Final Justice: Junkyard Plaintiff Loren Kiskadden Case Is Over

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Finally, at long last, the Loren Kiskadden case is over. The junkyard plaintiff used by fractivist special interests to make headlines for years lost bigly.

Loren Kiskadden, the junkyard plaintiff from Southwestern Pennsylvania, the serial litigator used by some trial lawyers and the fractivist special interests as a poster child for their cause has finally lost for good. The tortured history of the case can be found here and here. There is seems to be little doubt the case was encouraged by the Heinz Endowments, as a fractivist initiative. The Environmental Hearing Board, the Commonwealth Court, and now the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, all looked at the evidence and concluded Loren Kiskadden had no case. It’s over. Range Resources won and fractivism lost “bigly” as some New Yorkers say.

When the Commonwealth Court decision came down in October, I asked this question:

Will this finally be the end of this ridiculous case? Will whoever has been paying for this litigation finally acknowledge the facts?

It wasn’t quite the end because Attorney John Smith and gang (Jesse White’s best bud) appealed the case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. That court has now decided and the junkyard plaintiff lost.

Loren Kiskadden

Yes, after all the shouting, the final verdict is here and Loren Kiskadden had nothing. Paul Rubin, his “expert” was viewed with even less credibility in this case than he was in the Dimock case, believe it or not. So ends the hysteria; with a victory for the facts.

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7 thoughts on “Final Justice: Junkyard Plaintiff Loren Kiskadden Case Is Over

  1. the Rolling Stones song Time is on my side. As these frackivists rack up losses the credibility has to be eroding even amount their supporters. The tales of “my well was contaminated by fracking ” seem to be getting knocked down over time.

    • So where is the big story in the press about how little credibility the antifracking pipeline resistance folks have one wonders? I was told by a reporter that he couldn’t think of a reporter or paper who would do an expose on this movement which I thought was necessary and still do. How crazy is that?!? Three states in the united States of America have effectively banner fracking for natural gas now. There has been years of misinformation reaching the public via all kinds of media and no one will tell the truth about this movement?

      Are you contacting any reporters?


    Here is a fascinating throwback on something called Is occupy mentioned? Yes. Fracking? Yes. Is there a link to some people testifiying in NYC one of whom got arrested with Al Gore’s daughter? Yes. Is this the antifracking movement? Yes. Who is mentioned and what is being promoted by powershift from back in the day?

    There is an NGO involved. There is press. And this was the antifracking movement in late 2011. It is now 2017. They have added a conspiracy theory to their activism since and lots of people have now been arrested. Years of misinformation has been spread far and wide and the press is sleeping through this????


    What is the credibility level of these people and groups? Remember these are the people driving energy policy discussions and a whole lot more.

    Current Members of the Steering Committee:

    Lauren Pagel, Earthworks
    Rachel Richardson, Environment America
    Emily Wurth, Food and Water Watch
    Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth
    Ted Glick, Beyond Extreme Energy
    Tracy Carlucio, Delaware River Keeper Network
    David Braun, Californian’s Against Fracking
    Shannon Biggs, Movement Rights
    Justin Wasser, Sierra Club
    Rose Braz, Center For Biological Diversity
    Kathleen Sutcliffe, Earthjustice
    Jen Krill, Earthworks

    Current members of the Advisory Council:

    Jenny Lisak, Pennsylvania
    Matia Vanderbilt, Maryland
    Jill Wiener, New York
    Robert Nehman, Iowa
    Shane Davis, Colorado
    Hope Taylor, North Carolina
    Diane Pitcock, West Virgina
    Paul Ferrazi, California
    Kari Matsko, Ohio
    John Fenton, Wyoming
    Calvin Tillman, TX
    Deb Thomas, Wyoming

  4. According to a recent poll fracking is now favored amonst 43 percent od Americans out numbering those against it… no wonder cuomo is not running for president

  5. Kiskadden, Voyles, and Haney still have a civil case against Range in the Washington County Court. This should put a big dent in it.

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