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Fractivists Against Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline

Constitution Pipeline - Dick DowneyRichard Downey
Unatego Area Landowners Association


The latest anti-fracking tizzy-fit is about Kinder Morgan’s 412 mile Northeast Energy Direct (NED) transmission pipeline.

The Northeast Energy Direct pipeline will run from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire. The gas it will carry is destined for New England and shipment overseas. This pipeline will run parallel to Cabot Williams’ Constitution line in Delaware County.

At a recent Oneonta, NY, FERC meeting, antis continued to filibuster Marcellus gas from reaching markets. The usual “fire on the mountaintops, death in the valleys” rhetorical goulash was served hot and heavy. Added to the usual ingredients (blasts, poisons, fugitive methane, damaged roads, etc.) were a pinch of “land rendered valueless with gas sold to foreigners” and a dash of “few jobs and meager tax revenue.”


Some antis actually believe this sad stew but the REAL reason for the opposition is that gas crushes their beloved renewables in the marketplace. Gas is cheap. Gas, unlike renewables, is easily scaleable. Domestic gas, according to the Energy Information Agency (EIA), is responsible for lowering CO2 emissions to 1994 levels. For all the renewable hoopla, nothing else has reduced emissions like gas.

The Northeast has enormous needs for gas. Gas heats 54% of the region’s homes. Gas generates 52% of its’ electricity As nuclear and coal plants close, this need rises.

Last year wholesale natural gas averaged $2.63 per thousand cubic foot (MCF). The Northeast paid twice as much, over $5 a MCF. Why? Currently, Northeast gas comes from Canada and the Gulf Coast. The further gas travels, the more it costs. Meanwhile, nearby Marcellus gas sells at a discount due to a lack of infrastructure. Why not build a pipeline from an abundant field located a few hundred miles away selling discounted gas? It’s a no-brainer.

Where else will New England get its power and heat? Use coal? Bring out the crucifix, the garlic, the silver spike! Coal is Evil! Nuclear? Think Fukushima! Oil? Not likely. Costs and carbon works against it. Wind and solar? Get real!

Currently, renewables make no economic sense. Look at Germany, a country all-in for renewables. Even with massive subsidies, German electricity rates have skyrocketed. A friend from Stuttgart showed me his 2014 electric bills — 48 cents per kilowatt hour (KWH). Check your NYSEG bill, and smile in relief . . . and remember, New York rates rank second highest in the nation, only behind Hawaii.


The Northeast’s only rational option is gas from Pennsylvania. It’s doable. It’s cheap. So what’s the problem?

The problem is a religion. The opposition kneels in the pews of the Church of Environmental Correctness True Believers, they must cast out carbon, no matter what the costs and regardless of gas’ benefits. To that end, they have scared the politicians with their zeal and perseverance. God bless ‘em; they see their Glory Road and they follow it.

Less admirable are the High Priests, the billionaire manipulators who control the movement and fund the “research” and the media noise. These folks are betting against carbon and investing in wind and solar. They know the Promised Land of renewables will be preceded by 40 years in the desert. However, that desert can be made to bloom if you know the right people. The government gives you money, and your companies are blessed with tax abatements, subsidies, mandates, exemptions, rebates, loans guarantees and more.

The billionaires’ family foundations (the Rockefellers, Heinz, Packard, Park, Schmidt (Google) Pew, Soros, et al.) cover the money trail by donating to the likes of the Sierra Club, the Tides Foundation, the Sustainable Markets Foundation, and dozens more. These foundations, in turn, follow instructions from their donors, purchasing pre-ordained “science” that’s blessed by bought-and-paid-for peer reviewers. It’s then trumpeted by a foundation-subsidized blogosphere and press, and finally brought to the town halls and government hearings by the True Believers. The press then reports the noise for a double whammy of validation. The High Priests have turned black to white, up to down.

Who wins? Billionaires with portfolios piled high with renewables. The losers? Upstate New York, where the rural areas hollow out and the poverty in metro areas like Buffalo and Rochester rank up there with Detroit and Cleveland.


The Northeast Energy Direct pipeline won’t solve all our problems. But it’s part of the solution — a rational national energy system.

Richard Downey is a retired New York City schoolteacher and a member of the Unatego Board of Education and the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York.

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5 thoughts on “Fractivists Against Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline

  1. The NED runs to Dracut Massachusetts, not New Hampshire. Massachusetts desperately needs the gas.
    Northern Pass runs to Boston Massachusetts – it does not terminate in New Hampshire.
    New Hampshire exports 1/2 of the electricity it generates to Massachusetts. The NED pipeline in New England is fine – it needs to be put where it is needed – Massachusetts.
    Kinder Morgan pushed this pipeline into New Hampshire because of a business decision – “it’s cheaper to put it in New Hampshire because of the severity of the Massachusetts Environmental Lobby”.
    The industrial scale wind monstrosities are ending up in my state (New Hampshire) because of the same lobby.
    Cape Wind anyone?
    I have recommended to our state politicians that we cut the power lines into Massachusetts until they step up to their responsibility. They will have to use typewriters because there won’t be any electricity.

  2. “Some antis actually believe this sad stew but the REAL reason for the opposition is that gas crushes their beloved renewables in the marketplace. Gas is cheap. Gas, unlike renewables, is easily scaleable. “……GAS is also Combustible and the most dangerous source of energy .

  3. It’s not a sad anti-stew. It’s one state trying to use another state to implement it’s vision of green energy.
    Here in New Hampshire – we run nuclear, gas, coal, oil, and it all works great.
    In Massachusetts they say lets do renewables and put them in New Hampshire. I say no. Put them in Massachusetts – we don’t need them in New Hampshire.
    They say we need more electricity – let’s get it from New Hampshire because we can’t have natural gas, coal or oil in our state.
    I say cut the power lines into Massachusetts.

    I have other words for Vermont – but that has to do with them pushing the Northern portion of Northern Pass into New Hampshire at the same time they were getting rid of Vermont Yankee.

    Actually -what I have to say about both these states you couldn’t put into print.

    Neither one of them addresses their needs or takes responsibility for any real implementation of green energy.

  4. http://marcellusdrilling.com/2014/10/union-calls-sen-markeywarren-pipeline-opposition-vulgar/


    Trying to make sense of pipelines and who is opposed for what reason or what the actual concerns are locally is not easy these days.

    Apparantly Senators Markey and Warren deemed it politically advantageous to oppose this project. They also seemed to think it was politically advantageous to write a letter to FERC about another pipeline project after a final environmental impact statement had been released on it as they seemed to think FERC had not listened to the public’s concerns.



    Interestingly when a bill was passed in the House back in 2012 that would allow a pipeline right of way and the lease of historic hangars in a park managed by the National Park Service prior to the public being even introduced to the potential project, (and that was not the only controversial thing about that bill and how it moved at all) Markey was thanked for helping. So much for Markey and consistancy about the “public”.

    http://patch.com/new-york/peekskill/algonquin-pipeline-foes-lobby-albany Please see some people in photograph for info about Spectra Aim project or alternately Constitution Pipeline or lets see.. a conspiracy theory that port ambrose an lng project is for export. Also some may be experts on radon in pipes.

    In addition to being introduced to a pipeline project process that most people don’t know, FERC etc, the public now must play the game of what environmental group might be giving me bogus or real information game.

  5. Interesting informatio set…but this “….the public now must play the game of what environmental group might be giving me bogus or real information game.” actually goes a long way towards framing the problem, especially in the Liberal New England. The way to avoid this is to read and participate in Natural Gas Now and other groups just like it.
    Also, the Wall Street Journal and here in New Hampshire the Union Leader – although they do spout quite a bit of what the Governor pushes which is nonsense.

    The problem with all the environmental groups is the answer is always “stop” and “no”. There is no replacement, there is no plan, just “stop” and “no”.

    For politicians and politics consider New Hampshire’s nuclear power plant – Seabrook. Senator Markey seems to think it would be a great idea to shut it down. A way to look at the result is to look at the New England electricity situation in January and it’s very unlcear if this wouldn’t lead to brownouts or even blackouts especially in Massachusetts. Senator Markey never says anything about replacing it – my goodness – that would mean supporting Cape Wind and 10 more just like it.

    When the Salem Harbor (MA) power plant announced it was switching over from coal/oil to natural gas they were sued because natural gas isn’t green enough – are you kidding me?

    It goes on and on.

    My original point is that this all goes to need and responsibility. Massachusetts needs to do something … real soon – I will continue to advocate they take the NED back to their state where it belongs, and cutting the power lines from New Hampshire that feed Massachusetts to help hurry their awakening to a very dark future.

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