Fractivist Ex-Mayor Matt Ryan Loses It?

Mayor Matt Ryan - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist at NYRAD-R


Binghamton fractivist Mayor Matt Ryan decided he liked Planet Ithaca better than Binghamton the minute he left office, but was back in the area the other night allegedly harassing frequent guest blogger Vic Furman. Here’s Vic’s story.

I had just dropped of my brother off at the Broome County Airport and on the way home decided to stop in for a quick beer at my favorite watering hole, “Davy’s Last Chance Saloon.” The tavern is just a couple of miles down the mountain from my home. For over 30 years I have been enjoying the company of good neighbors and friends at this establishment. Davy, the establishment’s namesake, is a pillar of the community in the small farming town of Chenango Forks, 16 miles from Binghamton. Over the years he has shown support for the community by spearheading fund raisers and other events.

People gather at Davy’s to share laughs and troubles and there is almost never a raised voice except to celebrate something. But not this night, for there was a man there who I have only seen once before at this establishment, where I am a regular. It was the former Mayor Matt Ryan of Binghamton, now living 40 miles away as a resident of Ithaca, New York.

“Vic from the Forks”

I never would have known Matt Ryan was there this night, as he was sitting halfway down the bar with his back to me. I was in a discussion with a patron working in the gas Industry and was finishing up my first beer when Matt spoke out. “Well if it isn’t Vic From The Forks,” he said loudly, “I guess it’s true; he really does live here!”

For those of you who don’t know me, I have made several appearances on the Bob Joseph talk radio show and that is how Bob Joseph would introduce me; as “Vic from The Forks.” It was on this radio show that I had one of many heated debates with ex-Mayor Matt Ryan as we argued the facts of natural gas drilling, and his lack of them.


Former Binghamton Mayor, Matt Ryan

The very first interaction I had with Mayor Matt Ryan was in 2009 or 2010 when I was challenging his misinformed comments on the Binghamton PressConnects site, which I did with comments of my own. Because I was using my real name to make comments, it was easy for Ryan to look up my phone number and he did. It was my first inclination this man was not a normal politician. Here he was as the Mayor of the City of Binghamton and he’s calling me up at home at night to debate gas drilling, which wasn’t about to occur anywhere inside his city. I had company and, immediately recognizing his voice, I put him on speaker phone and the conversation went like this:

MMR > Is this Victor Furman?
VF > Yes, it is…
MMR > The same Victor Furman who’s been commenting on my posts on PressConnects?
VF > Yes, it is…
MMR > Why are you picking on me?
VF > I am not picking on you. I am debating your postings. They’re falsehoods….

I couldn’t believe the Mayor of Binghamton was calling me at my home to ask me this very obtuse question, even getting upset as the discussion moved forward.  We finally reached  a point where we agreed to disagree and I hung up. Later on as my pro-gas activism and knowledge of gas drilling grew, so did my understanding of the fractivist misinformation campaign. It is designed to win the public over with fear mongering. This drove Matt Ryan and me even further part and, apparently, just my voice on the radio was enough to bring out anger in him. Truth hurts, of course.

Matt Ryan Loses It

Let’s now fast forward to what happened on the 20th of August, 2014. Matt and I had started debating on the subject of his recent appearance on Capitol Tonight. I told him I agreed with him about the corruption of politicians in Albany. I also told him I agreed Zephyr Teachout was a better choice then Cuomo, but that I thought she revealed herself to be a socialist when she made her statements recently about breaking up big corporations into more competitive smaller branches.

Matt Ryan

I asked him what would Binghamton and the Triple Cities would have been without big corporations like IBM, GE, Singer Link, EJ’s and others that defined us as the Valley of Opportunity. His response was “Quit living in the past.” At that point I asked him what was in the future for our children and grandchildren, if they don’t have the same opportunities we had before the recession and high taxes drove these businesses out of the state. I told him ditch digging and burger flipping were no future and corporations represented opportunity and growth for motivated individuals.

It was at this point where the bartender hinted she wanted us to end this discussion. She walked over to the volume control and turned up the music making it hard for us to hear each other. I felt, however, we were having a civil discussion and I walked over to Matt and offered to buy him a beer and take the conversation outside to the patio but he said no. So, we continued.

I asked Ryan about Vietnam and whether he went to Europe to evade the draft. He got a little upset with that question and said he did not evade the draft, but was a conscientious objector. I said I thought I heard him say on the Bob Josephs show that he went to Europe to evade the draft at which point he called me a *@#^*#% liar, saying he never said that. I told him that was the way it came across to me and others, at which point he asked “So going to Vietnam makes you a hero? I asked Matt to describe a hero because I wasn’t one and wanted to know what one was, and if he understood the Conscientious Objector clause and refusal to go meant someone else had to go in one’s place. He said it really didn’t matter because his draft number was in the high 300’s. That’s how the conversation about Vietnam ended.

I then asked Ryan if he thought throwing a jar of blood in a recruiting station to protest the Iraq war, an incident where his former Deputy Mayor Tarik Abdelazim (appointed by Ryan when he was embroiled in some other harassment cases) acted as spokesman, was just. That’s when he lost it. “You @#^*#% idiot.” he hollered, “they (referring to Abdelazim and another individual I mentioned) never had anything to do with that.” I said I thought I had read it somewhere. He screamed some obscenities at me and said “I’ll give you a million dollars if you can show me that article, you give me a million if you can’t…” Then, realizing the ridiculous of his offer, he said “No, I bet you a thousand dollars – we can both afford that – that you can’t produce it, because your a @#^*#% liar.

By now, a few patrons in the bar had turned because Matt Ryan, the former Mayor of Binghamton, was calling me all these vulgar names. I was getting upset myself and yelled back that if I was wrong I would apologize, but would not have said it had I not believed I read it. it was then he stood up behind me and started shouting further obscenities. I too stood up and we both exchanged heated words, but what happened next caught me completely off guard.

“I have a black belt in karate and I will kill you!”

Words are words and, despite a very clever Geico commercial, do not inflict bodily harm. No one, however, has the right to do what Matt Ryan did next. He used both hands and all his might, hitting me in the chest and knocking me over three bar stools and into the bar. I stood back up, looked him in the eye and told him he had no right to put his hands on me. His response was to make a fist, yelling he was going to punch my teeth out, at which point I put my hands in my pocket and stated “Do what you have to” and turned my cheek. The bartender, a school teacher, tried to intervene and other customers surrounded Ryan, escorting him to the door. They told me he made a fist and raised it to the bartender telling her to stay out of it.

Matt Ryan's Deputy

Tarik Abdelazim

I followed the people escorting Matt Ryan out the door and, once again, confronted Matt asking him who he thought he was pushing me over and putting his hands on me. His response to me was “I have a black belt in karate and I will kill you!” I then took down his license plate and called the state police, informing them I had just been assaulted and that the man who did it was, in my opinion, drunk and a danger on the highway, as he fled the bar in his blue Jeep-like SUV.

The state police came, they took my statement, and the statement of the bartender, and two eyewitnesses. It was while they were interviewing the bartender that Matt Ryan called the bar and, I am told, apologized to the bartender for raising his fist and then quizzed her on whether or not I had called the police. That call seemed to confirm the man did raise his fist at the female bartender. I swore out a complaint with the state police. I called the state police headquarters after leaving the hospital with a neck injury from the push.

The papers went to the court and Matt Ryan will be getting a summons to appear to answer to the charges I brought against him for his fit of rage. He can than tell his side of the story. I’ve told mine. We will have to wait and see what comes of this act of aggression by one of the biggest of fractivists. Let’s not think for one minute this is the first such incident as we have seen the video of the threats against local officials over a propane storage facility in Watkins Glen.

One wonders how far these radicals are willing to go. They seek to take away our deeded rights and are now using and inducing physical violence to get their way. They believe they are above the law, apparently. You either agree with them or you’re evil in their eyes. They don’t seem to have a clue that civil disobedience is, first of all, civil and, secondly, it requires a willingness to accept the consequences of your actions. Somehow, Matt Ryan, the former of Binghamton, an environmental lawyer and fractivist hero, doesn’t seem to get it.

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32 thoughts on “Fractivist Ex-Mayor Matt Ryan Loses It?

  1. Vic, now we can understand your warning comment to Bryant, and also why there is a post on here by a person who’d rather remain anonymous than run the risk of troubles with their neighbors. Truly if we had a leader as governor and not a spineless panderer, this issue would have been settled long ago instead of festering and spreading like a cancerous growth.

    Keep us posted with whatever you are allowed to reveal.

  2. @ VIC…….(and all others ) …You just can’t handle the opposition .The only thing you care about is leasing your land and screw those in the way !!Like I said once before you have a lot to learn of what really takes place.Hope you get what you want !!!!!!!

      • I have nothing to hide .When I comment it comes from what I have experienced .Simple !I don’t need to promote a venture to make my life successful.I do have a need of keeping it from ruining what I already have ,though .

        • Your experience? Like signing a gas lease? Or you dealing with Talisman for 5 years (a lie which i pointed out in another thread, and you forgot to address).

    • why should I have to handle the opposition? Not that I couldn’t but when it comes to violence I am a conscientious objector in believing Gods rule of turning the other cheek

  3. Thanks for the support FYI charges are pressed there will be a day in court. No One ever has the right to strike another whether it be in the heat of an argument or an act of frustration. Recently term expired ex Mayor Ryan should know better and has certainly embarrassed himself as a lawyer and as a politician. As far as Bill F’s. warning believe it as we have all seen the video where Sandra Stiengrabber has told her followers jail is not that bad and quizzed then on how far would they go to protect the water and trees. Cuomo will be at fault as soon as someone dies over this.

  4. Conscientious objectors have always had the option to serve their country, WITHOUT carrying a gun, by becoming medics and assisting the fallen and wounded. That’s one kind of conscientious objector, and such individuals deserve our respect and admiration.

    However, Matt Ryan’s brand of conscientious objector is different. There is a special, quite obvious, name for what he is:


  5. Vic, Well done! You have to wonder what Ryan is doing in a bar in Whitney Point. Why not Ithaca? Anyway, Let’s see how he explains himself in court.

  6. Ryan, Steingraber and their ilk are extremely violent when they don’t get their way. That is a fact of how ideologues behave when defeated. Here is a great example in the Odessa File about the violence the Schuyler County lawmakers had to endure from these fanatics during the LNG hearings – It is the 9th article down but it is easier to locate by hitting the “ctrl” and “f” key on your computer and type in “rescind;” and it will take you directly to the article. I hope Ms. Gomer of the Park Foundation is proud of the lunatics she is spawning with all those millions of dollars she has given to these “non – profit” groups as outlined in this Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin compiled spreadsheet –

  7. Vic,
    I think Ryan is trying, in his own hilarious way, to become as important as Josh Fox to the fractivist cause, “Fox-worthy”, as it were.

    Well, as another Foxworthy might say –

    If you actually admire this self-styled ex ninja-mayor of a depressed upstate city, who will be remembered most for bar room brawling, embarrassing political stunts and threatening to kill people (allegedly) ….. you just might wanna be a fractivist.

  8. There is a quote from the movie “Time after TIme” which many attribute to an old Chinese proverb: “The first man to raise a fist is the man who’s run out of ideas”.. Clearly this is the case here – Matt Ryan could not make his point because he had no facts to back him up, so up came the fists instead.. Just like a schoolyard bully.

  9. i sincerely hope Ryan is made to pay- literally- and in terms of bad publicity for his smug, condescending and now allegedly violent behavior. he’s been pretty unhinged about gas drilling since Day 1 with all his alarmist press “conferences”, city drilling ban, water truck stunt, etc… i’ll be curious to see whether the anti rags P&SB and Ithaca Journal cover the court case.

    and you’re right Vic, the lying fly-by-night tyrant Andrew Cuomo has allowed a straightforward regulatory issue to fester into a political firestorm. this is all on his head, whatever happens. incredibly- one man’s political obsession trumps the rights, well being, and balanced governance of an entire state. he cares only about himself and wealthy NYC and national campaign donors.

    end one party rule. i think we all know who to vote for in November.

  10. Drunken assult, Sounds like grounds for being dis-bared. I do admire your restraint. He is lucky he didn’t try that at the Brackney, WhiteTails, Choconut, Township, etc…… Out there we don’t call the cops….

    • I understand your frustration Frackdaddy but there is a lesson here. We have all seen Sandra Steingrabbers call for violence and I believe the only way we can address that is passive reaction to it and then court action. They have so far succeeded in taking away our deeded rights lets not give them our dignity too…No lets let them reveal their true nature in the violence their leaders have advocated for.

  11. If you really want to see the true colors of the so-called environmentalists, check out You Tube’s “No Pressure” by Richard Curtis. It was referred to as Splattergate.

  12. Mr Furman, I have enjoyed reading your many posts and blogs here on NGN,EID your newspaper editorials and your call ins on the bob Joseph and Fred Dicker show . I am troubled that a person that has held a public servants position could not control themselves in the public,but to push,shove,a disabled vet angers me even more. I do hope you receive justice on behalf of all of us who only wish to voice our opinion on our land rights. I have attended meetings and rallies for over 8 years and never once have I witnessed any of our landowners raise a hand or act inappropriate to anyone. I have been informed on the many actions of the “peaceful” people against our use of our owned land rights not limited to, pushing people,intimidating the elderly, spay painting sawstika insignia on signs, the stealing of signs,trespassing, rude behavior, foul language,mailing misinformation to bring fear to the simple. I to was accosted a few years back at a DEC hearing. The story appeared in an EID bog. It was a young man that slapped my phone out of my hand after he tossed chairs left and right on his way to me. I explained to the police it wasn’t his fault, he truly believed we were supporting the poisoning of children based on fear mail he had received from people like Matt Ryan. When you are raised as a spoiled child you will do anything to get your way. You were in Ryans way, constantly proving him wrong. Thank you for standing up again but this time on your own soil….God bless.

  13. Too bad Matt Ryan went out of his way to stalk and assault you, Vic. Since he has such a flare for fighting I’m sure we could have used him in Vietnam. Instead he wasted all of that talent hiding in Europe.

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  15. I am in no way defending Matt Ryan, he’s an idiot, but it seems to me that you wanted this to go this way. Why on earth if you wanted to have a civil conversation would you skip straight from Big Corporations (GE, Link, etc) to his draft dodging??? You didn’t think that was going to piss him off? Yes Vic you won, you baited him, but don’t act surprised, you got what you wanted, congrats. Also, I find this whole thing hilarious, grown adults acting like children.

    • Here is what we know for sure about Mayor Matthew T. Ryan.
      He has single-handedly wasted about $10,000,000 in taxpayer funds.
      Since he has taken office in 2006 violent crime has risen 50%.

      Since Ryan took office the number of registered sex offenders rose over 100% from about 108 to over 220.

      After being told for 9 months that a collapse was imminent at the joint sewage treatment plant & doing nothing about it, Ryan oversaw the leaking of 500,000 gallons of sewage into the Susquehanna River. That neglect on the part of Ryan will cost taxpayers another $25,000,000 or more to fix.(Frankly that neglect strikes me as criminal and/or civil irresponsibility. Environmentalists should launch suits against Ryan, Lea Webb, Sean Massey & others who stood by at the time and did nothing to prevent that environmental catastrophe.)

      If we want to look into the hiring of friends and the waste of public funds let’s review Ryan’s hiring of Justin Woods for $35,000 for a study Ryan threw out before it was even made public. Let’s investigate that. Or Ryan’s hiring of Tarik Abdelazim who did not have a shred of work experience to his name prior to his appointment. Or the hiring of Luke Day to run DPW when Mr. Day did not even meet the minimum requirements for the job. Or the hiring of numerous Citizen Action flunkies who failed to file important documents that cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      Or let’s investigate what was done with $200,000 of taxpayer money supposedly to get a grocery store on Binghamton’s North Side that eventually went to Johnson City.

      Let’s investigate out why a week before her last election Lea Webb sent $4000 of her campaign fund to Brooklyn.

      What we know for sure is that this is just another Matthew T. Ryan smoke screen attempting to shift the focus away from his destruction of the City of Binghamton and his lies to its good people.

      P.S. These are a few more things we know about Matthew T. Ryan.


      Case #13972
      Ryan verbally abuses Robin E. Meyerhof 30-year old woman at the time (47 now) &illegally enters her apartment at his mother home to attempt to illegally evict her.
      Binghamton Police SGT. Hendrickson took 911 call. What do Ryan’s poor Citizen Action folk think of the way their boy deals with poor tenants????

      Case number 14172
      Same deal, twice in three days Ryan removed from his tenant’s apartment by police.
      Binghamton Police involved: D. Chamberliss shield #143. Ryan admitted to these incidents to Larry Sparano in a FOX 40 mayoral debate aired early Nov. 2005.

      Case #03-33821
      11/08/03 time: 21:11h.(9:11pm)
      Ryan harasses and shoves Elizabeth Brightwell at Star Dry Cleaners Laundromat. She was 48-year old at the time.

      Case #61784
      10/12/99, 13:36hours 1:30pm
      Same Laundromat four years earlier, Ryan harasses a Michelle Fleury 27-year old woman.
      Binghamton Police Officer: J. Mooney badge #158

      Monday, Nov. 7, 2005, the day before Election Day, Ryan has Vestal Court records of his arrest and conviction sealed.
      Dec. 13, 2005

      Ryan for harassing Josephine Burrell, received an Ajournment in Contemplation of Dismissal ((ACD) on Dec. 13, 2005. In filling out those forms Ryan would have had to disclosed prior arrests & convictions. Did he committed perjury?

      Case # 83-52-0002Vestal arrest & conviction for “failure to comply”,. He pleaded guilty. Ryan led police on a high speed chase through Vestal after telling a traffic cop to “F-off”.


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