The Dividing Line Between Hope and Darkness for the Southern Tier

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New York’s Southern Tier is dying, slowly and painfully, abandoned by its state leaders as it is forced to witness what could be from across a dividing line.

It apparently takes Pennsylvanians to speak up for New York State’s Southern Tier. The Empire State’s leaders are more interested in appeasing a politically correct gentry class domiciled in the ivory towers of Manhattan. Well, that’s not entirely fair. There are numerous New Yorkers willing to speak up and they have done so very articulately and with a passion born of truth. The Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association (PMA) had to provide the forum and they’ve done so with a remarkable good video that is a must-see.

What I’m talking about is a 28 minute video produced by PMA and entitled “The Dividing Line: PA vs. NY Natural Gas Economics.” It superbly illustrates what’s happening in Pennsylvania and what’s not happening in the Southern Tier of New York where hope has been dashed by an uncaring, cunning and corrupt governor intent on burnishing his radical street cred for a run at the Presidency. Here it is:

Listen to Dick Downey and Julie Lewis tell about the plight of the Southern Tier. Listen to Adam Diaz and Gina Suydan talk about what natural gas development has done for the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania, across that dividing line between hope and darkness known as the state border. Southern Tier residents have been dealt a horrible hand by a calloused, conniving government intent upon making a wilderness of the region for the enjoyment of the Park and Rockefeller families. Fighting back is the only hope for the people of the Southern Tier and it’s nice to see Pennsylvania troops join the battle.


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15 thoughts on “The Dividing Line Between Hope and Darkness for the Southern Tier

  1. The fed has the power to overturn NYs ban..

    That’s where the focus needs to be..

    Our illustrious Governor who said he’s open to scientific factual data that Dec./2014 afternoon but based his decision on pure anecdotal testimony …He is a joke..

  2. Haven’t watched the film yet. But I absolutely agree that people’s voices have been silenced in NY. My own as well. These antifracking pipeline activists don’t just dominate when it comes to fracking and development in the southern tier. They are all over the news, at hearings all over most of the time shilling nonsense and speaking over all kinds of people.

  3. This Video is right up there with Fracknation but better represents the people of NY because it’s the People of NY telling the story…excellent job

  4. You definitely have a dividing line;
    The Areas with Gas and the Areas without Gas.
    NY, Southern Tier, doesn’t have the Gas worth drilling for.
    And Adam Diaz is the Token Business Owner for my county in Susquehanna County, Pa..
    He owns most of the businesses connected with the gas industry and otherwise.
    Less than 10% of our businesses are benefiting
    and less than 10% employed by the gas industry
    and less than 10% making any decent money from it…
    We have the most food banks since before the GAS Invasion and we have now about 200 people standing outside the Methodist Church in Montrose, Pa. once a month to receive free food and they have to qualify by income..
    You’re not going to see the riches you’re dreaming about.
    It’s not happening in my county or other counties in Pa..

    • Well Vera, just imagine then how bad it would all be if those “10%-ers” you mention did NOT enjoy those direct benefits (and spread them), did not have jobs at all (and spread that wealth), and were not making any ‘decent money’ to live on and invest. And don’t forget the ‘impact fees’ moving into the communities to benefit you and lower your property taxes!

      Without those, things would be as bad or worse as they were before there was ANY gas industry, right?

      • David, Kind of like they are in NY, right? 10% of something is still better than 100% of nothing!

        Upstate NY has NOTHING. Casinos are underperforming – they are a zero sum game, and nobody in upstate has the money to spend. Solar CIty is a bust, sticking the taxpayers with a billion dollar pricetag. Nanotech – Governor Corruptocrat’s cronies are indicted right and left. Upstate film industry. The pathetic little emperor is really a Midas in reverse – everything he touches turns to crap, corruption, and political grandstanding. To quote the bard, “Truly the soul of this man is in his clothes”

    • Vera, take a look at this graphic from Marcellus formation thickness underneath Broome County varies from 400 to 900 feet. That’s more than you see in Susquehanna County, where there are only 1,079 gas wells (according to your pals at state impact.

      Oh, there’s lots of gas worth drilling for in the Marcellus . . . . and let’s not forget the Utica Shale below that.

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  6. It’s amazing that Cuomo heats all of New York City with the very same hydro fracked natural gas the he won’t allow to be drilled for in New York State. Does he really think we would vote for this pompous clown in Washington?

  7. I said this once here before: You guys need to form a political action committee. The legislature is only interested in those who participate in the election process and the pro-gas people don’t. You can be “right” on the issue, but that means nothing without having a way to implement your agenda. I see zero interest from the pro-gas people in going in this direction.

    For the amount of time and money put into creating this video, you could have instead targeted one of the NYC legislators ( for example, Linda Rosenthal) given the money to their primary opponents. Things like that give electeds fits while this video, frankly, nobody cares about it.

  8. The NY State leader only care about NYC there should be a dividing line in NY so other areas have there own leaders away from NYC , Upstate needs to be heard !

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