Fractivist Fund Raising Behind Fractivist Derangement Disorder

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Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist


Watching the reaction of fractivists to the Trump election is a window into how they use hysteria to do fractivist fund raising and self-perpetuate.

Since Donald Trump’s victory we’ve seen a fractivist fund raising frenzy as the anti-gas brigade seeks to squeeze every last dime from their most faithful base and the uneducated.

One of Donald Trump’s promises was to unlock shale gas and oil drilling from the grip of so-called environmental groups looking to dismantle Americas quest for energy independence. I supported the man but this post is not about him. Rather, it’s about the way his victory is being used to fuel fractivist hysteria and fill fractivist coffers.

Since 2008 I have been involved in the fracking debate here in New York and since then I have heard, over and over again, at hearings on the subject, how solar is the replacement for fossil fuels. According to our Governor Khomo, solar has grown here by 300 percent. Investments from the government have quadrupled the growth rate, he says. Yes, Governor Khomo we are well aware of the taxpayer funded growth of solar energy unable to stand on its own free market footing.

Your investment of almost a billion dollars in Buffalo’s version of Solyndra is a stark reminder of your misguided top-down energy policy. Replacing free market decisions by millions of consumers with the political agenda of one man is not only anti-American but a move typically invoked by someone like your friend Raul Castro (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger smile on your face than when you met him).

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Look around your community. Look at the rooftops for the truth on solar! It seems to me 99.9 percent of those who stood at the podium from 2008 until now passionately screaming solar was here and the answer to fossil fuels have not put solar on their rooftops, despite the generous state subsidies. This is, partially, at least, because most of them live in apartment buildings heated by natural gas much like the super-wealthy hypocrite Yoke Ono. She was an apparently strong political voice against upstate New Yorkers’ right to harvest natural gas from their lands. Why have these people not lived their passions and converted to the expensive solar promise? What is their motivation if it is not to do as they do?

Well, since the election, I’ve seen message after message from fractivist organizations using the Trump victory as a scare tactic to raise funds to get others to do as they say. Take, for example, the Catskill Mountainkeeper. Ten days after the election it was e-mailing its followers with a message beginning as follows:


The bottom line, as always, though, was this:


Trump’s victory and the fractivist cause seems to be more about keeping Ramsay Adams employed and in a position of influence in the job his father created for him than anything else.

America has spoken, not the coastal elites of New York or California, but the “flyover country” from sea to shining sea and the message is “Drill Here, Drill NOW!”  These organizations (who, by the way, use gas rather than solar to heat their own homes) are using Trump’s victory not so much to raise money for fighting pipelines or shale gas and oil drilling, as righting their sinking ship. An enlightened America no longer buys their scare tactics. People of good will and common sense know the fastest way to energy independence and lower carbon emissions is development of our natural gas assets. It’s not a Democrat issue, a Republican issue, a liberal issue or a conservative issue. It’s about simply doing the smart thing.

The anti’s, including Ithaca’s Walter Hang, have announced they are drafting a letter to President-Elect Donald Trump in hopes of destroying the American job creating, non-polluting, pathway to America’s economic revival that shale promises for all of us. We now have hundreds of papers and studies from EPA and others showing hydraulic fracturing does not pollute our drinking water. It is a technological marvel that is delivering environmental improvements (lower CO2, SO2 and other emissions) and rural economic development. The Catskill Mountainkeeper and others can keep pretending otherwise and use Trump to raise money for purposes of maintaining their influence but the truth is out and their efforts will be vain.

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One thought on “Fractivist Fund Raising Behind Fractivist Derangement Disorder

  1. Do not assume Trump has a mandate, because he doesn’t. He has lost the popular vote by 3,000,000 votes and has only a technical victory in the Electoral College. You are right, though, that it might be easier to build pipelines, etc. under his administration. You are also right that the evidence for and the social benefits of natural gas should be self-evident.

    Natural gas supporters must tie our efforts to positive economic, climate and social benefits gas, rather than the temporary momentum of a polarizing politician. Regardless of whether they vote Republican or Democrat in the next election, we must make sure people support natural gas as a realistic energy policy.

    If we assume that most Trump supporters (except maybe coal miners) support natural gas, it is only the nominal supporters of the “greens” or “anti’s” we need to strip off. We can and will do this with the aforementioned evidence for gas. These people will never vote for Trump or his ilk. They will never be climate change deniers. Your job is to appeal to their interests, not yours. If you want them on your side, take about gas, but never about Trump. Gas transcends party and ideological lines.

    You have a deadline. The mid term elections for 1/3 of the Senate and all of the House are 23 months away. Traditionally, they are not helpful to the President, even less so to a polarizing one.

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