Google Serving As NRDC Outlet to Promote Fracking Falsehoods

Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

Google, the supposedly neutral unbiased search engine, and green scammer, is feeding us all trash from the NRDC, with which it has always been allied.

The fact Google is a green scammer itself is fairly well known. It took taxpayers for quite the ride with its Ivanpah bird-frying boondoggle. Readers may also recall Google has funded both the Natural resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Responsible Drilling Alliance. What you may know, though, is that Google is giving you biased ideological trash when you seek a simple list of sites on the subject of “fracking.” Moreover, it is steering you to the NRDC. How coincidental!

Why I do say this? Well, from reading Douglas Murray’s latest book, “The Madness of Crowds” and watching “Louder with Crowder,” it’s become more than apparent Google is doing politics. Their “it’s all in the algorithms” excuse is worn so thin at this point it looks like something from a trashy lingerie catalogue. All you need to do is compare it with other search engines or results for other items or regions to see it. Let me illustrate with the Google image results for “fracking,” the first line of which is as follows:

GoogleAll five results are negative in the sense they are anti-fracking, except perhaps for the fifth, which is from Napa Valley College, but is an Earthworks image. Notice the first two, though, are from the NRDC. Is that simply a result of the NRDC using “fracking” in the title of their image source? Well, no, the results for the same term on DuckDuckGo yield this:

GoogleThe first result in this case is a Wikipedia piece titled “Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing,” the second is from a Forbes article about benefits and costs of fracking, the third is another college site about “potential health and environmental effects,” the fourth is a predictably negative Wired post and the fifth is a National Geographic article about “Green Fracking? 5 Technologies for Cleaner Shale Energy.” Overall, the results are less negative and there’s NRDC push. Interesting. The Bing results are similar except we get another more balanced Wikipedia piece on “hydraulic fracturing” and a Pensacola News Journal post on Florida’s fracking debate; again no NRDC. Finny about that, eh?

It’s also funny that when you search the simple term “natural gas” you get this on Google:

GoogleThe first four items are all relatively neutral and informational. The fifth, though, is an image from a relatively old 2018 article from GreenBiz titled “The End of Natural Gas Is Near.” It’s all hype from a clean energy guy looking to push green eggs and scam. Interestingly, DuckDuckGo also brings up this image and link, but only after 13 relatively innocuous other image/links. Bing does likewise.

Interesting, huh? I’m sure I could go on with numerous other examples, but I’m equally sure you get the point; Google is simply not to be trusted. It’s more interested in reshaping our understanding to fit its own template than giving us the facts to forge our own opinion.

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3 thoughts on “Google Serving As NRDC Outlet to Promote Fracking Falsehoods

  1. Suspicions confirmed. Google does this number not only on fossil fuel, but on almost every other subject, too. I’m so tired of having conversations with people that seem to only get their information from the biased articles they find by searching Google. It is also getting much more difficult to find information by doing a simple search, when all sorts of items are brought up totally unrelated to the search. I mostly use Bing now, but it, too, has the same issues as Google. Maybe the internet should be called the MisInformation Highway.

  2. Tom, thanks fo providing great example of the distortions one suspects while reading Googles headlines. They are embarrassingly one-sided.

    In fact, I am simply going to drop Googles headline “news,” all together.

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