Faces Of The Natural Gas Industry: Doug Berkley

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Doug Berkley, in technical solutions at Noise Solutions, is a true believer in the natural gas industry and found his passion working in it.

The Marcellus Shale has changed many lives that reside within its borders, whether it’s been a rural farmer hosting gas operations and receiving lease payments and royalties or a start-up business getting off the ground by providing services to the industry. There are examples all across the region of the Marcellus’ effects in scales both large and small. For Doug Berkley, the natural gas industry let him discover his true passion.

Doug Berkley

Doug Berkley

Doug Berkley works in technical sales for Noise Solutions, a company that specializes in silencing the operations of natural gas equipment and facilities such as compressor stations, and is based regionally in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

“Noise Solutions offers a range of industrial products that are designed to effectively trap noise within a facility,” the company’s website states. “Whether for gas well compressor noise, mining noise, heat pump compressor noise or any industry-based noise, each Noise Solutions product utilizes advanced noise control engineering along with extensive industry participation to ensure our best-in-class solution meets acoustical and operational demands in the field.”

Doug Berkley

While Berkley relatively recently began working with Noise Solutions, he’s been involved with the industry for approximately five years. His wife, however, has been working in the industry for over 15 years, making his family what he calls a “energy family”.

“Little did I know I would find my true calling the same industry,” he said. “I had a true industry mentor in Tom Lopus, who had helped start the Marcellus Shale Coalition. He saw things in me that I didn’t and he really helped me as I got into natural gas.”

Doug Berkley, who lives near Pittsburgh, was formerly working in the transportation side of the industry, but Lopus had continuously told him “midstream is the place to be”.

“The industry is in some pretty interesting times, but there’s still opportunity to be had,” he said. “He encouraged me to get involved in midstream operations and I found my home in it. I’ve kind of always been in marketing and sales but, as clichéd as it sounds, I found my true passion in the gas industry. It’s exciting and challenging, and I wish I had been in it my whole life.”

An added benefit, Berkley noted, is that natural gas as it pertains to the local and national economy in terms of energy security is something that he is passionate about.

“It’s something I believe in and care about,” he said. “It’s an exciting industry and I have a great fit with Noise Solutions in helping in energy security.”

doug berkley

Doug Berkley’s passion for the industry has led him to share his experiences in the field on social media platforms and reaching out to media outlets for letters to the editor and other publications.

“Social media is a great platform for getting the word out of what really goes on,” he said. “It lets me share a lot of what I see every day in the field. There’s a lot of misinformation on a variety of issues in the industry being spoken by a vocal minority, and my goal is to show people something that they didn’t know before, and I think people do see it and understand it.

“As far as my company goes, we put ‘science behind the silence’, so to speak,” Berkley continued. “The focus on noise surrounding compressor stations in particular is a hot button issue, and the industry faces opposition still on that front. But noise doesn’t need to be a factor; because that’s where we specialize. This extends to field equipment and even power generation facilities as well.”

As the Marcellus continues to become a greater force in the energy market, more people will be able to discover their passion as well, as natural gas grows to lower energy costs for consumers while also being a cleaner energy source.

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  1. Noise solutions also designs buildings for compressor stations that look like barns and houses. You could drive by one and never know what is.

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