Striking Back at Scandalous DRBC Fracking Ban: Fred Peckham

DRBC HearingFred Peckham
Landowner, Hancock NY


This is the testimony of Fred Peckham given at the January 23rd DRBC Hearing in Waymart on their proposed fracking ban. Let it speak for itself.

I am a riverfront land owner from Hancock, NY. My family has made a living using the natural resources in the river valley for over 160 years.

I come here today in defense of my property rights.

fracking ban

The new ban on hydraulic fracturing proposed by the DRBC seems to be nothing more then an unconstitutional attempt at taking of private property rights in the Upper Delaware river basin based on the emotions of special interest rather then science as a guide with absolutely no intentions of paying just compensation to landowners.

It almost seems that the DRBC is trying to take us back to the 1830’s when feudalism was still in use in NY. Where tenants were granted use of the land with the promise of ownership in some future date, paying these landlords fees while never gaining the rights of ownership afforded them by the US Constitution, until the Anti Rent Wars in the 1840’s in Delaware County, NY put an end to this corrupted system once and for all.

It’s been well documented by the SRBC of which several of the same voting members are represented in the DRBC have been using “remote water quality monitoring network and has not detected any discernible impacts on the quality of the Basin’s water resources.

In fact it has become cleaner as waste water treatment methods have become more specialized and technological innovations have been advanced. Given the fact that in the past these differences have been used by the DRBC to justify the moratorium their argument has become invalid.

fracking ban

The development area in the DRB will have a far smaller foot print then in the SRB with only a fraction of the size being considered for development. To date there have been just under 5000 wells completed in the SRB in the ten years since development started and just under 11,000 wells in the entire state of PA. When the DRBC moratorium was declared it was claimed by the DRBC and their special interest groupies that there would be 10,000’s of wells drilled in the DRB which we knew then as we know now is a sky is falling scare tactic used to frighten the public.

The DRBC likes to say they protect the water for 15 million people but 9 million of those people get their water from the NYC water shed an area unaffected by DRBC rulemaking. How can members of the DRBC sit here and convince us it’s OK for the SRB to develop its resources with over 4 million people dependent on its water but not the DRB right next to them?

The DRBC has been taking money from these special interest groupies while at the same time allowing them to sit on several DRBC committees even chairing one while these same groups bring law suites against DRBC, a clear and admitted conflict of interest by the DRBC, an issue which has yet to be resolved.

How in the world can one even contemplate writing land use rules and regulations when the landowners are shut out of rule making process? The landowners of the upper basin have been and will always be the true stewards of their lands. Those sitting in Trenton know what economic effects these rules will have on the people and land owners of the Upper basin and its obvious you don’t care.

Maybe the DRBC should do what it was setup to do, allocate, monitor water usage and quality and stay out of the land use issues. That should be for the states to decide.

These hearings are nothing more than a sham to the DRBC so they can say everyone had there chance to comment. The real test of these unjust rules and regulations has yet to come!  Unfortunately and I say this with deep regret, by the time justice is served it will be too late for many of the Upper Basin landowners, faced with the choice of leaving for greener pastures or facing forced pastoral poverty under their new overlords the DRBC and their minions!

Today, bans on energy development; tomorrow farming, logging and stone quarrying?

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2 thoughts on “Striking Back at Scandalous DRBC Fracking Ban: Fred Peckham

  1. In 2016 I had what they call a Frac Out on my property in Lenox township. DEP has given me every ridiculous excuse there is. I have 3 water test all 3 different. One test has 25.9 mg of sodium…DEP tells me it’s ok to drink it. It’s like the brine they spray on the road with that much salt. I have drilling mud in 3 sinkholes in the middle of my driveway. House and polebuilding is falling apart. Roofs are twisted. NO ONE will help. Can’t find an attorney. Asking and praying maybe someone here can help me….PLEASE. Thank you. Sheila

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