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The DRBC Is Engaged in High Stakes, High-Tech Colonialism

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They want the land, they’ve always wanted it. Now, they’re stealing it out from underneath us—just taking it—with some high stakes, high-tech colonialism.

Two miles west of Waymart, Pennsylvania, where the DRBC will hold two of its hearings on a proposed fracking ban later this month, is the border between the Delaware and Susquehanna River basins. Those on this, the Delaware side, of what might as well as be the Berlin Wall for us, are seeing a theft of our natural resources and economic futures by gentry class colonialists who would prefer our homeland be their playland.


Indeed, land, not water, is what this proposed fracking ban is all about. Those who imagine themselves our betters and desire to protect our land from us so they can enjoy it, have invented the idea fracking represents a threat to water as a way to grab it. They know fracking will stimulate economic development, raise property values and make our land less available for their play and they want it for little or nothing. So, fracking must be stopped. The DRBC is their chosen tool for stopping it and it has created a fracking fairy tale to justify its proposed ban.

Yet, a majority of the DRBC members also serve as the majority of the SRBC. They’re the same people. Moreover, on the other side of that wall between opportunity and despair that is the dividing line between watersheds, is the best laboratory ever created to evaluate impacts of gas drilling. Over 3,000 gas wells have been drilled and hydraulically fractured there and the SRBC has been continuously evaluating the impacts on water for years.

Summarizing those studies in September, the SRBC concluded:

… the Commission’s remote water quality monitoring network has not detected discernible impacts on the quality of the Basin’s water resources as a result of natural gas development…

The DRBC/SRBC members know this, of course. It also cannot have escaped them that:

  • The DRBC and SRBC compacts are nearly identical,
  • Both basins supply drinking water for millions,
  • Both basins include hundreds of miles of “special protection waters,”
  • Gas drilling is safely taking place in those areas, and
  • The DRBC’s offices are heated with SRBC gas.

They ignore these compelling facts because they hope to appease those who want our land; the wealthy elites from the NRDC gang’s Open Space Institute, the William Penn Foundation and others. The DRBC’s notice of proposed regulations, in fact, avoids all mention of SRBC water quality data within their grasp. They have deliberately ignored the central fact of the entire debate; that an organization they themselves control has found fracking has had no “discernible impacts on the quality of … water resources” They pretend their own data doesn’t exist because they need to apply a different standard for purposes of a desired political outcome.


They’re engaged in a massive land grab with the intent of making a wilderness of our land for the enjoyment of elite special interests behind the Delaware Riverkeeper. It’s high-tech colonialism. It’s as arbitrary and capricious as it gets. They’re taking our land and economic future on the basis of a fraud. It’s that simple, that political and that outrageous.

If you feel the same way, say something. Find out how here or watch my video on the subject:

Don’t let them get away with this!

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3 thoughts on “The DRBC Is Engaged in High Stakes, High-Tech Colonialism

  1. There are plenty of wealthy landowners in the watershed, why doesn’t one drill their own well? What will DRBC do? Penn State University drilled a gas well several years ago with NO permits south of Shamokin, Northumberland County without permission from any regulatory agency and guess what happened? NOTHING!
    Call their bluff!

    Landowners should quit whining and do something!

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