Fake News Is Fracking Endemic In Environmentalism

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Fake news is everywhere today; enabled, magnified and spread by social media. It’s particularly prevalent in environmental talk and the fracking debate.

Yesterday, I got a tipoff to a post on a website called Environmental Health News (EHN). It was, superficially, about the latest mischief making by Tom Linzey, the embattled, court-humiliated Marxist at the helm of the CELDF. That anyone at all is paying serious attention to Tom Linzey these days is remarkable. But, the real take from this story is much bigger. It’s reveals exactly how fake news is generated by supposed environmentalists. It also explains Tom Linzey has survived despite an abysmal track record and an arrogance so brazen he warns his clients he will bankrupt them.

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One of the things I noticed immediately upon opening the EHN story about Linzey’s latest fiasco in Toledo, Ohio is the requisite picture of a young woman wistfully looking out over the Allegheny River as if she was the lonely pure-hearted activist trying to save the thing. It’s a Maya van Rossum redux moment that is now the photographic template for environmental virtue signaling; young woman, moving water and Mona Lisa face pose.

But, then I noticed who she was; Emily Collins, Executive Director of Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services. That’s the same group of lawyers financed by the tax-exempt Heinz Endowments and William Penn Foundation to shill for these gentry class robber barons that I wrote about here.

The next thing I noticed right off the bat was that the photo was from PublicSource, yet another Heinz-funded fake journalism outlet, right in there with StateImpactPA, setting up the perfect troika of fake fractivist news; EHP to promote fake organizations such as the CELDF, PublicSource to promote junk science and StateImpactPA to promote fractivism itself. It’s three synchronized spinning wheels generating fake news out of straw, all financed by Pennsylvania’s tax-exempt ruling class. And, they’ve got their own lawyers to bring in the straw!

But, wait you say, asking how I know EHN is a Heinz enterprise. The answer is always found by checking out the donations page which, in EHN’s case, takes one to a money-laundering non-profit called Virginia Organizing. which I wrote about here and here, noting the following:

Environmental Health News, in fact, is part of Virginia Organizing, Inc, which is part of the Health and Environmental Funders Network (HEFN) created by the Park Foundation and the Rockefellers’ Sustainable Markets Foundation and about which EID recently testified before Congress. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund helped launch Environmental Health News and has supported Virginia Organizing…

A quick check of who funds Virginia Organizing today adds the Heinz Endowments to the list of funders. Heinz, of course, funds PennFuture, the Clean Air Council, the Mountain Watershed Association, StateImpactPA, the extremely phony Southwestern Pennsylvania Environmental Health Program and any number of other fractivist initiatives. It is heavily influenced by Teresa Heinz Kerry who is also behind the money-laundering Tides Foundation.

A quick check of the Heinz Endowments grants page on their website indicates it gives huge amounts of money to Virginia Organizing including at least one $250,000 grant specifically targeted to “an environmental health news service.” So, it’s Heinz. It’s also the Rockefellers and the wannabe Rockefellers at the Park Foundation. It’s fractivist aristocracy.

The story itself, which meanders all over the place and unsuccessfully tries to draw a connection to the Environmental Rights Amendment, also discloses a few things at the end (emphasis added):

The Heinz Endowments provided funding to the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. The Heinz Endowments provides unrelated funding to PublicSource.

Erin West is a freelance writer and former PublicSource editorial intern. She can be contacted at west.erinr@gmail.com.

This story was fact-checked by Shannon Kavanagh.

The “fact-checking” wasn’t that great if the fact-checker imagines PublicSource funding is  unrelated to the CELDF. Of course it’s related. It’s all the same campaign by the same people with the same objective; fighting oil and gas development anywhere it’s found and advancing the special interests of wealthy folks who want to lord it over all of Pennsylvania and, especially, the rural areas they’d like for wilderness playgrounds. It’s the trust-funders incorporated and its Potemkin village of shill organizations spinning out fake news intended to motivate the naive into supporting their selfish causes.

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