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Striking Back at Scandalous DRBC Fracking Ban: Steven Adams

DRBC HearingSteven Adams
Damascus Township Supervisor


This is the testimony of Steven Adams given at the January 23rd DRBC Hearing in Waymart on their proposed fracking ban. Let it speak for itself.

I am addressing this board to present the facts as I understand them.

Under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, it states and I quote, “No person shall be . . . deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

Fracking Ban

The taking of the right to capture and extract any mineral or natural resource is an act of eminent domain. A total ban on natural gas extraction is a violation of the Constitution.

If this violation is allowed, then there is no part of the Constitution that’s enforceable.

To my knowledge, there is no scientific or other reason to allow this taking without due process. I have visited active well drilling operations, compressor station, recycling facilities, listened to pro and con arguments regarding gas and oil extraction, and attended informational sessions given by independent consultants and organizations. As citizens of Pennsylvania, we are, of course, guaranteed certain rights under Article 1, Section 27 of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Governor Wolf, the Delaware Riverkeeper, and now the DRBC are engaged in a campaign to turn a common sense understanding of this section of the PA Constitution into an excuse to take private property from any citizen or establishment without evidence, just cause, or compensation. By ignoring Pennsylvania’s success in regulating fracking everywhere else.  This is what this entire struggle has become for those of us who live on the other side of the mountain from the SRBC.

The claim that hydraulic fracturing is unsafe is the Delaware Basin and not in the Susquehanna Basin is such hypocrisy that I can’t believe our Governor would even consider such a ban. To say the risk is too great to allow this, is not a justifiable reason to take this legal right.

There is no procedure that is without risk. To believe that eliminating this risk in the basin will keep it safe, is absurd. Our roads and railroad alone pose more risk than most people realize. This book I hold is the guidebook intended for use by first responders for identifying transportation incidents involving dangerous goods & hazardous materials. The risk is far greater of loss of life and contamination of property traveling on the roads every day. You just don’t know because those risks are hidden in containers on trucks and trains.

fracking ban

The winter maintenance of our road systems alone puts millions of tons of salt in the ground & water system each year. But no one protest that, and in fact they ask for more! We all want safe roads to drive on, so no one cares if that destroys the environment! Again Hypocrisy!

We all want what’s best for the environment, that’s why there should be good regulations. We all need to be accountable, regardless of what we do. That’s what makes this country great. Freedom with accountability is the basic idea of our great country. The founding fathers understood that when they drafted our Bill Of Rights.

I urge the Governor and the Commission to vote to lift the moratorium and allow for responsible extraction of any natural resources within the Delaware River Basin, or any other Pennsylvania basin.

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2 thoughts on “Striking Back at Scandalous DRBC Fracking Ban: Steven Adams

  1. “… To my knowledge, there is no scientific or other reason to allow this taking without due process. …”

    Maybe Steven Adams should put a little more effort into providing for himself the scientific reasons he alleges are lacking. They are out there.

    As for due process, the courts are always available.

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