We Don’t Need No Stupid PennEast Pipeline, Says Mayor of Gasville

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Mayor Dave Del Vecchio of Lambertville, NJ says he wants to kill an “ill-advised” PennEast Pipeline, ignoring the fact he might as well be Mayor of Gasville.

There’s plenty of demagoguery to go around in New Jersey since Politically Correct Panderer Phil Murphy became governor of the over Garden State, but Mayor Dave Del Vecchio of Lambertville in Hunterdon County is giving the big guy a run for the gold medal in  soapbox oratory.

Mayor Del Vecchio says this:

“We are leaving no stone unturned in our battle to defeat this ill-advised pipeline,” said Lambertville Mayor Dave Del Vecchio. “Now that most of the decisions going forward will be made by New Jersey and regional agencies, we are confident that the fate of this project will be decided on the merits. And the merits favor us.”

Del Vecchio touts a couple of resolutions and a handful of mushy excuses about environmental impacts of pipelines to back up his bloviating about a supposed threat to the city’s water supply and to the Delaware River, conveniently ignoring the most fundamental fact; that he is, for all practical purposes, the Mayor of Gasville.

Yes, Lambertville, New Jersey is almost exclusively heated with fossil fuels, natural gas alone heating 72% of the city’s homes. Here’s a chart illustrating the latest Census breakdown of housing units by home heating fuels utilized:


It’s also worth noting the electricity and propane (which is all of the “other” in this case) are probably generated mostly by natural gas as well, which means four out of five Lambertvillians are served with natural gas, making the dapper Mayor Dave Del Vecchio the unquestioned Mayor of Gasville. The fact he’s personally full of hot air only adds to the validity of the title. Yet, he wants the PennEast Pipeline to go elsewhere. Such is the intellectual honesty of the current crop of New Jersey politicians (not that Chris Crispie, as Mark Levin so elequently labeled him) was much better as the state’s governor.


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3 thoughts on “We Don’t Need No Stupid PennEast Pipeline, Says Mayor of Gasville

    • They make a great Bloody Mary down that way, New Hope across the river too, must be regular gas fired electric generation. Crazy.

  1. I love the energy use demographics. Basic facts speak so much truth. Clearly the residents of Lambertville will embrace higher costs for existence in a cold climate. Better yet, 92 percent should embrace simply closing the valves, attempting local bans oil delivery trucks, and banning the exchange of propane cylinders at every mini-mart. Those little steel cages of cylinders hold enough energy to flatten the mini-mart in the event of an inadvertent explosion. The 92 percent needs to chime in to protect their interests while the fractional percent tout bad science. The 92 percent needs advocacy while their elected officials are chasing shinny objects.

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