Gov. Cuomo Delivers 2-Punch Bad News to NY Landowners?


Jim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News


New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo practices the fine art of political obfuscation and delay with two of his latest pronouncements on the subject of natural gas development in a state that desperately needs it – now. 

Two stories from last week are harbingers of bad news for landowners and businesses who want to see fracking begin in New York: (1) Gov. Andy “Ditherer” Cuomo told the Syracuse Post-Standard editorial board he’s pushing off a decision on fracking until next year’s 2014 elections, and (2) when Gov. Ditherer was asked by public radio about whether or not fracking would be part of his attempted resurrection of upstate from the economic dead, he said “no.” He’d rather dither around with casinos and using something you never, ever thought you’d hear from a New York politico’s mouth: tax free zones.

Here are Cuomo’s comments about delaying the fracking decision until 2014:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday he would make a decision on whether to allow hydrofracking in New York before the 2014 election.

That feels far off, but it would bring some finality to a debate about the deep drilling method that’s been going on for more than four years.

Cuomo, a Democrat in his third year, says he’s waiting for the results of a review by his state health commissioner, Dr. Nivah Shah. Those results should be ready within several weeks, Cuomo said Wednesday during an editorial meeting with The Post-Standard and Syracuse Media Group.

“I expected it to be concluded already,” Cuomo said, adding that Shah has said the review of potential health effects from the deep drilling method should be done in the next several weeks. “It’s not in the distant future. But it’s not done yet.”(1)

The health review will be done in “the next few weeks” …. Let’s see, when have we heard that? Oh yeah, about a dozen times now. Fool me once…


Cuomo’s comments on attempting to resurrect the upstate economy without using the one thing that would actually do it–shale drilling:

Governor Cuomo, who still has not issued a decision on whether hydro fracking should be allowed in New York, is backing further away from the controversial gas drilling process in his economic development plans for the future.

Two years ago, Governor Cuomo considered hydro fracking a key component of his plans for economic development in the faltering upstate regions of the state.

Now, with a decision stalled over a months- long health review by the Administration, Cuomo is spending more time focusing on other ideas, like expanding casino gambling to three upstate regions, and attracting businesses through a tax free offer for tech start ups near all SUNY campuses upstate and on Long Island.

“Which are 100% tax free communities that will be located all across the State of New York,” Cuomo told a cheering crowd at the SUNY Albany Nanotech College.

New businesses would pay no taxes for the first decade, even employees would not owe any income taxes.

Governor Cuomo was asked recently at a press conference about how fracking fits into his economic development plans. His answer: It doesn’t.

“There’s been no change in where we are on fracking,” Cuomo said. “That’s not what I was referring to when I was talking about economic development ideas.”

The governor’s Health Commissioner, Dr. Nirav Shah, also said recently he continues to examine large scale studies being conduct by the EPA and in Pennsylvania on the long term health effects of fracking.

“My plan is to continue to work on this until I am confortable that we have a good review,” said Shah, who says the science on fracking continues to be a “moving target”.(2)

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the total, utter dysfunctional Andrew Cuomo and his minions, like Shah. It’s obvious Cuomo has been emasculated by his loony political left (people like the detestable Yoko Ono) and is fearful that if he does the right thing in allowing fracking, he may have difficulty with his presidential ambitions.

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