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Governor Corruptocrat Defined: The Perfect Description

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Glenn Greenwald tweets a perfect description of Andrew Cuomo, Governor Corruptocrat, illustrating why Cuomo will never be President and Upstate still suffers.

Glenn Greenwald is “one of three co-founding editors of The Intercept. He is a journalist, constitutional lawyer, and author of four New York Times best-selling books on politics and law,” according to the website. Prior to co-founding The Intercept, his column was featured in the Guardian and Salon, which are anything but friendly to the sort of voters who live in Upstate New York and are saddled with Governor Corruptcrat and his city-pandering politics. The Intercept is also leftist website anything but friendly to natural gas development. Yet, Greenwald has tweeted the perfect description of Andrew Cuomo.

Here’s the tweet:

Governor Corruptocrat

The only thing I might add is something about the man’s nauseating accent and condescending arrogance, but let’s not quibble. When a writer for a leftist journal recognizes and describes Cuomo’s character in such perfect prose, you know Governor Corruptocrat has no future beyond New York. He’ll never be President and the fact he entertains such delusions is only a sign of how far his megalomania has progressed. Moreover, he will only be governor as long as New York City continues to produce opponents who are so far over the cliff they make him look somewhat rational by comparison. Sadly, he has been gifted with wonderful enemies.

Meanwhile, Upstate New York continues to suffer under his tyranny. Indeed, New York City is trending Venuezuela because of new urban voters who don’t possess a clue; voters susceptible to the kind of demagoguery in which Governor Corruptocrat and his even worse opponents excel. Upstate dies a little every day to the thrill of the NRDC gang hoping to make it their wilderness, while downstate voters either keep their hands out or revel in their vision of themselves as exemplars of social consciousness and moral superiority.

How sad that New York can’t produce better leaders than Cuomo or any of the several governors from both parties who preceded him. Unfortunately, the state has long passed the tipping point where an overwhelming urban majority of voters with no connection to the land can simply vote themselves whatever they want. Thus the demagoguery so prevalent in New York and in a Machiavellian Prince such as Cuomo. This is the spring from which those characteristics Greenwald uses to describe Cuomo flow. He is those things because that’s what urban New Yorkers want. New York has met its enemy and it is themselves.

It will not end well but, for the moment, we can take solace in the truth that has been spoken by Green Greenwald.

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3 thoughts on “Governor Corruptocrat Defined: The Perfect Description

  1. Corruptocrat isn’t far enough to the left. Things can always get worse…. For instance the candidate that Glen Greenwald supports is Cynthia Nixon. Here’s what Greenwald Tweeted about her. “Democrat Cynthia Nixon has the chance to become New York’s first female Governor, and its first openly LGBT Governor. That’s exciting! But Hillary Clinton just endorsed her white, straight, male, corruption-tainted opponent.”


    • Yep. But, he still had Cuomo down pat. It’s a shame he doesn’t see Nixon is even worse and would elicit even more corruption because she’s politically blind as a bat.

  2. NY has many many well qualified candidates that would make Cuomos politics look like the ranting of a two year old stuck in a crib on a hot day, blowing hot air getting nowhere. The problem with finding that candidate lies with Republican Party Staffers who are stuck in yesteryear. Sometimes I think the people they pick they pick because they don’t want to win. Rob Astorino had an excellent chance and was not backed by the GOP who didn’t even see him as having a chance until after the election, TOO LATE. The other reason that makes it hard to win is the Republican party doesn’t spend much time in the media educating fence riding democrats to Cuomos atrocities involving energy, taxes, immigration, SANCTUARY and it’s cost. So much more. And last but not least they pick candidates that they believe will fit NYC narrative the best and these are candidates that are democrats dressed in a Republican suit. Finally Money!

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