Dimock Provocateur Bill Huston Admits He Never Saw What He Claimed

Vic Furman - American PrideVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner, Shale Gas Activist


Vic Furman was in court Friday for another chapter of the Pigs to Rigs case, where Bill Huston was forced to admit he never saw dumping he claimed he had.

Unless the truth is revealed, the lie will live on. I saw that on Friday, March 29, as the Pigs to Rigs saga continued in the Susquehanna County Courthouse in Montrose, Pennsylvania.

After a few motions and evidentiary submissions before the Judge, a new lawyer representing Ray Kemble and Cabot’s attorney came to an agreement providing what’s needed for Ray Kemble to give an evidentiary deposition. Ray is reportedly suffering from cancer surgery and recovery. I wish him well in this fight and pray for his recovery, but he wasn’t the main event Friday. That job fell to Bill Huston.

bill huston

Following the legal maneuvering over Ray’s deposition, it was time for Bill Huston to face questioning. I can equate it with going to the dentist and getting a root canal without anesthesia. Getting Bill to answer any questions with a simple “yes” or “no” was nearly impossible. It also like watching a continuous re-run of “Conspiracy Theory.” Bill Huston is no Mel Gibson, but he sure sounded like him.

Bill was asked, for what seemed like an hour, to provide his address. He kept resisting, saying he was afraid if Cabot knew the address, they would send “their goons” there to stalk and harass him! He claimed he felt threatened.

Oh, did I mention Bill represented himself in court as he was unable to find an attorney? You can imagine how that played.

Anyway, after much back and forth with the judge, Bill finally agreed to write down his address on a paper so Cabot wouldn’t hear it. It was bizarre, but he gave it to the judge.

As I sat there in the court and heard Bill state over and over again that he didn’t live in Pennsylvania with Ray Kemble, I kept wondering if the testimony given in court on February 4th didn’t cause a fallout between Ray and him.  Did Ray toss Huston and his video studio out of the home they theretofore appeared to be sharing?

There seemed to me to be a lot missing, and then found, as the questioning proceeded. Documents were presented showing Bill Huston was receiving mail at Kemble’s Pennsylvania address and using it to solicit mailed donations to continue his anti fossil fuel fictions:

bill huston

From Bill Huston’s blog – March 31, 2019

This led to some further discussion about an incident where Bill Huston reported illegal dumping on a drill site across the road from Ray Kemble’s house, where he seemed to be living. Cabot’s attorney brought out the truth when she asked Bill if he actually saw the so called illegal dumping. Huston said “no” but the truck that he observed going onto the drill site looked lighter coming off! This is how ridiculous it went, as he was forced to admit he didn’t see the dumping he claimed.

As I sat there in the court room listening to Huston deny he lived with Ray, I wanted to shout “liar,” not because I had the definitive proof of where he was living, but because of what he had told the town board in Fenton, New York when I was present. Not only did he making a fanciful claim to being some sort of scientific expert, but he also told them he then lived in Pennsylvania and stated how destroyed it was by drilling.

It was all incredibly revealing. I don’t care where Bill Huston lives, but I do care that he has run a campaign to separate New York landowners from their property rights. He has grossly distorted the truth. And, like other anti-drilling activists, his claims of being an expert are nonsense. Cabot is gradually forcing out the truth about all these people and setting us free. I only Bill and Ray will tell the truth when they’re finally deposed. It will set them free as well.

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13 thoughts on “Dimock Provocateur Bill Huston Admits He Never Saw What He Claimed

  1. You forgot to mention main victory that the Judge agreed Bill is a NY resident and that the subpoena served on Bill by Cabot in PA. is no longer valid.
    Cabot must serve Bill in NY if they still want to depose him.
    Cabot lost this day.
    They couldn’t get any new, definite days for deposition from Ray, Bill and Julanne..
    The truth will set you free also, Vic,
    and especially free from typo errors in your article.
    And don’t forget to tell your Readers that you told me in the courthouse
    you live in my PA. county
    and gave me the road as Mucky Run Rd.,
    which is in Hallstead, Pa..
    So, are you a PA. resident or NY resident?
    May need to know that in case a subpoena for deposition needs to come your way.

    • Isn’t it funny Vera how people can share a definable moment and take away 2 undefined meanings. How people like Bill Huston can make videos and pictires editing them to fit a personal narrative. I have nothing to fear of a subpoena that have been threatened over and over. Tell people Vera where are your truths, why did you parade the water test that Craig Stevens paraded as evidence in pollution when you knew it to be a lie. Why did you tell NYC legislators that all of Dimock water was polluted by drilling harming not only the town but theeople living there. Lies come back to haunt you Vera. BILL is not a scientist nor a mechanical engineer even with the word hobby put in front of them after he is called out on it. Bills own testimonies in court “between me and Craig stevens we dont even hold a degree”

      • You misquote me .
        I never told anyone all of Dimock is polluted..
        You lie also based on your bias and narrative..
        I don’t parade any water tests that I know to be a lie.

        You have your stories.

        Did you visit Debbie Maye’s home in Dimock and hear and see her water contamination and if so, tell us about it or is she lying, too.

  2. To answer your residency question Vera both, primary NY. One does not have to have his name on a deed to be a resident in Pa.. you know a lawyer…ask Bill. My point in exposing to you I stay in PA on the farm I grew up on, worked on, for over 55 years was to share with you the fact that I know the well water, the air, and even the roads, are the same as before drilling. When we use to load 100 pound tanks of milk and take them to the creamery back in the sixties in an old GMC pickup we use to joke about the milk would be butter because of the very rough road in. But you’re a transplant from NJ. Who probably didn’t know Montrose had a creamery

  3. So Vera states she never said Dimock was polluted by gas drilling. She also in court would not place her hand on a bible before being sworn in instead of opting to be affirmed. Read the last line of her own words in this Dimock Posting.

  4. https://youtu.be/k_jOsymIjS0

    Bill is sadly like much of the antifracking movement as I imagine Vera is as well. They are self-anointed experts and any hard look at them and their behavior reveals their lack of expertise and usually ethics as well.

  5. Did anyone get the ID of Ray’s new lawyer? Who is paying the lawyer? Is this local talent, or did some unnamed organization throw money on the table to bring in a hired gun?


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