More Evidence Russians Behind Some Fractivist Groups

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So much of the fractivist movement is completely fake—to the core—with a handful of groups operating under myriad names and the Russians behind some of it.

As we’ve learned of recent, the Russians are very active with social media in this country, trying to stir up things wherever they can, often on both sides of issues. One area where they’ve most definitely taken one side, though, is on hydraulic fracturing. They’re against it, unless they’re the ones doing it. They want the ability to hold Europe captive to their natural gas.

Incredibly, they’ve also managed, through the assist of Massachusetts fractivists and their pandering political supporters, to open open up Boston as a LNG market for themselves, even as the Marcellus Shale sits next door. Massachusetts has eagerly made itself vulnerable to the Russians and high gas and electric prices with the support of Governor Andrew “Corruotocrat” Cuomo, ever eager to please his NRDC gang masters.

We’ve explained here before just how the Russians may have helped finance anti-fractivist and “clean energy” scams by funneling dark money through offshore accounts into the hands of Nat Simons and his Sea Change Foundation. Hedge Funder Simons is hoping to make a killing in those clean energy scams and invests many millions into the Energy Foundation and fractivist groups to simultaneously attack fracking and spur solar development, which requires major subsidies. His interests and those of the Russians perfectly align.

Now, we find out the Russians are doing their part to complement the Simon initiatives, using social media posts. It’s all laid out in a recent U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology majority staff report entitled “Russian Attempts to Influence U.S. Domestic Energy Markets by Exploiting Social Media.” Here are a few noteworthy excerpts (interspersed with examples of Russian planted social media) that spell out just how fractivism has been corrupted by the Russians and their useful idiots:

Documents that the American social media companies produced for the Committee confirmed that Russian agents were exploiting American social media platforms in an effort to disrupt domestic energy markets, suppress research and development of fossil-fuels, and stymie efforts to expand the use of natural gas…


Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were able to identify Russian accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian company based in Saint Petersburg established by the Russian government for the purpose of deceptively using various social and traditional media platforms to advance Russian propaganda…


Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were able to identify Russian accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian company based in Saint Petersburg established by the Russian government for the purpose of deceptively using various social and traditional media platforms to advance Russian propaganda…


Russia provides roughly 75 percent of the natural gas imported by countries in Central and Eastern Europe while the countries in Southeast Europe “receive almost all of their natural gas from Russia.” “Russia’s Gazprom has acknowledged for the first time a threat to its dominant position in European gas market from an expected influx of liquefied natural gas (LNG) produced in the United States under [the Trump] administration.” Shortly after this acknowledgment, U.S. LNG made its way to Poland and Lithuania. In fact, Poland recently signed a five-year deal with the United States to import liquefied natural gas into the country in an attempt to decrease dependency on Russian energy supplies.


As the threat of American energy continues to grow, so does the Kremlin’s incentive to influence energy operations in Europe and the United States. Moreover, as they have demonstrated, the Kremlin will use any and all tools at their disposal to preserve Russia’s dominant energy status and to maintain its stranglehold over Eastern and Central Europe…

The Kremlin has a motive to disrupt U.S. energy markets and influence domestic energy policy, since American energy represents a direct threat to Russian energy interests. Russia’s efforts to influence U.S. energy policy are well documented in the public domain. U.S. presidential candidates, European officials, and the U.S. intelligence community have all publicly noted that Russia and its government corporations are funding a covert anti-fracking campaign to suppress the widespread adoption of fracking in Europe and the U.S., all in an effort to protect the influence of the Russian oil and gas sector…


In January 2017, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report that contained “clear evidence that the Kremlin is financing and choreographing anti-fracking propaganda in the United States.” The report found that the Russian-sponsored news agency RT (formerly Russian Today) “r[an] anti-fracking programing, highlighting environmental issues and the impacts on public health,” which “is likely reflective of the Russian Government’s concern about the impact of fracking and the U.S. natural gas production on the global energy market and the potential challenges to [Russian energy companies’] profitability,” such as state- controlled Russian energy giant Gazprom…

More recently Senator Ben Cardin released a voluminous report on Russian manipulation of the media over decades. Specific to oil and gas, the Cardin report cited a “study by the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies [which] reports that the Russian government has invested $95 million in NGOs that seek to persuade EU governments to end shale gas exploration,” which illustrates how American energy directly clashes with the Russian energy agenda. Senator Cardin’s work reiterates that “according to NATO officials, Russian intelligence agencies also reportedly provide covert support to European environmental groups to campaign against fracking for natural gas, thereby keeping the EU more dependent on Russian supplies.”

…To that end, the Kremlin is attempting to make, as Senator Cardin’s report states, “useful idiots” of unwitting environmental groups and activists in furtherance of its energy influence operations. Although this is not a new tactic in the Kremlin’s playbook, it has been adapted to account for modern technological advancements like the Internet and social media. Throughout history, the Kremlin has engaged and manipulated unwitting individuals to disseminate propaganda in furtherance of its global agenda. The Kremlin continues to employ this tactic, which has become substantially more effective with the proliferation of the Internet and social media. By leveraging the sincerely held views and beliefs of unwitting agents, the Kremlin is able to exploit polarized issues in American democracy to influence action in furtherance of its agenda…


Pipelines and domestic energy infrastructure were a primary target of the Russian agents. Specifically, several posts encouraged protests of pipeline construction, which is illustrative of the Kremlin’s indiscriminate efforts to influence U.S. energy policy. Numerous posts, for example, directly targeted the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The posts emphasized and exacerbated the alleged violent nature of the DAPL protests. Additionally, several Russian posts focused on the counter-narrative and sought to exploit anti-activist sentiment by propagating content supportive of pipeline construction efforts, illustrating once again the Kremlin’s indiscriminate efforts to cause discord and disruption…

Read the whole report and see how the Russians have aided and abetted fractivist opposition to natural gas development in the U.S. so as to undermine our capacity and make room for more Russian LNG shipments to Boston and the like.


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  1. Let me be one of the first to congratulate all the useful idiot antifrackers who have successfully blocked pipelines, allowing Russian natural gas to be brought into Boston. Also thanks to Comrade Corruptocrat, the most useful idiot of all. Russia could not have done it without you, Cuomo!

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