Food & Water Watch Scrambles As Stevens Blows Its Cover

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Food & Water Watch, now apparently representing Craig Stevens to protect themselves, is exposed along with the total lie that has been the Dimock narrative.

I’m going to need a much bigger blog…

Yes, following the hearings yesterday in Montrose and the big news about Food & Water Watch and Catskill Mountainkeeper funding Craig Stevens, his deposition by Cabot, which was made a part of the court record, was published by FrackNation. It is such fascinating reading that it’s going to take 2-3 posts to discuss it and all its implications. Suffice it to say it proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, the entire Dimock narrative as spun by fractivists, with the aid of a compromised press, has been a dirty lie.

food & water watch

Ray Kemble and Craig Stevens

The transcript, a highlighted version of which may be found here, reveals six big things every person interested in the truth needs to know:

  1. Ray Kemble has been the hapless victim of his friends, their manipulators and their funders.
  2. True believer Bill Huston, who has attached himself to what he thought was a noble cause, has also been a victim of these people, as well as his own delusions of grandeur.
  3. Craig Steven has been a victim of his own considerable ability to do the sales hustle.
  4. Trial lawyers have been trying for years to leverage Dimock to make it rain high-payout lawsuits and haven’t cared who they’ve had use to get what they want.
  5. Fractivist groups such as Food & Water Watch and Catskill Mountainkeeper have coordinated with each other and trial lawyers to frame the false Dimock narrative using stooges only too willing to be used.
  6. The entire enterprise has been purchased with huge dark money donations from wealthy elites.

There’s so much to discuss from the deposition transcript, and it has to be read in its entirety to fully appreciate the points made above. Stevens repeatedly reversed himself during the deposition as evidence came forward from Cabot proving what he had earlier said just wasn’t so. Therefore, unless you read it all, you won’t appreciate how hard he worked to avoid disclosing who his enablers were. One also needs to bear in mind he appears to have been represented by legal counsel offered by either Food & Water Watch or Catskill Mountainkeeper during the proceedings (emphasis added):

Q. Your attorney did not instruct you to answer — did not not instruct you to answer that. Communication with Food & Water Watch or Catskill is not privileged. Did someone from Food & Water Watch or Catskill tell you that they would pay for an attorney for you?

A. I have been offered assistance, yes.

Q. Who offered you assistance?

A. Well, both but…

Q. So both Food & Water Watch and Catskill said they would pay for an attorney for you?

A. They would help me secure legal help, yes.

So, why would these two organizations be willing to pony up to hire Posey & Lebowitz, hot shot trial attorneys from D.C., if that’s, in fact, how it went down? Well, that came out loud and clear in the questioning of Stevens about his business called Clean Life Systems:

Q. Did you ever do any consulting for Food & Water Watch — well, did Clean Life Systems ever do any consulting for Food & Water Watch?

A. No, my — Catskill Mountainkeeper is the one that I’m working through…

Q. Okay. And was Clean Life Systems ever paid by Food & Water Watch?

A. If anything, got maybe some travel money or something for going to a location, but not — not the same as the relationship with Catskill Mountainkeeper.

Q. Okay. So if my understanding is correct, Food & Water Watch, if I understand what you said, Food & Water Watch may have paid you travel reimbursement, but they weren’t paying you, like, consulting fees?

A. Correct…

Q. Well, does Mountainkeeper give you a 1099?

A. Do they give me a 1099?

Q. Mh-hum.

A. Yes.

Q. Have you ever received a 1099 from Food & Water Watch?

A. Not that I know of, no.

Q. Okay.

A. I believe there’s a — there’s a maximum amount — I don’t — I believe there’s a maximum amount needed to be given before a 1099 is generated and if anything was done, it was below that number…

Q. Okay. And just back so when I talk about payments, like for example, Number 30, Produce all documents that refer or relate or reflect payments to you from Food & Water Watch. Has — let me –just to make sure. Has Food & Water Watch ever made any payments to Clean Life Systems other than what you said was travel reimbursement?

A. Not that I recall

Q. And if I understand you correctly, the only payments that Clean Life System would have made to Mr. Kemble would have been for things like between friends that were, like, under $20?

A. If it’s a payment it was for something that we were — he was working on for me or doing something like that, so if it’s just — yes, back and forth would be low dollars…

Q. Okay. Let me back this up. When I asked you earlier if you had paid Mr. Kemble any money, you said, no, nothing other than like $20 among friends?

A. That was loaning back and forth, but paying $500 a week to deliver water was a totally different — he was delivering water — replacement water, so I didn’t correlate the two on what I was saying. I — when we were talking about money back and forth between friends, that was not between friends. He was doing a service, I paid him $500 a week to do it so I didn’t understand earlier that we were extrapolating it to the water delivery.

Q. Okay. Earlier when I asked about any payments to Mr. Kemble we included payments for services and you said like payments when he fixed your truck and then you said loans back and forth, exchanges, and you never mentioned paying for water deliveries, but now you’re saying you paid him actually 500 a month?

A. A week.

Q. Oh, 500 a week?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay.

A. The expenses alone were probably half of that in gas and things.

Q. Okay. And were you using your own money to pay for that —

A. Yes

Q. Okay. So they — so at that point were you still paying — were you still paying in 2013 and ’14 Mr. Kemble to deliver water to them?

A. It became more of — of a group effort because they didn’t want me to continue doing it, so someone would pitch in for gas, the local neighbors were doing that.

Q. Oh, local neighbors?

A. Yes. They paid their own expenses, the Franklin Forks people, the gasoline, and we had to figure out the water bill and things like that.

Q. Okay. So let me — and when you said they didn’t want you doing that anymore, who is “they”?

A. The local neighbors realizing that I was basically footing the bill for a couple years there.

Q. So the local neighbors realized that you were footing the bill?

A. Mh-hum.

Q. Okay. And they decided they didn’t want you to have to pay anymore so they were going to —

A. I couldn’t continue, so they — they — you know, I just told them I can’t continue doing it so, of course, other people started to step up. It’s amazing what happens when you set an example for people to do the right thing, so they did it.

Q. And if I’m understanding you correctly, you were not receiving assistance from any other organization to pay Mr. Kemble that 500 a month, correct?

A. Not organizations, people, I was getting — starting to get donations from all over the Northeast, people were sending me some money to — towards the truck, it all went towards the truck expense, but not organizations to speak of, it was individuals

5 Q. Did Food & Water Watch ever pay the water bill?

A. No, I’ve paid the water bill or we did locally who paid the water bill since it’s been installed. My name is on it, they send me the bill.

Q. Did Food & Water Watch ever reimburse you for the water bill?

A. Not — not reimbursing for anything really, they’re — the main reimbursements were coming from either the local community or people from New York State. So there was no water bill reimbursement except for the cash or checks that came in

Q. Okay. But just so I’m clear, Frack Action never — when I say you, Frack Action never made any payments to Clean Life Systems?

A. No, I — not that I recall. Nobody from groups really, it was individuals that I was getting the checks from…

Q. Okay. So if my notes are correct, since 2009, you have been pretty much full-time dedicated to the Clean Life Systems as far as the air — marketing and consulting for the air and water treatment, correct?

A. 2000- — yeah, so 2009, that was my primary, yes.

Q. Okay. And did that change — so you said you started doing some other type of consulting as well with respect to property and — property rights and I think you said contamination from pipelines, correct?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. When did that type of consulting work start?

A. Well, after the — well, I didn’t consult for anybody, I did it on my own because I had a pipeline right-of-way and a gas lease so, as you know, you guys are in the business of giving people some good money for giving their — giving their property, so I got quite a bit of money from the gas lease and the — not a ton, but enough money where I was self-supportive and was able to go out and kind of do my own thing.

Q. And when did you start doing the consulting for property rights and the pipeline type of work?

A. Almost immediately moving there because my —

Q. Well, I mean consulting for — being paid by people for it?

A. Oh, well, it started off, as I said earlier, that people would give gas money or put you up somewhere because you are coming to the area. So it wasn’t really financial, but then it became where I was asked to go to different places, more places, so that became having to ask for more than just expenses. So I would say that was probably 2015 — I mean it’s 2014, 2015, probably.

Q. Okay. And in that time period I think if my — if I’m remembering correctly, you said that you were doing that consulting for Catskill Mountainkeeper?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. And did you have a set, like, consulting amount per month, was it based on how many times you would go out and do things, how did — how was that arrangement?

A. It became pretty steady working with that and just in my business also on the side, but it was basically a monthly that I would mail them an invoice for.

Q. Okay. So you would actually send them an invoice for the — the work that you did —

A. In a month.

Q. — correct?

A. Yes, just month to month.

Q. Okay. And what was the — in 2014, what was the monthly, like, an average monthly for an invoice?

A. Is that —

MR. POSEY: I’m going to object. You can answer if you know.

THE WITNESS: It’s private financial record, I’m not really interested in sharing with everybody.


Q. I understand you’re not, but we’re at a deposition and it’s a discovery deposition, so what was the average monthly in 2014?

A. About $4,000

Do you know Wenonah Hauter?

A. What’s the last name?

Q. Hauter?

A. No.

Q. Hauter?

A. Oh, Hauter, yes.

Q. Okay. And how do you know her?

A. She’s the director of Food & Water Watch.

Q. Have you any — ever done any consulting for her that you were paid for?

A. No, I’m — no, it was Catskill Mountainkeeper is the one that does it, but I’ve done work with them and, as I said, got compensation for expenses

Q. And one of the answers that you gave, you stated, Well, here is the interesting thing, when I moved here there were about 50 people that would show up at public meetings to discuss their firsthand experiences. These were people from Dimock, PA and other surrounding areas. Besides that, there really was no collective organization — organizing in Northeast Pennsylvania, but we found that by telling our stories we brought the interest of organizations like New Yorkers Against Fracking and Mark Ruffalo’s group Water Defense, they started to adopt us. What did you mean when you said “they started to adopt us”?

A. Just becoming interested, they had no idea, but they had a big interest in finding out what was planned to be brought to New York. So “adopting” means coming to find out firsthand and then that’s what I understand, that’s what I was putting in there, was adopting us like becoming interested enough to start sending people to see what was happening…

Q. Okay. And it’s — you talk about — you said I took — I was meant to take these stories further out, I took them to all these state houses; North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Ohio. In taking those stories out and in talking about them, is that part of the consulting you were doing and being paid for by Catskill Mountainkeeper?

A. No, that award was in 2015, so I was talking about prior to that where I was basically self funded.

Q. Okay.

A. Between ’10 and probably ’13 or ’14.

Q. Now, when you’re out, in speaking and talking about, you know, water issues and things like that, are you — is that what you would define as your consulting work for Catskill Mountainkeeper?

Q. No, I understand, that. I’m just trying to figure out, you had mentioned you were receiving like 4,000 a month from them on average, so I was trying to figure out what — what you provide them for that money?

A. Going out and educational outreach is what I call it, educating people as to what to expect when this shows up, good or bad. I mean, I have landowners that actually want to know. Some of them want to move forward with it. So I just let them know what — I have personal experience, I call it educational outreach.

Q. Okay. And does that include going and meeting with, like, the different people and the people that you met with down in Florida, things like that, is that part of it?

A. Well, yes, there are already people who are concerned about things and you come down and educate them and then they do with that information whatever they want…

Q. Okay. Okay. Earlier I had asked you about Julia Walsh and you said you had never received any payments from her, either you or Clean Life Systems, that you’ve never received any payments from Julia Walsh, correct?

A. I — if — yes, that’s — that’s what I said.

Q. And that in her organization, Frack Action, you said you’ve also never received any payments from them, correct?

A. Not that I can remember, no.

Q. Okay. Have you ever received any payments from Mark Ruffalo or Water Defense Fund, you or CLS?

A. I’m not sure if that was part of the water truck. Possibly from the water truck.

Q. What do you mean from the water truck?

A. For the water truck, for water delivery and truck. So I’m just trying to remember if I got something from Water Defense.

Q. I’m confused, I thought you said you used your own money to pay for that?

A. No, I’m talking about expenses once it kept going after it was going for a while. So that’s when I might have gotten help from that. That was part of the money that came in from out of state

Q. Okay. Now, when we were talking about this earlier you didn’t mention that, that you were getting this money from groups. Is this something you’re just remembering now or how is this coming up?

A. I — it — like I said, it’s five years ago, six years ago, so I’m just trying to remember it here, I don’t have the documentation in front of me. But as — I’ve been honest and forthright here and I asked everything — or answer everything with you, I hope you’re taking into consideration we’re talking five or six years ago. So if you have some different information, I’ll be glad to corroborate it if — if we’ve got it, but it’s a long time ago and I’m just trying to help…

Q. Okay. Now, earlier when we were talking about the consulting payments that you were receiving you said you were receiving them from Catskill Mountainkeeper and you said you had never received any from Frack Action or Julia Walsh or Food & Water Watch, correct?

A. Yes, but I’m just — like I said, I’m trying to recall so I’d have to look at my records to see exactly where any payments came from before Catskill Mountainkeepers. I didn’t bring those, I brought my total financials but not my individual line item.

Q. Right. Are you saying now that you think you remember getting paid from Food & Water Watch?

A. I would have to look and see, but there is a possibility that there was some monetary and I’m not sure who from and then we co-mingled the truck information, which is separate from that, that wasn’t for anything I’m doing now. So I’m not positive, I’d have to — I’d have to review.

Q. Right. You had said — I think you — I believe you said specifically you weren’t getting consulting payments from them, but you were getting payments for travel from Food & Water Watch, correct?

A. I know I got travel expenses, yes.

Q. Okay. Are you changing your testimony now to say that you received consulting from them as well?

A. I have to look to see because the time frame was if there was any, it was short before Catskill Mountainkeeper. So I just have to — I’d have to look to see. I — I’m not positive.

Q. Food & Water Watch was paying you, correct? They were paying you thousands of dollars a month, correct?

A. I —

MR. POSEY: Objection. Asked and answered.


Q. You’re under oath, Mr. Stevens.

MR. POSEY: Objection. You can answer if you know.

THE WITNESS: Yeah, I mean, there was a transition period where it went from getting expenses and then it went to Catskill Mountainkeeper, but I’m not sure there was some payments then that I’m — now that you’re bringing it up, that was between the expense money and Catskill Mountainkeepers, but it’s been Catskill Mountainkeepers basically for the last few years.

Q. And the reason it’s Catskill Mountainkeepers is because Food & Water Watch was trying to hide the fact that they were paying you and so they are now paying Catskill Mountainkeepers who then funnels the money to you, correct?

A. Well, I don’t —

MR. POSEY: Objection. You can answer ifyou know.

THE WITNESS: I don’t know that that’s happening. I know that it’s a group of — it’s a group of the groups, not specifically one that I know of, but I know I invoice Catskill Mountainkeeper and they send me the money. So where that comes from on the other end of the funnel, I’m not positive.

Q. So when you say a group of the groups, what are you talking about?

A. Well, there was a larger amount of groups, I mean, from what I understand. So it’s more than one group in the Catskill Mountainkeepers is — is basically the one that I invoice for…

Q. So you invoice, but you know that there are larger groups that are contributing to them to pay you, correct?

A. I haven’t heard exactly, but I know that’s a possibility.

Q. What do you mean you haven’t heard exactly?

A. I don’t know exactly where the funds come from, except for when I send an invoice to Catskill Mountainkeepers, that’s where the check comes from, so…


Q. Okay. Mr. Stevens, I’m handing you what’s been marked for identification purposes as Cabot Exhibit 14. Okay. This is a series of checks from Food & Water Watch to you to Clean Life Systems, November, December of ’13, January of ’14, February 14 of ’14, March of ’14, May of ’14, June of ’14, and August of ’14.

The payment January 1st of 2013 was $3,000, it was page 1 and at the bottom it references a Food 18 & Water Watch contract; do you see that?

A. Which one?


Q. Page 1, the very first page, there’s a check from Food & Water Watch to Clean — to Craig L. Stevens that you deposited in Clean Life Systems, dated November 22nd, 2013 in the amount of $3,000 and it references a Food & Water Watch contract; do you see that?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. Earlier —

A. Where do I read this?

Q. Food & Water Watch contract is down in the memo line.

A. Okay. Got it.

Q. Okay. Now, earlier I’d asked you if you had a contract with Food & Water Watch, you said no?

A. I — yeah, I didn’t realize that there was a contracted — that I was sending them — okay. So I was wrong earlier.

Q. So you do have a contract with Food & Water Watch?

A. I don’t — I don’t now. I think this is, what, seven or eight months, I said there was a transition, but I didn’t realize. I didn’t have a chance to pull information here

And, so it went as Stevens admitted receiving several thousands of dollars per month from either Food & Water Watch or Catskill Mountainkeeper on their behalf, the latter even noting that fact in the memo lines of their checks to Stevens. He also admitted Food & Water Watch had initiated the whole thing. It was all a secret scam conceived and financed through Food & Water Watch with dark money raised through donor-advised funds, coming directly or indirectly  from the likes of Google guy Eric Schmidt who is also closely connected with the Rockefeller family’s NRDC gang of which the Mountainkeeper is but a subsidiary.

There’s been a whole lot of deceit talking place that virtually no one in the press is investigating, let alone reporting. It is a major scandal obscured by the political correctness, laziness and cowardice of modern media, but we’ll be back tomorrow to spell out more of it.

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75 thoughts on “Food & Water Watch Scrambles As Stevens Blows Its Cover

  1. Tom, your imagination knows no bounds…
    There is no evidence here that the “Narrative” of the water contamination issues in Dimock is a lie or fabricated..
    The issues are real and any consulting Craig did was to inform groups and legislators in various States about the dangers and harms of this Gas Industry.
    That is not a crime..
    and because the “Narrative” doesn’t agree with your pro-gas stance, doesn’t make it a lie, or that “dark money” is involved.

    Money was used to maintain a water truck in Dimock and was used to deliver water at various times to various families in Dimock and Franklin Forks…
    This is not a crime or lie of any kind except in your “dark” mind.

    Keep searching for dirt. When all you have to do is read the water test reports and DEP Determinations that Cabot is the guilty one in contaminating our water wells and Cabot is still delivering water for years to families and maintaining filtration systems for families for years and testing bi-weekly in the 9 sq. mile banned area to see if the methane levels ever will come down to pre-drill levels below the 7 mg/l or lower…..

    Cabot is the culprit here and one hiding from the public the damages and harms they have and continue to inflict on our residents and land and earth.

    Cabot has silenced dozens in our counties to keep this “dark” information from entering the public domain with their settlements and non-disclosures, gag orders and non-disparagement agreements…

    This information will come forth as Discovery, depositions, subpoenas develop and are delivered to all the players in the Cabot circles…with the new attorneys that will come forth…

      • “I’ve read the Federal and DEP reports from 2017 that you refuse to discuss.”

        Did Cabot pollute the water supply in Dimock Tom?

        It’s a simple question and the heart of this matter.

        Will yo finally answer?

        • Jan, did you read the 2 Nov 2011 Letter to the Editor in Public Opinion from Mike Krancer, Secretary of the PA DEP? Here’s the text:

          “Your newspaper’s Oct 21 editorial, “DEP decision on Dimock water was premature” ignores the reality that our decision was governed by the facts and the law.

          We were guided by a legal agreement dating to the previous administration. Its terms have nothing to do with fear or emotion, or the timetable of the citizens’ pending lawsuits in other arenas. Importantly, all who are part of that agreement and who want a water treatment system for their well can have one, and many residents already do.

          That agreement also required Cabot to satisfy specific water quality provision obligations and meet certain requirements before they could stop providing water. Cabot satisfied those requirements, and the law, in turn, required DEP to follow its obligations – – which we have done.

          The real issue here is not safety, it’s about a very vocal minority of Dimock residents who continue to demand that taxpayers should foot the bill for a nearly $12 million public water line along Route 29 to serve about a dozen homes. This issue has, and continues to, pit neighbor against neighbor in Dimock.”

          So by Nov 2011 Cabot had satisfied all the requirements DEP established in the 15 Dec 2010 Consent Order and Settlement Agreement Order. Clear enough for you?

          Cabot messed up the water, got fined, paid for water treatment systems, plugged wells, did everything the DEP required from an engineering standpoint, and there have been four DEP Water Quality Determination letters issued in Dimmock since 2011. Sounds to me like the water problems created by Cabot have been fixed.

          Of course we know that the ground water quality in PA isn’t that good: have you stopped by Salt Springs State Park on your many trips to Susquehanna County? It’s 12 miles north of the Dimock/Carter Road Area.

          • Super – thanks for actually answering.

            I hear you say yes – Cabot polluted the aquifer, but they met DEP’s requirements and were allowed to stop bringing water to the families whose water they polluted.

            May I ask .. when Cabot stopped bringing water, how many homes had water wells still polluted by Cabot?

            As for today’s situation, ask Ken Morcom if Cabot fracking pollutes drinking water:

          • Barry – I do thank you for admitting Cabot polluted the aquifer in Dimock. Many/most of you can not get that far.

        • He won’t answer;
          Doesn’t want to be on record.
          Dimock wasn’t the only town polluted.
          Check out Lenox and Springville in my county.
          And Cabot is not the only polluter.
          Check out the DEP charges against SWN, Chief and others in my county.
          Check out new families with water issues,
          like Ken Morcom and Kim Grosso still getting water from Cabot for six years and with three water buffaloes for their household and pig farm
          and DEP has determined Cabot polluted their water. I saw the water right from the beginning. They gave me a jar of dark brown water from the tap…They still can’t use their water after nearby fracking in their Dimock township.
          Cabot still can’t enter the 9 sq. mile banned area since 2010 since the methane is too high in a number of the water wells, like up to 83 mg./liter and I have the water tests to prove it…
          tested by Cabot themselves.

          • All we see from you is rumor and innuendo. Please provide access to, or links to, your data. The individual names do not appear in the DEP inspections data base: I can’t cross-reference unless I’ve got the site ID or name of the well pad or a permit number.

            “They gave me a jar of dark brown water from the tap”: When? Where? Who?

            “Cabot still can’t enter . . . ” then who finished the work on A&M Hibbard 2H, A&M Hibbard 4, Ely 1H, Baker 3, Gesford 4, Gesford 8H NW, and the other wells as directed in the DEP-Cabot Consent Order?

            And speaking of “still can’t enter”, how about Case Number 2013-1303 CP, Motion for Civil Contempt, ” Despite knowing of the existence of an Order preventing her from continuing to trespass onto Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation (“Cabot”) leased property, and despite subsequently being found in contempt of that Order because she trespassed, Defendant Vera Scroggins (“Ms. Scroggins”) continues her pattern of illegal behavior. On November 28, 2017, Ms. Scroggins again trespassed on a Cabot-leased property in violation of the Order” and then there’s

            “Indeed, upon the review of this Court’s record, the Pennsylvania Superior Court found that Ms. Scroggins trespassed onto Cabot’s well sites “approximately twelve times,” during which “she ignored posted restricted access/no trespassing signs, attempted to interfere with [Cabot’s] operations, created a safety hazard to personnel and operations, examined and videotaped equipment, impeded truck access to the sites, and had to be escorted off these locations by on-site personnel.”

    • Vera, your friends lie, misrepresent reality and their own expertise or knowledge and they do so at ferc hearings, city council hearings, community board meetings, pipeline instructional meetings for the public, before state bodies, federal bodies, on Twitter and social media and there is plenty of evidence in the news that they have done so.

      • I’d really like to ask all of you, including you Karen, if you are aware that Cabot polluted the aquifer in Dimock.

        I’ll ask here and any can answer if they have the guts.

        • Jan are you aware that catskillmountainkeeper, food and water watch, Bruce Ferguson, Josh Fox and others claimed a proposed lng import project slated for offshore of long island was really a project about fracking and export and that Craig Stevens testified in a hearing in long island saying as much back in 2013?

          • Yes – I am aware of that Karen, I think you have been repeating the same things for 3-4 years.

            You called me on the phone over it, remember?

            Can you answer my question please? Thanks.

          • “How did the benzene and toluene get in his water before drilling Jan ??”

            Neither at appreciable levels the predrill testing. Do you have evidence otherwise? POst it!

          • So Jan is saying that carcinogens are ok in drinking water as long as they are not “appreciable levels.”
            So she lied when she said no hydrocarbons in the water. She could have been truthful and said benzene and toluene present but not at appreciable levels…instead she lied.

  2. Tom, your investigative work has bearing fruit for some time, but now you are harvesting a whole grove of information about the invisible war being waged by several interlocking environmental activists.

    Where are the so-called investigative reporters when they are needed?

    Your allies owe you a big round of applause. Great work, Tom.

      • Great example of how the gas and oil industry hired the federal government to smear anyone who opposes them.

        I don’t get why it would be wrong for some activists to do so for a living, but OK for PR hacks for the gas industry to get paid to lie in service to corporate profits???

        • The old and tired conspiracy theory. Boring nonetheless. Why did Kemble, Stevens, et al. HIDE the fact that Food and Water Watch and the Catskill Mountainkeeper were paying them $5,000 / month? Because it blows the lie out of the water that these are just plain folks and this is a “grassroots” movement. David vs. Goliath. This plays well to the masses who, by and large, are gullible and easily played. Like Andrew Cuomo. These groups have millions of dollars in their war chests dedicated to crippling America’s ability to stay off of mid east oil and gas and stealing land from impoverished farmers and landowners not to mention driving up the cost of energy of people just trying to make ends meet. Here’s an excellent op – ed written by Tom a few years back entailing how blue bloods are predators – And you, Hopeforpeace or whatever the alter de jour is, are one of the sheep who are being used by these billionaire foundations as has Kemble and Stevens. You all comprise an enterprise that has brought financial pain and misery to many people that was financed by billionaires by using “climate change” and end of the world scenarios to drive an agenda. It looks like the wheels are slowly coming off the train……

          • “The old and tired conspiracy theory.”
            Hilarious – dude – what is Tom posting here – a huge conspiracy theory.

            “Kemble, Stevens, et al. HIDE the fact that Food and Water Watch and the Catskill Mountainkeeper were paying them $5,000 / month? ”

            Tom hides who pays him .. does that make him evil in your eyes?

            Ray Kemble was not getting 5K a month – except possible to reimburse him for costs of bringing water to people who had none and to cover some of his expenses and try and keep him in his home.

            When a corporation tells you the people they polluted are all lying – doesn’t that put up some flags for you?


            ” Cabot’s investigation, as well as investigations by third parties, determined that our development activities were not the source of the methane gas reported to be in groundwater and water wells in and around Dimock and Springville townships.”
            (Big Lie)



    hhhm. well I wonder if anyone was paying Craig Stevens when he appeared at this meeting on the port Ambrose lng import project with this amazing whopper that it was actually going to be for export. of course food and water watch claimed this for years as well and catskill mountainkeeper was also involved.

    Never seen people as willing to lie in any moment possible as the people in the antifracking pipeline resistance movement.

  4. The bottom line is that all these 501(C)(3) “non -profit” environmental groups need to be vigorously investigated along with their billionaire foundation benefactors. Rumors of the Russians being involved by giving money to these groups should also be chased down as the Russians have a lot to lose due to America’s fracking success. I hope the folks involved get their just punishment for influencing Cuomo to ban drilling in NY. The severe financial damage incurred by NY farmers and landowners due to the disgusting greed of Stevens, et Al. and the image damage to the little town of Dimock needs to be rectified.

    • The bottom line actually is that the vast majority of people who want to get the truth out there about fracking and the danger of the planned global fossil fuel future – are not paid.

      I’m still not clear on how reimbursing travel costs etc is “getting paid”.

      The gas and oil industry has a decades long campaign to paint all of these victims and their supporters as evil people. Liars, money grubbing lawsuit happy America haters. Tom and McAleer have played a great role in lying to people about this .. in service to a profit driven interest and destroying families all along the way.

      • Actually these defendants are probably only the tip of the iceberg. The question that begs asking is how many other Craig Stevens are running around the country insisting that fracking MUST be risk free? These billionaire foundations – are bottomless money pits and can easily afford an army of paid landowner mineral right assassins. The Rockefellers, the Heinz family, Park Foundation, Tides Foundation, etc, etc are behind this effort to cripple our nation’s ability to stay off of mid east oil and gas. The Russians also have a vested interest as well in killing fracking.

        • It’s really hard for you to understand that some people find clean water more important than profits. I know.

          You support an industry that makes billions while ruining families they pollute – communities they ruin, like 8 Mile. If you think green groups are the big bad guys beating up on poor little gas and oil industry, you have bought a pile of propaganda.

          The best way to depower the middle east and Russia is switch the world off fossil fuels now.

        • “Actually these defendants are probably only the tip of the iceberg.”

          Unlike you, I’ve been on the inside of the antifracking movement for the past 5 years.

          Almost no one is paid. I made a film all on my own because I could not get grants or funding. A few people are paid to organize as their job – other than that the vast majority give their time and money to something they care about.

          If it was easy to get funding, I would have.

          There are no “paid actors” (Stark)… these people are pulling your leg.

          • “Almost no one is paid”. Really? Ray, Craig, Bill Huston, et al. have been using that line for almost a decade. No way of knowing how many more Rays, Craigs, and Willies are running around the country spewing the same LIE. This Senate report says that billions are being used to try and derail nat gas – Somebody is scarfing up those billions of dollars. Maybe you care to explain why the NY Times, The Washington Post and hundreds of other major papers seemed to not publish or release the aforementioned Senate report even though it was released to the media on July 31, 2014? This attempt to kill drilling is being driven by these papers.

  5. Who remembers


    I hope Mr. Shepstone, that this information is sent to the IRS and revelant state tax agencies so as to cross reference 1040s. These paid activist promised that drilling would never come to NY at a pro-gas event held at west middle school in or about 2010 held by the JLCNY. It now appears they were willing to do or say anything to keep that promise, so now we are left to wonder if they reported that scrupulous income they used to harm NY PROPERTY OWNERS.
    It would also seem to me that Mark Ruffalo, should also be held accountable in a deposition. What of Sandra Stiengrabber, Anthony Ingraffea, and others, we want to know how much they were paid to scare little old ladies and college kids

  6. It’s likely Phelim got this transcript directly from Cabot.
    Can you confirm how Phelim got his copy? Stevens does not even have a copy yet.

    In Fracknation Phelim uses clips of a deposition he could have only gotten from the operator Range. Only Range lawyers and the victims had access to the film. Phelim – much like you – only forwards the position of the operator who polluted the water…which is always “we did not do it”. Though in both cases isotopic testing shows they did.

    These operators who pollute people’s water, then attack their victims when they tell the truth that gas related extraction polluted their water have to have PR hacks like you to forward their lies. Paid to – as you admitted to me when we met.

    Tom, did Cabot pollute the aquifer in Dimock?

    After three years of me asking, could you finally answer?

      • I spent 4 years making a film about these victims – my partner and myself paid for the entire thing. Now all the funds from the film will go to the victims and 20% to any group who puts on a film.

        In reality it’s almost impossible to get funding, I tried – could not get one grant. While Tom plays foolery and tells you we are all making bank on this – in reality nearly everyone involved give their time and money freely to help people they acre about (OH THE HUMANITY.. how EVIL we are to care for our neighbors!)

        These are real pollution victims. You have been trained by corporate PR people that these victims are all liars – all paid actors.

        I really wish you could understand the damage Cabot has done to their own victims and how horrific it is that through lies they trick and fool people so that you become complicit in the harm.

        One reasons = profits. The gas industry can’t have the public know the damage they do.
        This year all will know.

        • Hope For Peace, AKA, Jan lemas, is it legal for one to publish videos publicly of one violating a confidential agreement when one knows about that agreement ?? Wouldn’t that make you an accessory to violating that agreement ?? Also can you tell us how much monetary gains you have gotten from those videos ??

          • Personally I don’t believe it should be legal to take freedom of speech rights from victims of water pollution. If a victim wanted their story published I would risk jail to get that story out.

            Because of these ndas we are unable to know how many cases of water pollution have occurred and science is stopped on those water wells.

            If these water pollution victims agree to never speak of the pollution – they can get clean water.

            If they do not agree they will get no clean water.

            That is legal = is it moral?

            I stood in front of Cabot’s building on the public part of the road filming. Cabot turned me in to the state police for criminal trespassing. That was legal – was it moral?

            I’ve spent about 50-60K over the past 4 years of my own money researching these stories.

            I once was paid back for one plane trip by a victim, and once I made like $400 doing some video editing for an antifracking group.

            I worked very hard trying to get funding, could get ZERO. Tom is pulling everyone’s leg here painting activists are well paid. It’s actually comical.

            Look at my youtube – no ads.

    • Jan,

      Are you so unaware as to not realize the deposition was admitted into the public record by the court with no objections from counsel? It’s a public document. End of story!

      • Tom,

        Are you so unaware as to not realize Stevens did not have counsel?

        End of story? Oh baby – I’m just getting started. That crap Phelim pulled in Fracknation w/ the deposition will come out. I’ll never stop until it does.

        • No counsel? Where was Mark Ruffalo and his millions of dollars? Where is Food and Water Watch who have over $17,000,000 banked? Where was the Park Foundation with $375,000,000 stashed away? Where’s Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s widow, who came from a family estimated to be worth $500,000,000? All these folks are predators who used people like you, Kemble, Stevens, Houston and many others as puppets. Throw in an obedient and compliant media and you can get people to believe anything. FYI: the only reason that Ruffalo and Ono wanted drilling killed in NY is because they both own estates there. Can’t have the poor locals disturb their Nirvana.

          • The deposition clearly shows that he had an attorney present. Jan just keeps digging her hole deeper as she is also named in this.

          • Listening to the sad hyperbole you think makes you look smart is disturbing.

            People who help water pollution victims are predators .. right – no doubt if you read here you would believe that.

            See – throw in an obedient and compliant media and you can get people to believe anything.


          • The deposition was taken in Virginia and put in the public record in Pennsylvania. What I meant was the Virginia lawyer didn’t travel to Pennsylvania and did not consent to the deposition being made public in Pennsylvania.

            You’d love to prove me evil, Don – you and I have talked before. I know – it’s so evil to try and help people with no water.

  7. After Cabot ruined the Dimock aquifer, they denied the whole thing – though isotopic testing matched the gas in the water to Cabot gas.

    Cabot tried to deny it – tried to blame the pollution ON The victims.

    Then they cut their victims off water supplies.

    All the while you were in Dimock ginning up the neighborhood with the idea that all the victims were lying. I have that great footage from the first day of “Dimock Proud” – there is Tom leading the choir chanting “enough is enough, stop the lies”.

    Y’all got the town of Montrose SO ginned up they changed the zoning laws to make sure people from DImcok could not get water even though they had none and were paying for it. SO ginned up they threatened to put Ray in jail for getting water for people who had none.

    I’m lost on how the people chipping in to help water pollution victims are the bad guys ..

    but the PR hacks (you) paid by the gas industry (you admitted you are a consultant) who lie to people to make them hate real pollution victims and work to put them in jail on behalf of an operator who polluted their water and a decade later still denies it … are the good guys.

    You know we are going national this year with my non-profit film on this … you better start thinking up some answers.

    • “Non – Profit”? LOL!!! We’ve been hearing that mantra for years from the defendants in this circus. Are you also going to have a jug of brown water (aka ice tea) as part of your props? You know Ray never would let anyone test that water, right? Even stupid
      Mark Ruffalo had his own jug of tea in Albany – The HULK can be seen at 1:50 into the 2:30 video. However, Sandra Steingraber precedes Ruffalo and the entire video is worth watching. Where were all those people in Albany to help Ray and Craig? Where was Anthony Ingraffea? Where was Yoko Ono? Where was Robert Howarth? The list of human exploiters is long indeed. Nowhere to be found in that courtroom because, they, like you, use human beings as pawns to be discarded when you’re done with them. To folks like you, NY farmers and landowners are garbage.

      • August – did Cabot pollute the Dimock aquifer?

        How many houses lost use of t heir water?

        How many still do not have clean water to their homes in the 9 mile moratorium area?

        “The list of human exploiters is long indeed.”
        THat’s your product, BTW, Tom. Indoctrinating these poor people with the most inane ideas about how horrible these people are who in reality just give their money and time to help others on their own time.

        Human exploiters pollute people’s water, then lie about it, then convince all the neighbors the water pollution victims are evil liars who hate America. That is real exploitation.

        “To folks like you, NY farmers and landowners are garbage.”
        No one hates you. We help water pollution victims – thus we hate you? August that makes no sense.

        • Who’s “we”? Certainly not the super wealthy predators like Ruffalo, Josh Fox, Sandra Steingraber, Anthony Ingraffea, Yoko Ono, Food and Water Watch, Catskill Mountainkeeper, Frack Action, and a long, long list of others. They’ve thrown all you pawns to the dogs.

          • You seem to think if you list the name of celebrities over and over you win the argument somehow.

            “They’ve thrown all you pawns to the dogs.”
            What does that even mean?
            Who can tell?


    Mind-blowing deposition. Oh bill Huston is claiming cabot wants him dead. Ya know because he’s so truthful.

    Interesting that hope forpeace was mentioned. I just saw she was at an event with Ray Kemble and the babe actor who got arrested locked to the neck of pramila malick, was it?

    PS Some “valve turners” were just arrested in Minnesota and Karenna Gores fellow pipeline ditch napper, Tim dechristopher was tweeting about it and so was Tara Houska and also 350org.

    • “I just saw she was at an event with Ray Kemble ”

      I wasn’t AT the event – I WAS the event, that was my film narrated by James Cromwell we premiered. Ray and DImock are in the film, but also the Porter Ranch gas leak and the 8 Mile Alabama mercaptan spill… and the plan to now wrap the planet in the global methane industry as an answer to too much greenhouse gas driven warming.

      • Is that the same James Cromwell who was caught by project veritas to make a lie about flaming lawns in Dimock?

        Hopeforpeace, Jan, you keep talking crap here about pollution only to hear yourself and to try and muddy the truth…. you know. like Cabot gave Ray cancer according to your implications

      • Jan: Are you going to follow up your film showing folks’ heads and limbs scattered across our highways due to the 33,000 highway deaths annually? How about showing wreckage of airliners with hundreds of bodies that can’t even be identified after falling 38,000 feet from the sky? Too bad you didn’t go to the Park Foundation as they gave Josh Fox $100,000 for Gasland. Here’s the data – Sweet Jane Production dba WOW Company, Brooklyn , NY, New engagement program, $25,000, AND International WOW Company, Brooklyn, NY, A grassroots social engagement campaign around Gasland, the award-winning documentary film about gas drilling in the United States.
        $75,000 Here’s the link directly to the Park Foundation page with the data – Do a “ctrl f” on your computer and do a search on “gasland” BTW, how long has Ray been smoking cigars? Should have deleted that from your film.

        • Airplanes and cars crash, thus we should remain on fossil fuels .. yea – not an argument that stands up, in my opinion.

          No – I love that Tom and CO blame Ray’s multiple strains of cancer on cigars, He quit a few years ago when he was diagnosed.

          If give me a page or two I can bash Fracknation far more than you can bash Gasland.

          • Do you subscribe to the idea that drilling for nat gas must be a zero risk endeavor? If no, then what is the acceptable risk level? If yes, why should drilling be singled out from all other human activities that all cause thousands of deaths and illnesses like a previous poster mentioned? The hypocrisy of your argument is insurmountable.

          • WOW !!! He quit smoking cigars AFTER being diagnosed with cancer. That doesn’t disprove that cigars could have caused it.

  9. How much is the IRS paying Cabot? Or, can a common Susquehanna Countian get a look at the bank records of a Cabot sycophant of our choice without a court order?


    Who pays Tom I ask.

    I get:
    “Tom Shepstone
    on February 7, 2019 at 4:33 pm said:
    Actually, my “About” page is very open about that and always has been.”

    Ok – lets look:

    “Shepstone Management Company, Inc. a planning and research firm that has represented both public and private clients, throughout New York and Pennsylvania, including members of the natural gas, housing and transportation industries.”

    Oh yes – Tom, that tells us exactly who is paying you … /s.

    • Tom must be getting paid plenty by the Gas Industry …
      That’s why he writes almost every day.
      It’s okay for him to be paid and should we consider Tom a liar.
      Not okay for any anti-frack activists to be paid ….
      because that makes them liars.
      Crazy deductions by madmen.
      DEP has determined that the gas industry has polluted several areas of my county besides Dimock.
      I would rather take their word for it, then non-DEP, Gas Industry Consultant- Propaganda mouthpiece Tom’s word for it.
      The Pa. AG is investigating your buddies in the Gas Industry and some criminal charges are on the horizon for your Lords and Masters…
      With all your Propaganda for the Industry, you still can’t get Fracking in your Wayne County or in NY…..
      Not doing such a good job really at distorting the facts for the Industry.
      The Industry needs to retire Tom and replace him with someone who will get some solid, powerful results..

      • Tom calling real victims liars as paid to by the industry that polluted the water = good

        Water pollution victims being helped by NGO’s = evil

        And they all fall for it.

  11. Jan, once again let’s review a couple of facts. In the 15 Dec 2010 Consent Order and Settlement Agreement between PA DEP and Cabot Oil and Gas Corp, “The Department has determined that eighteen (18) drinking water supplies that serve nineteen (19) homes within the Dimock/Carter Road Area have been affected from the drilling activities at the Dimock/Carter Road Gas Wells (collectively the”water Supplies”).

    Later on we read “Cabot disagrees with the substance of the Department’s determination . . . . .However, Cabot agrees to and shall fulfill all of the terms and obligations of the Consent Order and Settlement Agreement.”

    So the question is, did Cabot meet the various requirements in the Consent Order? The answer is yes. They plugged wells, provided water, paid for lab tests of water supplies, installed water treatment systems, put vents on water supplies, and so on. I provided you with a quote somewhere else on this web site from the Secretary of the DEP and I will repeat it parts of it again:

    “That agreement also required Cabot to satisfy specific water provision obligations and meet certain requirements before they could stop providing water. Cabot satisfied those requirements, and the law, in turn, required DEP to follow its obligations – – which we have done” (11/2/2011)

    If the water supplies were still being contaminated why did the DEC let Cabot off the hook in 2011? Why is it that no credible lab work has been done since 2011 to demonstrate that work Cabot did was inadequate? The DEP seems perfectly willing to do inspections and issue notices.

    I pulled an excel file of DEP Office of Oil and Gas Management inspections in Susquehanna County for Cabot from 1 Jan 2007 to 31 Dec 2018. During that time Cabot facilities in the county were inspected 8,119 times. with 1,595 of those taking place in Dimock. There were 636 violations in the county and 281 in Dimock. The inspection rates vary significantly by year, because the number of sites changes. The violation rates are as follows:
    2007: 25% (3/12)
    2008: 32% (75/231)
    2009: 17% (64/382)
    2010: 21% (79/369)
    2011: 32% (141/441)
    2012: 10% (31/321)
    2013: 12% (40/346)
    2014: 9% (54/618)
    2015: 2% (15/967)
    2016: 3% (47/1542)
    2017: 2% (33/1386)
    2018: 4% (54/1504)
    The overall violation to inspection rate is 7.8%, and we can see that Cabot’s onsite performance has drastically improved. Can it be better? Sure. But given the hefty rate of inspections (4 per day in 2018) I think DEP is on the case and Cabot has cleaned up their engineering practices and technology.

    You have not shown me any evidence that there is any remaining water quality issue in the Dimock/Carter Road area that can be attributed to Cabot. The ground water in rural PA is well known to have lots of contaminants, and fails to meet Federal water quality standards. Salt Springs State Park is a good example, and whether you think that’s propaganda or not, the name “Salt Springs” has been around a whole lot longer than drilling for oil and gas.

    If the residents of the Dimock/Carter Road Area are still having water quality problems, they can go to the DEP web site and report it at

    • Numbers of violations is important but what were the nature of the violations? From what I saw on the DEP website many were for things like not having an ID tag in place, or in other words, admin type violations, not for causing any harm.
      And if you quoted that consent document right, it looks like Cabot is contesting that they caused the water problems. So just because the DEP says it is so does not make it truth.
      I had an open mind until Jan lied about basic chemistry. Benzene and toluene were in the water predrill. They are hydrocarbons. If she does not even understand basic chemistry 101, how is she credible on anything?

      • Mark, a few years ago DEP made public 243 individual violations, which included the initial set that were included in the 15 Dec 2010 Consent Order. I reviewed the available data and found 198 distinct water sources for which there are complaints. (Note: I have not gone back and updated the resolutions on all of these, the numbers presented here are from the data set as of 2014).

        “Due to the poor administrative processes pointed out recently by the auditors, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what the DEP has done. I counted 123 wells, 26 springs, and could not identify the water source
        for 49 others. DEP letters indicate that 82 of the 198 complaints, or 41%, have been resolved. 42 of those were resolved with no action required: lab testing indicates that the water quality returned to normal with no further action required. There are 116 complaints, or 59%, where the DEP letters available on line do not indicate that those issues have been resolved. That may mean that those issues remain, or it may mean that DEP did not include the final resolution letters in the material available. I suspect that the number resolved is less than the number of outstanding issues.”

        DEP response time: from the same 2014 data set: “In 89 of the individual cases the reports have enough data to look at the DEP response time. In these 89 cases, where both the date of the complaint and the date of the first DEP on-site visit and collection of a sample for lab analysis is available, 45% of the initial lab samples were taken on the day the complaint was received. 75% of the cases had at least one lab sample taken within 12 days of the initial complaint. That could be better, but I was pleasantly surprised by the 45% sample rate on the same day the complaint was made. I have no data on the distances between DEP offices and sample locations, since the names and addresses have been redacted from the letters.”

      • “Cabot is contesting that they caused the water problems.”

        Yes – Cabot still lies about this though isotopic testing matched the gas .. as I said before.

        “Benzene and toluene were in the water predrill. ”
        Yes – but as I said, not at levels they were found at later.

        Re: hydrocarbons I was quoting the testing itself.

        You may think your 1973 chemistry class makes you smarter about testing you did not even do than the people doing the testing .. I’ll go with the lab.

        Beyond that many of these families including Ray Kemble lived here for decades even generations before drilling/fracking – their water was good.

        By pushing the narrative that all these families are lying you show you are not serious.

    • “Why is it that no credible lab work has been done since 2011 to demonstrate that work Cabot did was inadequate?”

      In fact the ATSDR data set was taken I think in 2012:
      ” Levels in 27 private water wells were high enough to affect health.”

      The continuing of the 9 mile moratorium by DEP because methane levels have not returned to normal is also evidence of continuing pollution. If all levels were back to normal DEP would lift the ban.

      Yes – testing in certain homes has continued – I saw testing of an original family at 23K ppm methane in 2017. THat testing is private. (Victims don;t like to share their testing as Tom et al just use it to try and make them look like liars)

      Also – after fracking of gas well drilled years earlier occurred in 2012 more cases were reported – including Morcoms 2 doors down from Ray. Ray water got much worse after that fracking also.

      I’ve never said Cabot wells are creating new cases. Comical the lengths you went to to prove that Cabot is doing better with their violations. That maybe be true – but Cabot still denies they polluted the Dimock aquifer and pay PR people to tell that lie to the community.

      That is wrong.

      DEP is still doing testing in the region – but Dimock si not the only areas who has lost water wells to pollution from gas extraction. AS you know at least 400 PENN families have experienced water pollution related to fracking as per DEP.

      • “AS you know at least 400 PENN families have experienced water pollution related to fracking as per DEP.” No, I do not know that.

        The focus of our discussion (or, at least of my discussion) is on Dimock and the recent commentary kicked off by the deposition provided by Craig Stevens. The data set I pulled from DEP was specifically for Susquehanna County and Cabot Gas and Oil. I have made no attempt to look at wider coverage.

        “Comical the lengths you went to to prove that Cabot is doing better with their violations.” No comedy involved, just a review of available data. One of the reasons I looked at that data is that over time, the technologies used to support natural gas extraction continue to evolved, and the people involved operating that technology get better training and reduce mistakes . . . which is a feature of good engineering practices in any number of different disciplines. Based on DEP data, I’d say that Cabot has clearly made improvements in their practices and technology.

        Reviewing the 4 Nov 2009 Consent Order between DEP and Cabot, we can see that DEP gave Cabot Notices of Violation on 27 Feb and 13 May 09. In the 13 May Violation we find

        “The Cabot Wells known as the Gesford 3 Well, Gesford 9 Well, and Teel 5 Well have insufficient or impropoer cemented casing that allow gas to vent between various cemented cases and/or from behind the surface casing.”


        “The Cabot wells known as the Brooks 1H Well, Ely 5H Well, and Ely 7V Well have gas venting in the cellar of these Wells indicating that these Wells may have insufficient or improper cemented casings.”

        After Cabot completed their required remedial actions (including well casing repairs) DEP approved the stoppage of water scheduled for 30 Nov 2011 Cabot had completed all required actions. By that time six well owners had signed up to take advantage of the water treatment systems Cabot was installing, and twelve well owners refused the treatment systems and were engaged in legal actions against Cabot.

        Quoting you from another post: “After Cabot ruined the Dimock aquifer, they denied the whole thing”. Can you provide any evidence that the Dimock aquifer was or is “ruined”?

        I don’t doubt that Cabot’s poor engineering practices in 2008/2009 caused impacts on the water supply in the Dimock/Carter Road area. What I’d like to know (and see evidence of) is whether or not the corrective actions taken and improved engineering practices employed by Cabot stopped any further release of contaminants, and whether levels present now are naturally occurring or a combination of natural and induced/introduced materials.

  12. “So Jan is saying that carcinogens are ok in drinking water as long as they are not “appreciable levels.””

    Wow you guys really like to make stuff up here.

    Compared to levels found later in the Dimock water.. obviously.

    See, I know you can easily understand the facts, you just have been trained to try and see in every way how you can blame victims as Cabot wants you to.

    • Show us those results Jan. I seen reports of methane but not benzene and toluene like that Kemble guy. Show us actual results.
      I haven’t blamed any of the people who live there. I am blaming you for lying. You are a liar and can’t back up what you are saying with sample results. I was on the fence about all this until I read that deposition.


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