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Fake News – The Fractivist Version

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Fake news had suddenly become a big concern in some quarters. It’s nothing new to fractivism, though, the foundation of which is entirely built on the stuff.

Fractivist news is fake news. It is the original fake news, in fact. We seem to be hearing a lot about fake news since the election, but it’s been at the heart if fractivism from the very beginning. Fractivists have been manufacturing protests, ginning up fake news stories and manipulating events to spin a narrative bearing no relationship to the truth. Need proof? Just check out their advertising for paid protestors.

A group called Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment (CCE) recently posted this advertisement on Craigslist:

Fake News

This is professional protesting; fractivism in all its glory, packaged as “making a difference” for the consumption of naive students needing some wild money for the weekend. CCE, as you might expect, is none of the things it proclaims itself to be, It is, in fact, a tool of the same special interests behind all fractivist initiatives. The Park Foundation, for example, has given the group $20,000 per year for:

Educational and outreach campaigns to protect New York from gas development and its ancillary impacts and to advance renewable energy.

Those “campaigns,” of course, are what the Craigslist ads are all about; nothing more than hiring protestors. Fake news, indeed.

Who runs CCE and who else funds them? Well, it’s not easy to discern because, like so many of these organizations, they have both 501c(3) charity and 501c(4) political corporations to employ as a device for shifting money and responsibility around. They also collect a lot of their money from money-washing tax-exempt donor advised funds that pass through the dollars of special interests so we cannot see who really funded them. Their “grass-roots claim” is merely another bit of fake news, you see.

I did find one contributor, though, listed on the latest CCE 990 return:

fake news

You remember, Lucy, right? Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky, the fourth generation Rockefeller who has Bill McKibben at her beck and call to endorse her letters to the New York Times without ever disclosing their relationship – more fake news. She is the Rockefeller who thought her maiden name should have the same influence with Hillary Clinton as Andrew Cuomo. Her hapless brother, Larry, is at the center of the NRDC gang, surrounded by sycophants who run the thing for them and, in return, earn jobs for their children managing spin-offs such as the Catskill Mountainkeeper. Lucy is anything but “grass roots.”

Such is the nature of fractivist fake news. It’s all phony protests, phony letters to the editor,  phony funders…phony everything.

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2 thoughts on “Fake News – The Fractivist Version

  1. What is stupefying is when reporters don’t appear to recognize they are covering the same people just at different protests or arrests.

    It was also interesting that the nytimes didn’t know who Lucy waletzky was when she wrote a letter in to the nytimes and that she wasn’t identified as being someone in ny state govt.


    Someone should alert her that ecowatch doesn’t do econews.


  2. So it’s ok for the natural gas industry to hire professionals to destroy the environment, but it isn’t ok for environmental protection organizations to hire professionals to protect it? Sounds like a double standard.

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