proposing to ban fracking.

Is there any more despicably demagogic politician than Governor Corruptocrat? The competition just within New York is admittedly fierce but Andrew Cuomo wins hands down. He’s now come out with a proposed permanent fracking ban that offers nothing new other than a complete surrender to the NRDC gang. Worse, it makes a deceitful claim the Southern Tier is a flowering green energy garden producing thousands of jobs that have revived its economy when nothing could be further from the truth.

Governor Corruptocrat has put out a news release bragging on a decision to push for a permanent fracking ban in New York. It’s the same package of lies used in 2014, nicely tied up in red bow purchased by the effete snobs in Manhattan and Ithaca who have a bull ring in his nose. Walter Hang, the Park and Rockefeller $2 million man, is out with a new statistical claim to provide some cover, but it’s the same old thing; a disingenuous justification for a demagogic policy.

There is one thing different, though, and it’s outrageous. It’s the claim the Southern Tier isn’t suffering but, rather, is prospering due to a green energy boom:

In the wake of the ban, the clean energy ecosystem in the Southern Tier has grown rapidly over the last five years, fueled by a variety of programs and resources. New companies have sprouted in the Southern Tier with innovations in a wide variety of clean energy sectors, supporting over 4,100 jobs as of 2017. Examples of this industry density include the success of 76West Clean Energy Competition, new business like Imperium3, Sungeel, and Micatu locating in the ST, and the most recent spotlight on the region’s clean energy expertise with the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to Binghamton University’s Stan Whittingham. These efforts have been bolstered by Southern Tier Soaring, the URI-winning strategic plan developed by the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council.

This is Governor Corruptocrat giving the Heisman to the Southern Tier, or worse. It is Andrew Cuomo saying “take those crumbs you rural deadbeats and ingrates and you’d better like them.”

Let’s dissect the paragraph a bit, in fact, starting the “76West Clean Energy Competition.” Like Presidents who send their Vice-Presidents abroad to do funerals duty, Governor Corruptocrat sent Lt. Governor Hochul into the Southern Tier last year to give away your money, first extracted from ratepayers or taxpayers, to finance little Buffalo Billion government rent heists in your backyard. And, once again, you’ll be happy about it, of course, or else. Watch the following video of the “awards” if you have the stomach for it:

These awards are a sham and the individual companies Governor Corruptocrat cites as examples of green energy success in the Southern Tier are simply folks who have received government handouts of your money if you’re a New York State resident.

Let’s take Imperium3, for instance. It’s listed by the Governor in his news release as one of his successes. Its partner company, C4V, grabbed $500,000 in the 2017 version of the 76West Clean Energy Competition, according to this new release from February, 2018. It bragged its new Endicott factory to manufacture lithium-ion batteries was coming sooner rather than later; in three to five months, in fact, which meant by August, 2018 at the latest, rather than late 2019 as originally planned. Today, January 24, 2020, it’s still listed as project that will be located in Endicott. But, that’s not the most interesting part.

No, here’s what was cited in the new release as the reason the Imperium3 plant that still isn’t open was supposed to be opened earlier than expected. It has to do with another lithium-ion battery plant in North Carolina (emphasis added).

The manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries will be coming to the Southern Tier a bit earlier than expected, thanks to a quick-thinking purchase by a company in the Binghamton Start-Up Suite incubator.

Imperium3, the battery development consortium that prompted Gov. Andrew Cuomo to visit the region last fall, recently closed a deal for industrial manufacturing machinery from a shuttered North Carolina factory.

The consortium focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, which can provide more power than traditional batteries because of an improved chemical composition. Imperium3 is owned by a consortium that includes Charge CCCV (C4V), founded by former postdoctoral researcher Shailesh Upreti on the Binghamton University campus in 2014.

C4V was an early entrant into the Binghamton Start-Up NY program at the Start-Up Suite incubator and is also a member of the Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator (SCI), part of the Binghamton Incubator Program (BiP), which operates the Start-Up Suites and the Koffman Incubator…

Imperium3 had initially planned to build a factory at Endicott’s Huron campus by the end of 2019, bringing more than 200 jobs to the area. That date has now been moved up, after the consortium snagged $200 million of machinery and assets in a bankruptcy auction. The price? Just $5 million. That means the $140 million investment cost Imperium3 had estimated will likely be much lower…

Last summer, C4V won $500,000 in 76 West’s Clean Energy Competition, a state-operated program that rewards companies promising to bring clean energy services and jobs specifically to the Southern Tier region.

Imperium3 is now in the process of hiring contractors to move the machinery more than 600 miles its Concord, North Carolina factory. Once that’s done, Endicott’s first lithium-ion factory will be finished in three to five months.

That plant was owned by Alevo and written up excitedly in Forbes in May, 2016:

Assuming the projects and financing materialize, Alevo is ready to move quickly. The company currently has one production line that is fairly well automated and capable of producing 600 MW and 300 MWh annually for both the utility-scale projects as well as smaller commercial and industrial customer installations.

So the building blocks appear to be in place. The big question now is whether or not there is any technology risk to their relatively new battery chemistry, and whether the market wants what Alevo has in sufficient quantities to make this a profitable business. The company thinks it has what it takes to win in this new and growing industry and that it can compete…

Well, it turns out it couldn’t, as we learn from this Charlotte Business Journal article:

The remaining assets of Alevo Manufacturing in Concord have been auctioned off for $5 million, with the apparent winner being a consortium that is building a battery storage production plant in [New York].

The 290-worker Concord site closed down suddenly in August when the manufacturer, owned by the Swiss Alevo Group, and its companion company Alevo USA announced they were filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. On Wednesday, a bankruptcy judge in the U.S. Middle District of North Carolina converted the case to a Chapter 7 liquidation

The filing does not name the buyer. But on Feb. 8, the Australian company Magnis Resources Limited reported it was the winning bidder in an auction to buy equipment from a North Carolina manufacturing plant for $5 million.

Magnis is a one-third owner of the Imperium 3, a New York-based consortium that is building a plant in [New York], designed to eventually produce 15 gigawatt-hours worth of lithium-ion batteries annually. Initial production is slated to start next year, with the plant able at produce about one gigawatt-hour of storage annually.

Moving the assets to New York means there is no chance that the Concord facility — which opened to great fanfare in 2014 with projections of 500 jobs by 2015 — will reopen as a battery plant.

So, Governor Corruptocrat is using your money to finance a company picking up the remnants of a similar operation that failed in less than two years in one of the most business-friendly states in the union. It’ll make it in New York, he promises and you will be pleased because it’s green, it’s good for his image and the folks in Manhattan and the NRDC gang like it.

There’s more, but you get the picture; it’s all more green eggs and scam from the master scammer, Governor Corruptocrat. Meanwhile, the Southern Tier falls further and further behind. Here are the latest real GDP numbers for the two most prominent gas-producing Pennsylvania Northern Tier Counties of Bradford and Susquehanna, compared to the Binghamton-Elmira region of New York’s Southern Tier (Broome, Tioga and Chemung Counties). They directly adjoin and couldn’t be more different:

Governor Corruptocrat

Read the numbers and weep. Governor Corruptocrat is lying to you, if you’re from the Southern Tier, and he doesn’t give a damn if you know it because he couldn’t care less about you. Two rural counties in Pennsylvania with gas are growing more than five times as fast as their neighbors to the north in the Southern Tier and, even more incredibly, have added more than three times as much to their GDP, despite the New York side having two cities and being the home of famed manufacturers such as IBM.

The Southern Tier is barely surviving, even during the best economy our nation has ever had. Governor Corruptocrat has put you on the slow road to Venezuela. Save yourselves and move to Pennsylvania or get off your asses and sue the bastard! Forget trying to win public opinion and convince New York’s rulers to do the right thing. There’s no convincing rulers who merely desire power; ideas, facts and logic are anathema to them.

Persuasion is out the window and patience should be right behind. Forget waiting for Cuomo to retire or be beaten. He’ll only be replaced by someone worse or someone so milquetoast they’re just as bad. New York has gone over the edge, dominated by ignorant urban voters who, to quote the great Ricky Gervais, with emphasis, “know nothing.” Your only hope, if you’re from the Southern Tier, is to adopt the fractivist playbook and sue in Federal Court for the takings involved. Get on with it for crying out loud! Dispense with rationality yourselves and go on the attack.

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14 thoughts on “Governor Corruptocrat Sells Out Southern Tier Again with Still More Deceit

  1. What a distressing story. The left in NY seem to use the same playbook as their cousins in Canada, where similar fiascoes have played out in recent years. Unfortunately, the MSM doesn’t seem to care and ignores this mendacious nonsense. At least in Canada it is more understandable, as the Federal gov’t provides financial support to the MSM, eg the CBC receives more than $1B in financial support per year from the Federal gov’t, so its quiescence is understandable.

  2. Tom, here’s another way to look at the data comparing Susquehanna County and Broome County.

    2018 GDP gain numbers:
    Susquehanna County $735,308,000
    Broome County: $254,467,000

    Susquehanna County Approximately 42,000
    Broome County Approximately 200,000

    So with 20% of the population of Broome County Susquehanna County gained almost three times the GDP.

    Reach out and tell the Gov what you think: or call

    (518) 474-8390. Call early, call often.

  3. So, Tom, and co-horts
    sue NY and Governor…

    And don’t wait for others to sue.

    With all that GDP, my fracked county still has the same poverty and children on free food in schools..since before fracking.

    GDP hides the facts of economic stresses for most of the county.

    Only the 10 per cent or less benefit from fracking…

    And call our county supervisor, Alan Hall, and he will verify the poverty and more food banks than ever situation .

    • Vera,
      Everytime you respond with your dreck, all I can hear is the blabbering, condecending and mechanized voice of Charlie Brown’s “Teacher”! 🙂

      First of all, 10 percent (your figures) of 42,000 is pretty good compared to 0% of 200,000… Remember, 0 times anything is still 0 !!
      Add to the fact that the poor people in Broome County are his Lordships dumping ground for poverty cheats and druglords-in-training. Add to the mix is SUNY Binghamton, where my tax dollars back “free (re) education” camps that promote Marxist ideals and is a seedbed for violent protests as per one of the many of the Emperor’s poorly thought out
      Unless something happens for the better, NY is toast.

      So be careful for what you wish for though. There are plenty of us environmentally consciencious plus relatively wealthier (since the tax burden is much lower in Pa.) pro gas people in the Southern Tier and Central NY who could move to Susquehanna County and support the industry. Even better, we’d be your next door “neighbors”!!!!:) Now, wouldn’t that be FUN!!!!???? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Vera,

      did you notice the fact that landowners with property in Susquehanna County obtained about $1.3 billion in royalties over the past 10 years? How about the fact that the GDP of Susquehanna County is three times that of Broome County, while Susquehanna County as 20% of the population of Broome County? How is that possible?

      Natural gas.

  4. If you live in the Southern Tier, then you might as well as make a deal with some enterprising folks from the Seneca Nation of Indians. Since Cuomo threw out the Sherrill decision via a land claim from the Oneidas for casino profits,he basically went against a Supreme Court decision that said “checkerboarding” was unlawful, but hey, this is the “Kingdom of New York” so the rule of law no longer applies under the Divine Right of King Andrew the I. Since state environmental laws do not apply to so called “sovereign” Indian lands and the Senecas have an axe to grind with Andy regarding casino deals plus an ever deteriorating section of the NYS Thruway in the Cattaragus territory, if I were the Senecas, I would make deals with land owners and drill in a environmentally responsible manner, obey all federal water quality regulations and laws plus use new hydrogel technology while thumbing their noses the shriveling and naked Emperor with his sycophants in tow! The Cayugas have been chomping at the bit for some revenue ever since their hopes of a casino died on the vine. Of course, they have their own internal problems since there is a schism amongst tribal members. But if anything brings people together, it’s money..and lots of it. All humans are greedy creatures. Nothing has changed since its dawn or ever will. All we have done over the eons is to improve on how to to control it and potentially take responsibility. King Andy and company are proof that irresponsibility can be rewarded, but it comes with consequences and his all too fragile ego knows it.

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  6. Sure, Spuds,
    you and your gas loving friends are welcome to my county.

    Lots of property for sale

    Look on Zillow and see 342 offerings.

    Come and enjoy the wonders of living next to industrial sites,
    and driving past them.

    Come on Williams Pond Rd, New Milford now and enjoy driving along with the caravans of water, sand, chemicals…anytime of day.

  7. The corruption isn’t the focal point – the main thing that needs to be addressed is the status of Upstate New York and how fragile our economic existence actually is. So many businesses and industries are literally on the edge of the point of no return. And if the downstate decision processes continue to show no economic interest in Upstate NY – the domino affect of closures will be irreversible. Mass exiting of the Upstate Population & continued exiting from NYC. This great state is a business and you have to run it like a business. A lot of the state spending has no ROI accountability. The state needs a diversified Master Plan that focuses on revenue instead of Wish Lists. Fracking is one of the most viable options we have for long term income – PERIOD!!! We really need the Department of Energy & President Trump to step in. The far left my way or the highway will bankrupt this state sooner than most could imagine – its coming. We need HELP. Lets hope we get it.

  8. We have a lot of smart people in this state. I have a hard time believing that we can’t layout a plan which minimizes impacts to the environment and the communities. The state can easily plan long term effectiveness by making immediate plans for……..New Pipelines to transport (instead of currently trucking) / Replacement of deteriorated infrastructure / Compression Stations strategically placed / Gas Turbine Plants to feed major loads & feed back into the Grid (help solar fields on those poor condition days) / Mini Sites for remote townships. All of the above can be done responsibly, create jobs, and long term tax base. Diversification is required.

  9. there’s a big price to pay for that dirty money from dirty energy.

    many regret their presence now and will more so, twenty years down the road.

    money isn’t everything.

    and only a small portion of the population gets anything of significance.
    I have friends with 20 acres getting $25 a month.
    depends on the wells and their production and if you have hundred or more acres to see any big money.

    I have friends who have not leased and have 200 acres.

    you focus on the money way too much.

    so come and buy property here and sell what you have in NY.

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