Fractivists Fail in Local Government Takeover Bid

FractivistsInge Grafe-Kieklak
Sullivan County, New York, Landowner


When Debra Winger and her tag-along trendy husband (see picture below) came out and announced they were going to insert themselves, as second home owners, into local elections to ensure we never had any natural gas development, I was furious.

Aren’t we so lucky to have fractivists like her to tell us how to live? What would we do without these haughty play actors? How did we survive before all those self-absorbed shallow elitists came to instruct us on right and wrong? It turns out, however, that I should have jumped for joy because their actions appear to have struck a lot of voters the same way as they did me.  Wherever natural gas was an issue in local elections, the pro-gas side won.

Winger2It was only a month ago, on Sunday, October 6, that Winger and her trendy friends were at the Eddie Adams barn in Jeffersonville, New York, where she and the rest of the self-proclaimed elite who would save us from ourselves, were there to sign up second-home owners to vote locally. Now, a month later, we see the results and, hopefully, they introduced Wonder Woman to some political realities, beginning with the fact you never announce a takeover to the folks you want…well…to take over.

There are four towns in my county where natural gas development and fracking were issues; Callicoon, Cochecton, Delaware and Fremont. The fractivists mounted campaigns in all four in attempts to topple town governments that weren’t anti-gas enough for them. They failed miserably and, in the Town of Delaware, where the race was close two years ago and the same candidates for Supervisor competed again, the fractivist candidate lost by a wider margin.  It was the same elsewhere, as fractivist town council candidates in Callicoon and Cochecton got swamped by long-time residents with much more balanced views.  Additionally, up in Binghamton, which is a Democratic Party majority city, the replacement for fractivist Mayor Matt Ryan is a Republican with an open mind on natural gas, who defeated another a candidate endorsed by all the fractivists.

When I was young, we had a second-home in Mittenwald in the Bavarian Alps. We never thought we had to change this town to our liking. We were guests and we did our best to fit in and become part of the community while we were there, not take it over. But, then we were only mere mortals. How can I compare myself with Debra Winger, the Wonder Woman?  Individuals like Winger are, in my way off thinking, “wannabe dictators in disguise.”  Does it not ever occur to them, that most locals absolutely despise this condescending “holier than thou” behavior? Did they not ever hear the saying ”When in Rome do as the Romans do”?  Would Winger allow us, as guests, to come into the Westchester County community where she really resides and tell her how to live?  Of course not; we’d be chased home and called hillbilly interlopers.

I worried, at first, that many of my friends and neighbors, who welcomed me to their community many years ago and made me a part of it, would not know how to fight back against these arrogant, media savvy 1% types. Many are just too decent and it is not in their nature to directly confront these elitists, whose delusional personalties and religious-like ideologies convince them they must save the world from those pesky, stupid humans. The silent majority, however, spoke much more loudly than these ungrateful second-home owners and move-ins.  Thank goodness!

Finally, let me add one thing; these wanna-be dictators are entitled to believe anything they want and express their beliefs with their votes, but they should not expect the rest of us to automatically accept those beliefs.  I suggest, given that they have the money and disagree with locals, they ought to think about using their votes where they actually live, in places like Westchester County.  Or, they might sell their second homes here and buy new ones in the Socialist Republic of Vermont, which has a meaningless ban on fracking (although they love natural gas produced by others). It’s very nice there, after all, and they would find lots of of people with similar thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “Fractivists Fail in Local Government Takeover Bid

    • You like and want NG drilling you can have it ,Guess it’s the only way you’ll get to understand what really goes on .See there’s a lot more to it than just the money .When you finally get it it will be to late .

  1. Thank you for giving voice to this important issue: that of celebrities playing overlords. The true measure of public opinion is the vote. The public has spoken.

    • In chenango county only one anti slipped through. Their massive efforts to take over towns councilman position and supervisor positions with a main goal to over through the county supervisor seat was crushed. I hope Cuomo is reading this. Anyone taking an agenda based anti gas position will do great damage to their campaign. Just ask Acuri. As stated prior , we may not be good at putting on costumes and begging any public servant. We may not be good at sending letters.We may not even be good at rallies. But never under estimate our love to vote.

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