GasSearch Drilling Services Hosts Grand Opening in Susquehanna County

Kelsey Mulac
Cabot Oil & Gas
External Affairs, Pittsburgh

GasSearch Drilling Services, offering services to support the natural gas industry, officially opens its fourth multi-million dollar maintenance facility.

GasSearch Drilling Services (GDS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, today officially opened its new maintenance facility in Lenox Township, Susquehanna County, with a ceremonial ribbon cutting and open house for energy industry colleagues, neighbors and public officials.

The company provides well pad construction, roustabout services, and equipment rentals direct to Cabot. GDS is also contracted for water hauling services required for both drilling and hydraulic fracturing of natural gas wells.

GasSearch Drilling Services

The new 28,000-square-foot facility features a five-bay terminal that can accommodate simultaneous maintenance on their truck fleet. At peak capacity, the facility will employ 100 people, including drivers, dispatch employees and mechanics.

“Since its inception over 10 year ago, GDS has grown exponentially, supplying job opportunities to hundreds of local people,” Phil Stalnaker, Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation’s North Region vice president, said. “The company continues to invest in the community by expanding its facilities and increasing its fleet size. Cabot is proud to support GDS and its growth in Susquehanna County,” Stalnaker added.

GasSearch Drilling Services

Additional highlights of the Lenox facility include LED lighting throughout; zoned, in-floor radiant heating in the maintenance garage; recycled/waste oil burners as the primary heating source; and, a rolled, compacted concrete (RCC) parking lot.

GDS now has four facilities in operation, the new maintenance facility, located at 4081 SR 92 Kingsley, Pa., 18826, along with the updated Montrose dispatch and Montrose maintenance facility and its Dimock-based headquarters. Ongoing growth in the industry over the past several years has allowed for substantial GDS facility upgrades, including a newly renovated dispatch facility.

GDS’ water trucks are replaced every three to four years, and GDS employs a rigorous internal maintenance program to ensure all vehicles are well maintained.

“We make sure that trucks are not going on the road with any deficiencies,” Chad Gorman, GDS operations manager, said.

GasSearch Drilling Services

GDS’s new facility and growth benefits the broader community as it creates job opportunities and stimulates regional investment. As the GDS truck fleet has grown by nearly 30 vehicles this year that has increased demand for local qualified drivers.

“It is important for our region’s stakeholders to understand the workforce needs of the northern tier, now and in the future,” Shealynn Shave, executive director of the Northern Tier Industry & Education Consortium (NTIEC), said. “By having businesses such as GDS establish local roots here shows that they are committed to staying and hiring our people.

“Area students need to understand the value of having facilities such as the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center (SCCTC) and Lackawanna College School of Petroleum & Natural Gas that can help them earn certifications locally and will set them up for a long-lasting career,” Shave added.

GasSearch Drilling ServicesSusquehanna County Commissioner Alan Hall touted GDS’ investment in the community.

“The natural gas industry has done more for this county than any other industry. They have invested in our community, businesses, and property owners,” Susquehanna County Commissioner, Alan Hall, said. “Cabot & GDS’ investment into this facility is more proof that they are putting down strong roots in Susquehanna County. They are investing in jobs, training centers, and supporting the workforce needs of our community, he added.

GDS and Cabot welcome the CDL training program at Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center. The new program will help prepare Susquehanna County residents for long-term, family-sustaining careers, and it supports GDS’ commitment to hiring locally.

“Most of our employees are from Susquehanna County and are from nearby communities,” Gorman said. “We are the families that live here. We see each other at the grocery store, the bank and the car wash. Being able to provide opportunities for local residents is probably the most rewarding part of my job.”

Reposted, with permission, from Well Said Cabot.

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2 thoughts on “GasSearch Drilling Services Hosts Grand Opening in Susquehanna County

  1. “open house for … neighbors”

    TF: Then why wasn’t _I_, as one who lives only 3 miles from it, invited nor did I see any announcement of it?

    Oh; I forgot: Cabot is still jealous that its more-competent competitor, SWN, got MY hill thanks largely to me.

    P.S. I just learned that the guy in one of the nearest houses to that new Cabot facility, moved out very recently. Well if that was Cabot’s objective in having the facility’s parking lot lit up more excessively and unnecessarily brightly than anything I recall ever seeing in cities, it worked. That means that now, Cabot can both save electricity money and eliminate the new glare hazard for the rt. 92 and Franklin Road traffic, by removing 75% of its of-an-allegedly-more-environmentally-correct-than-yours-or-mine, bulbs in those lightposts, and/or turning them off when there’s no activity in that parking lot.

  2. Right, Tom.
    We definitely don’t need all that light pollution
    besides all the other pollution like water and air and noise and dust that Cabot contributes to our rural communities..
    They can invite me also to videotape their latest money pit.


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