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Fractivists and Radical Friends Freak Out Over Trump

landowners and laborers - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist


Vic Furman ponders the freakout of fractivists and friends over President Trump and speculates about what might be done to turn this to advantage.

I get on Facebook regularly to see what’s happening in the world of natural gas politics. The fractivists I follow are getting stranger by the day. They have, along with their friends, now gone into freakout mode over the inauguration of Donald Trump as President. Catskill Mountainkeeper Ramsay Adams and his wife, in fact, apparently journeyed to Washington to join in the Women’s March:

Ramsay Adams, executive director of Catskill Mountainkeeper, said that one of the things he liked about the march was that women were taking back vocabularly used to demean them.

Apparently, he prefers women demean themselves, Madonna style, in scenes I can’t even post on NaturalGasNOW. Incivility is the language is the language of fractivists and other radicals, of course, and always has been. Their fake outrage, however, is betrayed by how far they go out of their way to avoid admitting they depend on the gas they fight against. They preach “not my natural gas,” just like they preach “not my President,” to the rest of us while using more of it than ever themselves.

Who knew, Ramsay, with a day job as a Rockefeller fractivist, was so radical in other things, right there with Madonna when she said she “wanted to blow up the White House,” wallowing in disgusting behavior, signs and costumes like this.


Ramsay’s actions and those of his friends protesting the election of Donald Trump as President are right in line with the other fractivists who protested natural gas in New York. They created a nationwide web of Americans, not practicing free speech, but rather embarking on a campaign of deceit and hate.

It started with (and I regret having to bring him into this post) Josh Fox and his Gasland, now known to the intelligent average person as “Gas Lies.” Then, of course, there was the big televised lie and elaborate deceptive production conducted by Andrew Cuomo when he effectively banned natural gas drilling in New York…(temporarily).

Just a few hours later the lies became more obvious when Russia Today captured him celebrating with fractivists who I’m guessing were also in Washington this past weekend with Ramsay. How appropriate.


Meanwhile, with all that’s going on around President Trump, his decisions and his choices of department heads, there is hope for New York. His choice for the EPA Administrator is what fire is to ice, and any pro-gas environmentalist (which is what I consider myself) should be ecstatic with the selection of Scott Pruitt.

This appointment is what some might call creative political destruction. It’s already causing confusion, panic and rancor among fractivists, making them act up and, among the vast non-political middle, restoring a desire for a return to reason.

So afraid of Pruitt is the National Sierra Club that after I responded to an e-mail petition to oust Pruitt before he even got started, they called my home. They wanted to include me in a phone conference to hear to their propaganda about what Trump’s policies and energy plans will do to cause global warming and destroy the Earth. If they only knew who I thought was the real threat.

The EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) is also scrambling for support after President Donald Trump called for a review of taxpayer funds going into the pockets of political extremists pretending to be the majority.

Where are these protesters, however, as natural gas use in New York increases every year?  Why is it there are no protests in the streets of New York City where natural gas has taken place of No. 6 fuel oil to clean the city’s air and reduce childhood asthma?  Why isn’t Yoko Ono out front holding up a sign telling her fellow Dakota Building dwellers that the gas keeping them warm is “Not My Natural Gas” the way her gang talks about the President?

I will tell you why; it’s cold outside, and the whole anti natural gas movement is a lie lived in the hypocrisy of itself! The fractivists don’t live what they preach because they can’t and won’t. They like the fact “Its [natural gas] boilers could heat every structure in a 4-block radius” and “The Dakota has an in-house power plant, so its residents will never have to shiver.”

President Trump has called in company CEO’s, union leaders and others to launch a return to reason in the matter of a lot of things, energy being one of them. Let’s hope he soon calls in the governors of states like New York who are blocking natural gas development and pipelines to serve other states and tells them to get on board or lose their federal funding.

Or, he could also kick FERC in the behind and tell them to stop entertaining tree cutting complaints and other such nonsense from the likes of the NRDC’s water boy, Eric Schneiderman.

Or, he could go back home for a visit to the Big Apple to show how natural gas has cleaned up New York City air while it’s governor has stood in the way. No one knows better how to use such a pulpit than Donald Trump.

There’s much that can be done and I have a feeling a lot is going to get done, despite Ramsay and friends. While they’re wasting time in Washington, Donald Trump is already shaking things up and let’s hope Upstate New York finally gets a better shake.

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10 thoughts on “Fractivists and Radical Friends Freak Out Over Trump

  1. Apropos… fractivism has always been entirely political- practiced by self righteous and delusional double standard types who have replaced religion with climate change…

    Trump should show more restraint at times, but this “women’s march” spectacle is nothing but indignant intolerant lemmings in pink hats venting Clinton’s loss. It’s sedition.

    Male Democrats are sexually pure as the driven snow? Please… How
    quickly they forget Bill Clinton JFK and his brother all of Hollywood every rock musician their own husbands and an advertising culture built on sex. And there aren’t too many Republican rappers…

  2. Yea for the Dakota Access pipeline and the Keystone ANNOUNCEMENT
    Coming soon to the Constitution and Leatherstocking…

    Hey Obama… in history you will be remembered as the inspiration for the rebirth of the REPUBLICAN PARTY

  3. Stow the fake outrage about the push back to Trump. Maybe you can get me in touch with a conservative who is peeling the “Not My President” sticker of his car so I can use it. Or maybe we can compare Madonna’s statement to the Trump’s campaign references about 2nd Amendment solutions to a disagreeable candidate. Or perhaps that was just campaign rally banter, you know, like locker room banter.

    The real problem with Trump is that he has said virtually nothing about natural gas and lots more about coal. Proposed gutting of EPA rules about pollution give coal a new lease on life. It won’t help gas, which is literally thousands of times cleaner and has virtually no EPA regulation on sulfur and nitrogen oxides or particulates.

    Every carload of coal Trump facilitates should be a reproach to natural gas supporters. It is money out of your pocket, economic development delayed and buys time for the anti’s to try and get renewables on line.

    You are playing right into the hands of the anti’s, who will continue conflate natural gas with other fossil fuels in the public’s mind. The idea that no fossil fuel, especially coal, hurts the environment or needs regulation, as Scott Pruitt believes, will undo the work done so far to educate the public about the unique advantages of gas compared to oil and coal. This is yet another example of natural gas conservatives snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in the name of ideological purity.

    • I’m not a conservative. I simply want justice. In NY, laws were criminally ignored and subverted, and the cuomo DEC has stonewalled all fossil fuel related issues in direct violation of it’s charter.

      Your quest to convert leftist absolutists is a fool’s errand. Maybe you didn’t see the “fracking = death” signs that i saw during street protests…

  4. Lets hope the big Donald does like ng ?
    He sure seems to like coal. The mercury in coal is the part that concerns me. Once it vaporizes at 300 or so degrees it could end up just about anyplace?
    All NY or none

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