Energy Stats Prove the U.S. Is the Star Performer: Thank Natural Gas!

Tom Shepstone
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Professor David Ruzic from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign presents energy stats showing just how much the U.S. has achieved with fracking.

I think I could listen to this fellow all day. David Ruzic is surely the master of energy stat. His style of presentation is matter-of-fact, although the opening does get our immediate attention. How appropriate that is, because what Ruzic does is get us back to the basics and the facts that must guide intelligent discussion of energy. His energy stats are simple enough, yet totally overwhelming is demonstrating why the U.S. is energy dominant and why natural gas has been so, so important. Fracking has delivered us.

Here is the energy stats video of which I speak, referred to me by yet another astute reader:

Ruzic is the “Illinois Energy Prof”on YouTube and, yesterday, he put up this fascinating video, which I recommend to all our NaturalGasNOW readers. It’s a wonderful explanation of how much energy we produce, use, import and export. It also compares the U.S. to other countries and illustrates our energy use worldwide isn’t going down any time soon. China and India are using massively more energy.

Natural gas has been critical to our success and fracking has been the key to everything, of course. It’s also important to appreciate how fracking has permitted the U.S. to achieve so much environmentally. The energy stats show the U.S. has been carrying the load in taming energy use to the extent it can be tamed while also reducing environmental impact. It is other countries who have failed to do their share.

Fair share, of course, is a subjective thing and it probably isn’t fair to expect energy-deprived India folks to do exactly what we do. What will work for both the U.S. and India, though, is natural gas. We can produce it and they can use it, extending the benefits we’ve received from fracking to them as well.

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