Where Are Those Fractivist Clowns Now?

landowners and laborers - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist


NIMBY opponents to a NG Advantage facility in Fenton are forced to face reality; it is the alternative to pipelines certain fractivist clowns had stopped.

There was another meeting in the Town ff Fenton, Broome County, New York, the other night on the subject of the NG Advantage natural gas transfer station to be located on the service road near Port Dickinson. Land preparations have already started, so the meeting was really but an opportunity for local NIMBYs to vent.

They attempted to do so, but it quickly became clear they were too late. I took the opportunity to explain why it is Fenton is getting a NG Advantage transfer station; because certain fractivist clowns and one corrupt governor have prevented the development of the Constitution Pipeline, among other things, that have delivered the natural gas where it is needed in another way – the safest way known.

fractivist clowns

Attendance at this the meeting was probably double in size compared to the one I attended two weeks ago. I sat near the back, somewhat alienated, as I heard people say “he was here before, he is in favor,” “he works for them, I saw him talking to the owners n the parking lot.” The misinformation spread through the crowd like measles in a 1955 grade school classroom. I don’t work for the gas industry or anyone but myself on this issue and never have been paid to attend a meeting on gas issues. I am passionate about the issue but no one pays me a dime.

The meeting opened with short remarks from the Town of Fenton Supervisor. “Good evening folks,” he stated. “We are here to take a few questions from you on the project the Town of Fenton Planning Board approved. Before we start, though, I must tell you as a town board we cannot override the Planning Board’s approval of the transfer station. It is a done deal that we can not change.”

Many members of the crowd began grunting and groaning. The room was filled with comments, some whispered and some not of “then, why are we here?” The first person to speak, in fact, asked “Why didn’t we hear anything about this until this week when it was in the news?” The town supervisor suggested they might have attend the planning board meetings or read the announcements in the paper, all of which took place over several months. The project is not new, in fact, the planning board having put out a 39-page document complete with public statements and concerns from the school board, months ago. Ironically, many of the people there Identified themselves as teachers or school board members, which made their complaints more than a little hollow.

They also complained there was no audio system and people couldn’t hear what was being said. Nevertheless, I was there in the back of the room and, because I was alone, I could hear everything, as I wasn’t talking with others while people were speaking. The crowd was unruly, shouting out insults as the town supervisor was speaking. “What’s your kickback?” shouted one. “Its all about the money” hollered another. “You can’t do anything? Well, we can and you’ll find out on election day.”

fractivist clowns

Such remarks interrupted discussion several times as the supervisor and even as opposers to the project spoke. The meeting had to be stopped to bring order. Not one person in favor spoke! I would have, but, because of the unruliness of the crowd, the supervisor simply ended the questions after having to raise his voice several times.

If you didn’t think I would speak because the meeting was over, though, I did – outside. I talked to a few people in the hall and then went out into the parking lot where many had gathered to talk about their disgust over the meeting and how they were going to move forward. I couldn’t resist responding.

My voice booms a bit so I spoke up and over them, delivering my little rant:

“Where are the clowns? Where is Walter Hang from Ithaca, tonight? Where are those protestors from Pennsylvania, the Unitarian Church in Norwich and son? How did you, as people living in this community not know of all the meetings over the years, but they did? Where are those fractivist clowns tonight who take credit for stopping the Leatherstocking and Constitution Pipelines?”

“It’s not NG Advantage that’s you should be angry at, it is those people who were here in force at the last meeting, the people who put this wasted fear in your hearts, They are the ones who stopped the Constitution Pipeline, the Leatherstocking Pipeline and others! It is because of the lack of these pipelines that a virtual over-the-road pipeline is being built by NG Advantage to service our factories here in the Northeast.”

After I finished there was a voice from the crowd of people gathered in the parking lot who who spoke up to reply. He uttered but two simple words that silenced the crowd. “He’s right,” referring to my accusation on stopping the pipelines. The man who spoke those words was one of the strongest voices I witnessed in opposition to the station at the last two meetings. But, he understood, he got it.

The opposition from fractivist clowns such as Vera Scroggins, William Huston and Craig Stevens (who leased his own land for pipeline rights-of- ways) some of whom made explosive comments about “bomb trucks,” while celebrating corrupt Governor Andy Cuomo’s job killing decision to not build pipelines, clearly led to NG Advantage’s proposal. They knew those decisions created the need for gas transfer stations to keep the Raymond Corporation, Amphenol going and to heat local schools and hospitals, but these fractivist clowns have opposed the pipelines because they hate all forms of oil and gas development. They effectively created the NG Advantage proposal by their blind, unreasonable opposition to everything and when all was done they simply moved down the road to the next protest and next opportunity to get their faces in the news.

If I were NG Advantage (not really, but it’s fun to think about) I might send these fractivist clowns a great big bouquet of green ferns and thank them for allowing — no, helping — their business to expand here in the Northeast where pipelines are verboten. Meanwhile, I can only reflect on the truth of that cliche about Karma being something or another…

fractivist clowns



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24 thoughts on “Where Are Those Fractivist Clowns Now?

  1. but one lonely comment at the otsego county board meeting from Nicole Dillimgham protesting the virtual pipeline sharing the roads with our farmers. I don’t believe the farmers think she has their best interest at heart. Otsego 2000 worked to deny farmers the chance to develop their mineral rights and now that many have to sell the cows due to low milk prices it is unlikely they will forget who to thank.

    • That will just create an opportunity for the wealthy, elites to buy the farms for their country homes and they probably do not consume much milk, anyway.

    • We need not to stop with our efforts but to grow stronger in our cause. The polls are in our favor on fracking as more and more Americans see the benefits and decry the BS. It is time for the silent voice of the people’s majority to get louder then those who had the attention of corrupt Cuomo. Who…who will step up and lead NY to freedom and victory over IL duce and his unchecked tyranny and corruptions? Who will save Upstate from Cuomos condemnation to poverty, narcotics, crimes and foreclosures, who will bring us together

  2. Very interesting Vic. I see you mentioned some names that are familiar to me as well. Craig Stevens for example. Showed up in Brooklyn NY at a draft did hearing on a pipeline. Almost spoke right before me actually.

    Were any reporters at the meeting?

      • Yes well I saw his pipeline speech in person in Brooklyn and I read about his performance in long island at a hearing for an lng import project that the antifracking movement claimed was for export and I’m pretty sure I have seen his face in many other places. It’s a small world as I often say about this antifracking pipeline resistance movement.

      • Mr. Furman
        Good for you and your ongoing efforts.
        Although the hardcore cultists will, by their nature, not change, there is a growing body of people noticing the disconnect between responsible development of fossil fuel infrastructure and the near hysterical rush to embrace the bird choppers and Sun catchers.

        These next two winters, your neighbors in New England may involuntarily show the folly of ‘no pipelines’ when they will pay a fortune to light their homes, if enough electricity is available, that is.

  3. When all fails, Vic, you continue with the name calling of concerned citizens, who most of them, do not get paid for exposing the dangers of gas industry in our midst.
    you don’t live within 100′ of a high-pressure gas pipeline, or 400′ of gas compressor stations, or 500′ of gas well sites…which many do in Pa. and across the US…
    Were you scared to speak out this time with all the opposition to this project?
    We are exposing the dangers of this Industry and want safe, green, clean energy.
    What were the companies doing before CNG (compressed gas) ….. weren’t they using energy before CNG for years to power their operations?
    Now they “MUST” have CNG?

    • WoW Vera really… Is this not you name calling in the video?


      and when was I ever afraid to speak out?
      Times they are a changing Vera and NY they are changing fast as Governor Cuomo denies pipelines. You know at the meeting someone shouted out “What’s in it for us”? well Vera that’s an easy answer. Schools not on a gas line get cheaper energy as does hospitals and public buildings. Amphenol and the Raymond corporation where hundreds of residents work will now stay in the area as LNG makes energy cost a little more bearable. It was only two weeks ago our Senator from the 52nd gave a very concerning speech that without a cheaper form of energy relocation was possible along with the loss of another 2000 jobs. Expenses are a very important part of the bottom line Vera so don’t act stupid please with the deferments and other BS arguments you have. If you believed in any one of them you would have solar on your trailer.

    • Vera, you are not going to win any free thinking converts with your insults as indicated in the video. I guess everyone in California is a “freak” as per your comments. Btw, what’s wrong with Cuba? Your masters, Barry and Bernie had much love for Castro.

  4. Vera thinks that it matters that people are paid or not paid. She well knows that there are both paid and non-paid people in the antifracking pipeline resisitance movement. People like Alex Beauchamp for example are employed by antifracking pipeline resistance organizations. Others who show up at meetings may only be spouting the misnformation they have picked up at a pipeline education meeting or from a website etc.

  5. https://twitter.com/joshfoxfilm/status/873031883889688577

    “I was a member of the platform committee. I watched @HillaryClinton delegates vote for #fracking and against #singlepayer. #whyshelost” says antifracking pipeline resistance movement leader and purported journalist Josh Fox in 2017. Fascinating stuff, eh?

    By the way, the People’s Summit is happening this weekend. It’s a progressive event. Lot of familiar faces like Bernie Sanders, Josh Fox, etc from the antifracking pipeline resistance movement or the reporters that “cover: them will be there.

  6. It’s been almost ten years that we in NY have had to suffer these fractivist fools and troublemakers. They are collectively wrong on so many levels- so incapable of logic and taking responsibility for their own comfy lifestyles it’s sickening.

    This is what you get from leftists, who are wittingly or not undermining this nation on several fronts.

      • Yes Vera the anti fracking pipeline resistance movement does have and has had successes. You have won ugly where you have won and where you have not won there is just a lot of ugly left in your wake. There is also a trail of delusion, confusion, anger and discord in your wake as well.

        • Karen that is sadly your experience..our experience is inspiring citizen action…helping protect ourselves…and creating a better world and neighborhoods…we need better industries and energy..

      • The only thing you’ve succeeded at is making an embarrassing spectacle of yourself. You live in the middle of one of the most developed shale plays in the nation.

        NY landowners on the other hand are crime victims. Cuomo, convicted felon Sheldon Silver, the AG, and the entire NY court system and the media are puppets- corrupt agents for NYC foundation
        money doing war on upstate interests.

        I’ll shut up when i receive just compensation for this egregious Taking.

        • Keith, Karen, avoid engaging Vera, she is less than a shadow. She will twist your words for her own agenda. Give her no more than 5 minutes and 3 questions then just post all of that interaction for the public to see.

          • Oh, and the self proclaimed Hofstra English/Language studies, “success” would have been sufficient, no need for the extraneous “es”.

          • Hello, “former DEP Employee”…what is your name and reveal yourself…
            a number of us are using our actual names…

            are you afraid of something?

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