Fear the Bern: Sanders’ Anti-Fracking Agenda

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K.J. Rodgers
Crownsville, Maryland  


Presidential candidates make a lot of promises, but one candidate’s energy policy is based around fear and falsehoods regarding natural gas development.

Presidential candidates are often over-promising ideas and setting out lofty goals to better identify with their potential voters. It really reminds me of the campaign promises of a student class president claiming the power to have pizza for lunch everyday or extended recess. It is no different from student council candidates to presidential candidates. They all say what they think their voters want to hear.

The sad truth is people believe them because they want to believe them. They buy into some of the so-called “promises” so much, that they tend to fall for the candidate’s agenda even when they don’t fully understand it. Natural gas discussions are not immune to the idiocracy of this election and the false promises.

I generally want to avoid partisan debates, but I will teeter into it a bit. It is no secret to those who know me, that I do not “Feel the Bern” and loathe the idea of someone like Sanders or Clinton in the Whitehouse. With Clinton, you know the establishment she represents and you can choose her if you wish (note the lack of digressing into a political rant), but with Sanders, our very own socialist candidate, you are dancing into unchartered territory. People are so caught up in the radicalism and the disruption of the establishment (which isn’t bad), that they are swallowing his snake oil by the mouthful.

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I want you; to be scared of what you do not know.

Tom wrote a fantastic piece about two months ago that laid into Sanders’ “energy plan” and you can tell right away his ideas are super-expensive but cheap to sell. Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s, the environmentalist, Vermont-based ice cream mogul, has endorsed Sanders and created a ice cream flavor for him. What do the two have in common other than Vermont? Well fractivism, of course; why else would we be talking about them?

Huffington Post, which loves to tout their dismay for fracking by publishing Mark Ruffalo, has posted a story titled, “Bernie Sanders Will Ban Fracking. Hillary Clinton ‘Sold Fracking to the World’.” The post is more of an advertisement for Sanders than anything else, but it drives my point. Throughout the post, they give examples of flaming water faucets, tainted water, earthquakes, etc.; spooky stuff to those who get their education and news from sources like Huffington Post.

What is interesting from a marketing standpoint (and I would have done the same thing if I were sad enough to support Sanders), is that they layer all of these scary ideas into the story right after advancing the “Bernie is a hero for wanting to ban fracking and Hillary is taking their money” complaint. It is a shoddy attempt to make Bernie out as this anti-establishment hero of the people or not as career politician, even though he’s been “sucking off the public teat” longer than I have been alive.


The entire piece is phony as could be and wouldn’t make the cut on any true news outlet. It is an artificial op-ed and puff piece that should have cost Sanders advertising money. Consider just this one section of the story (emphasis added):

“…Hillary Clinton upholding the status quo, or Bernie Sanders making climate change a central focus of his economic and energy policy. There’s only one choice. If voters are serious about fixing the structural dilemmas pertaining to why corporate interests are so influential in promoting devastating hazards like fracking, they’ll choose Sanders. While Clinton and Trump refuse to ban fracking outright, only Bernie Sanders is willing to ban fracking completely as president.”

It took real effort on my part not to bold the entire paragraph. This line of thinking, in fact, is starting to make me angry and I’m one of those Millennials who’s supposed to be in favor of Sanders. The attitude of these “Sand Bags” is distinctly “holier than thou” and smugness and condescension are just too much. If these folks were sincerely concerned with the environment, they would choose fracking because it reduces carbon emissions quickly and effectively. Even this former Greenpeace Executives notes, “[C]limate campaigners should support fracking for shale gas.” He understands real progress is only possible with natural gas development.

You would think Sanders and other like-minded pols would do some basic research before advancing their scare tactics, but that isn’t the way politics work. Hence, the reason this blog is focused to such a great extent on exposing fractivism. If only we could devote ourselves to just selling the benefits of natural gas, which are considerable. Unfortunately, correcting the record has to come first, especially when there is so much “Feel the Bern” fire and no light.

Yes, it’s depressing but, to lighten your mood again, here is a great video of typical Bernie Sanders’ supporters singing about fracking. It’s a good reminder we shouldn’t take these people that seriously:

I must admit, though, I still “fear the Bern.”

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6 thoughts on “Fear the Bern: Sanders’ Anti-Fracking Agenda

  1. If Sanders wins the nomination he will then lose the run for the White House and here is the reasons. The ban fracking thing will go against the sensibility of Key electoral college rich voting states that Obama won in 2012 . Obama won Ohio , Florida, Colorado and Pennsylvania in 2012 but by close margins. Those states with the exception of Penn state were GOP states for George w in 2000 and 2004. Lose those states by threatening the economies new found wealth and you have a 2012 dem win turn into a loss. People generally don’t vote against sources of prosperity in the neighborhood. The only places Sanders anti fracking message resonates is in states which vote democratic practically every time anyway. California , New York and other Democratic bastions will just pad their blue state status. Reading the tea leafs of whom will be the GOP is a bit difficult but I think Rabio might be their candidate for 2016. In that case issues beyond fracking work against Sander. The last thing to note is the Democrats have not strung together three wins in a row for the White House. College kids are not going to have the same passion for a 74 year old white guy as Hispanics to possibly elect one of their own for the first time as POTUS. This is very much like 1968 where the presumed Democrat was interrupted from the nomination and the GOP won.

  2. http://www.cnn.com/2016/02/05/opinions/bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-young-voters-cupp/

    Unfortunately it’s cool to be against fracking and natural gas as that video shows and lots of the cool kids (even if many of them are actually middle aged like Mark Ruffalo and Red Hot Chili Peppers) feel the bern. How this works in high school, junior high and then via marketing right is that many people just follow along blindly. I’d take the people you shouldn’t take that seriously, seriously. Its not that they are actually serious. Its that their infuence, whether real or just perceived, is serious. Artists are good at selling themselves, whether indy or otherwise. They are also the people who make commercials and movies.

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  4. Sanders is too extreme, too old, and these days too white to win the general election. the only thing i agree with him on is that wealth is being concentrated in too few hands.

    sad commentary though on the unquestioning technical and scientific illiteracy and naivete of the ban-everything sheeple… being trendy and fashionable is the only thing that matters to them, not having pragmatic, affordable, scalable energy solutions.

    i invite them to stop using all fossil fuels- today. then we’ll see how long the self righteous posing lasts.

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