Food & Water Watch Whips Up Hysteria Over Mariner East 2

delaware riverkeeper - Jim Willis reports

Jim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


A recent problem with the Mariner East 2 pipeline—a sinkhole issue in an area typified by sinkholes—has given Food & Water Watch with an excuse for mischief.

A third sinkhole related to Mariner East 2 pipeline work and the uncovering (and subsequent shutdown) of the Mariner East 1 pipeline has some folks in Chester County, PA stirred up and rather grumpy. A group of some 150 anti-pipeline protesters (perhaps a better word is “mob”) gathered Saturday in Chester County near the sinkhole sites, carry signs and chanting but there’s more to the story.

Mariner East 2

Pennsylvania DCNR map illustrating sinkholes (green) and surface depressions (orange) in the Karst (carbonate bedrock) region of Chester County. Arrow indicates the location of sinkhole on Lisa Drive where Mariner East 2 crosses the Karst belt.

Did the protesters demand the DEP and Gov. Wolf force Sunoco Logistics Partners, the builder of ME2, to find a different route around a geography known for sinkholes for decades? No.

Did they demand the DEP and Gov. Wolf force Sunoco to slow down in an attempt to prevent any more sinkholes? No.

Did they demand the DEP and Gov. Wolf demand Sunoco come to the table to talk about how they will prevent any more issues in the area–and compensate properties near the sinkhole? No.

Their demand of Wolf: Shut it down, now. And keep it shut down. Cancel the entire multi-billion dollar ME2 project that is 93% complete. In other words, their demand is unreasonable, not realistic, not the way adults behave when they have disagreements and concerns.

Here’s some of the Delaware County Daily Times reporting:

More than 150 anti-pipeline demonstrators marched – while chanting and carrying protest signs – to the scene where three sinkholes have recently developed at the drilling site of the Sunoco Mariner East 2 pipeline.

Protesters chanted as they marched toward the site on Lisa Drive.

“Hey, hey, ho, ho ME2 has got to go,” they mouthed.

“Stop drilling, stop filling, leave our land alone,” the protesters sang out in unison…

Homemade signs read, “Putting the public back in public utilities,” “We demand clean water, our Constitutional rights,” “No ME2, Governor Wolf revoke the permits” and “Corporate fat cats destroying our quality of life.”

…Most of the right-of-way for the now-under-construction Sunoco Mariner East 2 pipeline runs through the right of-way for the 1930s Mariner East 1 pipeline. The pipeline crosses 350 miles – the full width of Pennsylvania –from the Marcellus Shale deposits in West Virginia, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania while carrying highly volatile liquids to the former Sunoco Refinery in Marcus Hook, Delaware County.

Carolyn Hughes and other speakers called for an immediate stop to drilling.

“A community is coming together to say this is enough,” Hughes said. “We as a community are united to say no more.

“(Chester County) is a high consequence area because of our dense population. I say look out Sunoco.”

At the site of the sinkholes, a small group of protesters donned hardhats with CPSI stenciled on the brim – Citizen Pipeline Safety Inspectors.

The faux inspectors watched as a backhoe dug just feet from the ME1 pipeline, with more than a dozen Sunoco workers legitimately wearing hard hats.

“Sunoco, the DEP and the governor are not keeping us safe, so the citizens have taken it upon ourselves to initiate a citizen-funded risk assessment in collaboration with Sen. Dinniman,” Speaker Ginny Marcille-Kerslake said.

Sam Rubin, mobilization organizer from the group Food and Water Watch, donned a helmet and inspected the sinkholes, and then said, “Gov. Wolf refuses to take safety measures. This project puts our homes, neighbors and schools at risk. We don’t have any more time to waste.”

…“This is not helping Pennsylvania in any way,” she said.

Parker also talked about the drop in real estate values for neighbors like her.

“If I drove by and saw all the construction people with hard hats and digging at properties, or the sinkholes, I’d think about another neighborhood,” she said about prospective home buyers…

And, a homeowner whose back yard is affected by one of the sinkholes calls Sunoco’s actions, “crazy,” according to anti-gas shill StateImpactPA:

Lisa Drive resident T.J. Allen’s backyard is dominated by a fenced enclosure which he says contains two sinkholes. About 10 feet from his house, another hole surrounded by orange fencing had been filled with concrete by Sunoco in an attempt to protect Mariner East 1 from the sinkholes a few feet away, Allen said.

The combination of sinkholes and a pipeline from the 1930s, which is when Mariner East 1 was built, makes Allen fear for his safety and that of his 72-year-old mother, who lives with him.

“They put us all in danger, didn’t evacuate us, didn’t even tell me, didn’t knock on our door,” said Allen, 46, an independent construction contractor. “It’s crazy, man.”

Allen said he’s ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

“It feels as though at any minute I might have to run out my house and get my valuables together,” he said. “I have a go bag in there with my medication, my mom’s medication, my deed, everything.”

Sunoco spokesman Jeff Shields said there are only three holes, all of which have been grouted and secured.

Shields rejected complaints from some residents who say that people are asked to leave the area where Sunoco and its contractors are working.

The suspension of Mariner East 1 operations for an estimated 10-14 days will allow Sunoco to show that the pipeline is safe, as it has been since it was built, Shields said.

“This period should allow us to share what our professional geologist has established to date – that the Mariner East 1 pipeline is stable, is located in suitably safe geology, and will continue to operate safely as it has done for decades,” Shields said in a statement.

He said the company has no reports of structural damage to homes on Lisa Drive…

Editor’s Note: Notice the map above, which shows, just as Jim pointed out, there are sinkholes throughout the area. They’re common; so common Pennsylvania DCNR has published a booklet on the subject stating “the formation of sinkholes is part of the natural weathering process and that this process has worked on the limestone bedrock over a very long period of time.” It also notes “subsidence can also occur as a result of under­ ground mining, excessive pumping of groundwater, or subsurface erosion due to the failure of existing utility lines.” The vulnerable areas are illustrated in blue on this map from the report (Chester County highlighted in yellow):

Mariner East 2

Carbonate bedrock areas of Pennsylvania

As the DCNR report indicates, sinkholes can be caused by discharging water from rain gutters, stormwater detention basins, storm sewers, water line leaks, drilling water wells, or construction of almost any kind. There’s nothing unique about pipelines in this regard. Here’s more from DCNR:

It is important to remember that a sink­ hole is nothing more than a large natural drain that has suddenly opened. For a sinkhole to occur there has to be some other opening in the subsur­face to accept the lost material, and there needs to be some medium to move the material into that opening; this is commonly water. When initiat­ing a repair, the objectives are to stop loose material from movng down into the drain and then to remove the triggering mechanism.

DCNR explains that “sinkholes often affect utility lines” and provide this helpful photo showing how “the void between the exposed bedrock has been filled with concrete to provide a stable base for additional backfill materials and for the overlying utility pipelines.”

Mariner East 2This is, apparently, exactly what the Mariner East 2 contractors did in response to the sinkhole in question to protect the existing pipeline the Mariner East 2 parallels. So, the companies involved have reacted to a common problem in the vicinity in a normal precautionary way. 

The hysteria suggesting there has been something highly unusual and threatening happening has been been whipped up by politicians, wanna-be politicians and especially, Food & Water Watch. Check out this post and this one for more on who Food & Water Watch really is and what they’re about; its anything but food or water. They’re extremist special interests financed largely by dark money who prey about situations such as Mariner East 2 finds itself in.

This is not to absolve the company of fault if they’ve failed to properly train and supervise their contractors or anything else, but, clearly, this latest sinkhole is not an appropriate excuse for ending the project, nor will it have any impacts on property values given the existence of the older pipeline and common nature of sinkholes in pricey Chester County. No, Food & Water Watch is an opportunistic leech jumping on a relatively minor incident to advance its own extremist agenda and pad its wallet

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5 thoughts on “Food & Water Watch Whips Up Hysteria Over Mariner East 2

  1. Citizens need to protect themselves since the DEP is not doing enough to protect us;
    Citizens need to bring attention to the harms of this Industry and save our beautiful State:

    here is the latest I found today and wrote about;

    Cabot is up to 672 DEP Violations since 2006; why are they still allowed to operate?

    what kind of protection is this? and the violations including casing failures are still happening up to this year of 2018…

    check out the Violation list for Cabot….called Compliance Report on DEP Site..

    557 DEP permits issued so far for this year of 2018 of conventional and uncoventional wells..
    see link and chart: 45 issued for Susquehanna County:

    DEP keeps issuing permits for companies with hundreds of Violations…why?
    do they think the Earth can heal itself no matter what humans do to it?

    Vera Scroggins
    Citizens for Clean Water
    Susquehanna County, Pa.

  2. I live next to this road shown on the map and have driven it for 16 years. It’s laughable to imagine that a normal limestone solution sinkhole could cause any harm or issue for a pipeline project of this calibre and top-flight engineering team. The entire length of route 30 Lancaster Pike is nestled in a long trough of limestone; most of the buildings along this Conestoga Road and Kings Highway run atop the limestone formation. Citizens protesting a sink hole in limestone have too much time on their hands.

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  4. What a waste of time. FERC, Sunoco, the PA Legislature, the courts and the energy
    lobbyists will overcome any issues raised by Marcille-Kerslake-arranged protests or anyone else’s. Protestors are trying to shut the
    barn door after the cows left long long ago. There are hundreds of
    thousands of miles of gas and oil pipelines around the world moving
    billions of BTUs every day without significant issues. This reeks of
    just another “Not In My Backyard” parochial end around. The world does not
    revolve around neighborhoods and the Sun doesn’t revolve around the World.

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