Fractivists Trying to Turn Tragedy Into Political Points Says Furman

Vic Furman - American PrideVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner, Shale Gas Activist


Vic Furman lambasts fractivists who helped prevent pipelines from being built for crowing about the danger of CNG trucks that came about as a result.

Approximately 1:00 AM this past Monday, on Route I-88 in the Town of Fenton, near Exit 2, a truck carrying compressed natural gas from Pennsylvania tipped over when a driver from Hallstead, Pennsylvania tried to avoid two deer. He swerved and crashed, killing himself and the deer. It was a tragedy and fractivists couldn’t wait to exploit it.

Emergency crews responded and made the call, at approximately 4:00 AM, nearly four hours after the accident, to evacuate 80 homes within a quarter mile range of the accident site. It should be noted that, despite the accident, all safety mechanisms in place worked as should.

I don’t know why it took three to four hours for the eight homes to be evacuated but everyone involved did what needed to be done to protect the public, exercising extreme caution in doing so, which was appropriate.

I can only pray for the truck-driver’s family, praise the first responders and be thankful no one else was killed or injured and no property was destroyed on top of the tragedy that did occur.

Although this event is this concerning, it’s not uncommon for tractor trailers carrying flammable liquids or dangerous chemicals to pass through cities and streets and our neighborhoods on nearby highways. It happens every hour of the day as anyone who takes the time to think about will quickly realize. And, accidents happen, including with renewable fuels such as ethanol, for example.

The reaction from fractivists Craig Stevens and William Houston is why I’m writing this post. Please know I’m not accusing anyone of wrongdoing, nor am I pretending to know what was on their minds when Craig and William called into the Bob Joseph show more than once yesterday, a popular show on AM radio in Binghamton from 9 to 11 weekdays.

It was eerie listening to these two men going onto the radio station with the “I told you so” attitude concerning a horrific accident in which a man died. I felt as if they were disappointed somehow the truck did not crash into a school or bus carrying school children as I listened to them state their statistics on seven truck accidents evolving CNG over the last several years, when these fractivists have also opposed every pipeline alternative.

Craig Stevens who, ironically and hypocritically, leased property in Pennsylvania to pipeline companies is quick to oppose pipelines when Food and Water Watch pays him to do so.


Craig Stevens speaking at anti-Constitution Pipeline forum in Sidney, New York

He even made a statement on the radio about a CNG truck that went off a road in the heart all of Albany, New York. He said that, just like what happened Monday, everything on the truck worked as it should have, releasing the compressed natural gas into the air. But, then he made a statement saying that he had photos where the police in the area were so ignorant to the fact natural gas could ignite that they put flares around the truck involved in the accident.

He then went on to state  the natural gas correctly released into the atmosphere but that the gas turned so cold they it back to the earth in the form of ice. I believe it was in 5th grade science we learned gas is lighter than air. I also believe it was in 5th grade science we learned the rapid expansion of gas into the atmosphere would remove water molecules from oxygen creating the snow like conditions Stevens was talking about but Craig, like other fractivists, was more interested in talking falling ice and flares to scare those ignorant of science.

Then came William Huston…enough said.

Bob Joseph himself made the evacuation of 80 families in the 1/4 mile radius sound like the evacuation of nuclear clean energy site, Fukushima.  But, we must give Bob the benefit of doubt…news sells and drama helps. Keep up the good work Bob! Maybe this winter we can call for the evacuation of over 500,000 new homes in upstate New York that are dependent on truck delivery of fossil fuel to their homes. Deliveries being made because Governor Cuomo has denied safe pipelines.

And, let’s not forget these trucks carrying CNG are only doing so because a market developed when fractivists convinced Andrew Cuomo to veto pipelines. Here’s how the Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin put it:

Broome County Emergency Management personnel have long been aware of XNG trucks traveling the local roads.

“It happens all the time. We don’t have any specific concerns as long as codes are followed,” Broome County Emergency Management Services Director Michael A. Ponticiello said of the hazards of transporting compressed natural gas in trailers when questioned two years ago.

Three years ago, the state Department of Environmental Conservation denied permission to build the Constitution Pipeline because it failed “to meet New York state’s water quality standards.” The pipeline would have largely followed the Interstate 88 path from the Pennsylvania border to just outside Albany.

The problem is the pipelines fractivists and Cuomo haven’t let be built.

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28 thoughts on “Fractivists Trying to Turn Tragedy Into Political Points Says Furman

  1. More pipelines could have kept this tragedy from happening and curb future mishaps. Pipelines is the safest means of transporting our necessity Natural Gas.

  2. One day after the accident, while the body of the deceased truck driver was still warm…Bob Joseph of radio 1290 hosted Toxic Targeting Waldo Hang.

    It should be known that Walter is a highly paid anti fossil fuel fossil fuels user, another privileged rich man hypocritically using nat-gas as he tells others not to

    Walter Hang has sunk so low in his quest for web-site hits, that he has walked over the tragic death of a truck driver to show his employers, the Park and Rockefeller families, that the 2.25 million dollars they paid him to fight fossil fuels has no limit in lack of class or integrity when it comes to NY Energy. Waldo Hang not only stepped over the still warm body of a man just supporting his family, but spent 15 minutes on the radio bragging how he successfully helped to kill economic opportunities in the form of thousands of jobs, killing a huge ad valorem tax source that would have benefited our local schools and tax payers, by stopping pipelines and compressor stations, whereas their is now a shortage of gas in NYC. The Green New Deal they are trying to shove down our throats will include a 300-400 percent increase in our utility bills.

    • 300-400 percent increase in utility bills..!!
      Now who is lying and using scare tactics?

      NYSEG has publicly announced a possible 25% increase.

      And who’s paying you, Vic, to write these articles?

      Don’t forget to mention that Bob Joseph gave Craig Stevens about 20 minutes of air time to comment and gave Walter Hang plenty of air time .

      How much time did he allow you to comment?

    • What about the 1 1/2 yr Gw Vistas/Methane Migration investigation allegedly done by the Gas Co and Pa Dep which shut down a homeowners well without their knowledge consent or approval and they are being refused information about?

      What about complaints that continue to go unanswered and are unaddressed?

      • Cite a particular name, place, or person involved. Cite a DEP case number.

        Can’t tell fact from fiction when no facts are provided.

  3. Blood is on Cuomo’s money clutching hands as well as his puppet Walter Hang of Ithaca who rakes in the cash from the Park Foundation.

  4. So very sad about the driver and even more sad that this tragedy is used as a ‘prop’ to lament the transportation of compressed gas. Build more pipelines!

  5. glad to hear Vic isn’t funded by anyone for his work defending his position on gas,
    just like me and many others who are not funded for our work for our position on the issue.

    Except, for you, Tom, you haven’t yet revealed your money sources yet from industry…

  6. Here’s a bunch of news articles on the latest
    CNG accident and death
    and it’s now seven accidents for XNG
    since they opened about two years ago.

    Activists Protest CNG Truck Transfers After Monday’s Accident …
    Environmentalist speaks out about the location of Monday’s crash,
    “I told you so” Renewed Concerns Following Broome Crash of CNG Truck
    Natural Gas Spill Causes Concern

    • Vera, why don’t you report good news, like Susquehanna County is now providing 4% of all US natural gas? If it’s so horrible there, why haven’t you moved? Or do you have a gas lease too?

      • Barry: Don’t hold your breath asking Vera why she still lives in Susquehanna County. I’ve asked that exact same question of her probably no less than 20 times here and nothing but crickets.

  7. When Craig and Bill called in and spoke neither knew the driver was dead at that point..
    There was no walking over a dead man as you have said .

    80 homes were evacuated in the middle of the night..

    No one would go near this gas-releasing truck for hours because of the risk of explosion.

    And drivers of tractor trailers do not swerve or try to avoid deer on the road…it’s suicidal, too risky.

    • If tyrant Cuomo allowed pipelines, Vera, this article would have never been written. Cuomo has blood on his hands as do all those folks who protest pipelines. Trucking propane and nat gas is insae, but people NEED energy and not pie – in – the – sky solar and wind. Both useless and intermittent junk sources of electricity.

  8. It’s been reported at our County Commissioner meeting by the Elk Lake Director of the Career and Technology School and by the Superintent of Schools of Montrose, Pa. personally to me in a phone call.

    You can call them yourself.

    I have the 40% poverty rate mentioned on tape in one of my county meeting videos.
    see my video and listen to the Director of the Technology School, Dr. Davis at 53:46 minutes into the video:

    This poverty rate was reported also on our front page of our county paper the past year.

    But of course, you should know more than any of us living in the county.

    • Vera,

      unlike you I don’t make up things. You have a long record making claims with no references or sources that anyone else can find.

      If you have a “40% poverty rate mentioned on tape” that’s great. It’s also not true. Your county commissioner and the other folks you refer to need to do some homework.

      I don’t need to live in your county to look up and cite reliable sources.

      You live in your county and don’t have a clue.

      • I figured you would answer this way.
        No facts or info from us in the county
        means anything.
        just your research
        and you live where?

        so our School Director and Commissioner need to do “their homework”.

        • Vera, if you provide information, I attempt to verify what you’ve told me. So far, your track record is very poor.

          Assertions are not facts.

          You seem to be unhappy when I provide you a citation or reference that clearly demonstrates your information is wrong, inaccurate, or pure nonsense.

          And yes, your School Director and Commissioner need to do their homework. If you reported accurately that they both think the poverty level in your county is 40%, when the US government has data available to the public that shows the rate is 13%, then it’s time for homework. It took me less than 5 minutes to look up the info.

          Try doing some research. Find a fact or two. You might learn something.

          I live in the country on 50 acres of land that’s been in the family since the early 1960s.

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