Fractivism Is Love? No, It’s the Opposite.

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There’s fresh new evidence of the Marxist nature of fractivism and it comes from the activities and speeches of a guy who says he’s the first fractivist.

Much of fractivism is modern-day Marxism, as I noted in an earlier post. It’s a loose collection of profoundly radical people who have found another cause to latch onto and use to further their hatred of all things capitalist or Western civ in nature.  Now, thanks to our friend Simon Lomax over at Energy In Depth, there’s another example, one which also illustrates the juvenile nature of fractivism.

It’s about a Colorado event organized by a group called Stop the Frack Attack Alliance that involves many of the names we see and hear so much from, including; Jill Wiener of Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, the ex-Mayor of Dish (TX) Calvin Tillman, Earthworks, Environment America, Food and Water Watch, Karen Feridun, of Berks Gas Truth, Tracy Carlucio of the Delaware River Keeper Network, the Sierra Club, the Center For Biological Diversity and Earthjustice. It was a “summit” to discuss fractivism strategy and another member of the group, a mysterious fellow named Shane Davis, kicked it off with a tribute to Che Guevara, the murdering revolutionary whose face adorns the tee-shirts of spoiled rich kids eager to inform the world of their trendy rebellion against whatever.


Che Guevera: “Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any enemy that falls in my hands! My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!”

The summit took place last month and Simon takes it apart in an outstanding article posted by the Steamboat Institute. It’s well worth reading and here’s some of what he had to say:

Even Time magazine – which has been accused of fueling the Guevara myth – concedes he was a “war criminal.” Just how extreme was this guy? He considered the United States of America to be “the great enemy of mankind,” and according to his biographer, Jon Lee Anderson, Guevara would have ended the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis by firing nuclear weapons on the U.S. That didn’t happen, thankfully, because the Soviet Union refused to give control of the weapons it placed in Cuba to Guevara and the rest of the Castro regime.

So, when the Statesman caught STFA organizers opening their national summit with a tribute to a violent Marxist revolutionary, did they engage in damage control? After all, this was no gathering of misguided college students. The environmental groups on STFA’s steering committee have combined revenues of more than $170 million a year, and these organizations are constantly lobbying Obama administration officialsfederal lawmakers and state and localofficials to write laws and regulations the way they want. Revealing themselves as throwbacks to the radical left of the 1960s may threaten their ability to be taken seriously today, to say the least.

But the members of the STFA alliance didn’t downplay the Guevara tribute at all. They embraced it. They promoted the Statesman story over social media and in their compilation of “media hits.” They even bragged on their website: “We escalated the fight between the oil and gas industry and communities.”

If these groups want to ignore the facts and idolize a Marxist revolutionary who fought on the losing side of the Cold War, that is their right. But it shows that today’s environmental groups occupy the fringes of the political debate in this country, which is something that voters and responsible public officials – Republican, Democrat and Independent – deserve to know.

It might be added Che Guevara was a sadistic murderer who, while attending a meeting at the United Nations in 1964, proudly proclaimed: “We have executed, we are executing and we will continue to execute.” Shane Davis, the speaker Maya van Rossum apparently couldn’t wait to hear, loves Che, though, because – get this – he was all about love. Here’s what Davis said, in fact, about Che:

Why are we protectors? Because we love.We love humanity and justice and we will protect them.

What is the most important quality for a revolutionary to possess? — It is — LOVE – Ernesto Che Guevara

  • Love of humanity
  • Love of all creatures on Earth
  • Love of justice and truth
  • LOVE is the most important quality for a revolutionary to possess.

We have an energy revolution at our feet and we are the boots on the ground that this revolution wants to be.  We are the Energy of Change. And from this day forward it is our goal to change the energy we have been enslaved into with viable forms of healthy energy democracy in every community across America.

Che also said: ‘A real revolutionary goes where he or she is needed.

So I thank you all for coming here — where you are needed. And we will come to you when you need us.

Thank you for standing  shoulder to shoulder in the streets opposing those who are harming us, protecting our rivers, our air, our wildlife, collecting signatures in 100 degree temperatures. You went where you were needed.

Thank you for educating communities, counting votes, agreeing with our differences, working tirelessly and into the night. Thank you for spending time in jail simply for protecting something you love, missing your child’s school event, spending time away from family and friends, not taking vacations, thank you for your sufferings. You went where you were needed. You are a real revolutionary.

LOVE is the most important quality for a revolutionary to possess and you are here because you love many things dearly and want to protect them.

History, apparently, is wrong and Che Guevara felt nothing but love as he “presided over the Cuban Revolution’s first firing squads” and “founded Cuba’s ‘labor camp’ system—the system that was eventually employed to incarcerate gays, dissidents, and AIDS victims,” according to this Slate article. Fractivist Shane Davis loves Che, though, and of that much we can be certain as he illustrated with his remarks and his posting of this picture on his Facebook page.


Yes, Shane Davis is a radical. He also makes a lot of claims including being the first fractivist. One of his fawning admirers wrote this about him:

Davis is the coiner of the term “Fractivist” and the man behind the subsequent Fractivist movement. (He was wearing, of course, a ballcap with FRACTIVIST emblazoned on top). Appearing as if he hadn’t slept for days, Davis looks like an oil rig worker himself. You wouldn’t guess that he was a research biologist, or a man who was awarded a medal by NATO for his work overseeing a program in environmental safety for the Department of Defense, a guy who worked as a marine biologist for the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, or a National Science Foundation grant recipient in molecular genetics. He doesn’t even look like the man who coined the term FRACTIVIST, which you see on Colorado’s countless Subarus everywhere now.

There’s something very mysterious about Davis, though. When you go to check out his background there’s zero evidence of him having done any of these things. Could be he did all of them but, as I recall, Aubrey McClendon, then of Chesapeake Energy, coined the word “fractivist” and his targets quickly adopted the name as if they had invented it. Moreover, why is it I can’t find “Shane Davis” on a list of National Science Foundation awards or on the NATO site? And, why can’t I find any biography, CV, history or resume of the guy anywhere on the web? I’ve never found so little about a fellow written about so much. Who is Shane Davis, really, and why are the high priests and priestesses of fractivism, including the Delaware Riverkeeper and friends, so enthralled by a murdering, sadistic revolutionary? That’s the real question.

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5 thoughts on “Fractivism Is Love? No, It’s the Opposite.

  1. “How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.” Ronald Reagan

    I don’t understand why the Marxists don’t move someplace nice like China? The carbon and environmenal problems there are vastly larger than here and the philosophy / government seem to what they are seeking.

  2. Absolutely not ridiculous, this article is only the beginning to open the eyes of the Administration of this Government has done to this Country over the years with the connection it has with the United Nations. Thank you NG and EID for sharing this article. And for the rest of you, you may want to read over this link of the TPP Agreement before you start spouting off at the mouth:

  3. Excellent article, Tom. Marxists have infiltrated and taken over all of academia, most of the major foundations: Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc., the Democratic Party, the environmentalist movement, and now they are working on taking over even the churches with their ideology. It is time to ask all Americans to repudiate this irrational, immoral, redistributionist “Equality of Outcome” ideology that was responsible for the slaughter of over 100 million innocent human beings in the 20th century.

    For more insight into the Marxist take-over of the wealthy foundations, I recommend that every patriot read the book “Foundations of Betrayal: How the Liberal $uper-Rich Undermine America” by Phil Kent.

    One typo fix: From “Enersto Che Guevara” to “Ernesto Che Guevara

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