Dimock Lawyers Acted Without Defendant’s Knowledge in Wanton Conduct?

Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

The Dimock lawyers alleged to have used and abused Ray Kemble by filing a lawsuit in his name against Cabot Oil and Gas have been called out — by the court!

Members of the national news media have seldom, if ever, gotten the story correct on Dimock. A recent AP article about Cabot pulling out of settlement talks with trial lawyers who represented Ray Kemble in a lawsuit against Cabot Oil and Gas on his behalf provides a useful illustration. A set of attorneys from Missouri and Kingston, Pennsylvania, ignoring an existing settlement resolving all of Kemble’s claims, inexplicably filed new litigation against Cabot and then, just as rapidly, sought a dismissal of it on their own motion.

Cabot responded with its own lawsuit against the attorneys for this frivolous behavior. The underlying theme of the AP piece, obviously driven by input from these accused Dimock lawyers, as I shall hereafter refer to them, is that Cabot has targeted Kemble, but the real story, as so often is the case with modern agenda-driven journalism, is obscured but what is not told.

dimock lawyers

Here, in fact, are just a few of the things left out of the AP story: (1) what the case was really about; a lawsuit prohibited by a previous settlement, (2) the names of the accused Dimock attorneys, (3) the fact Ray Kemble alleges the attorneys acted without his approval and (4) the reasons Cabot has withdrawn, as laid out succinctly by the court itself. The AP, in other words, left out every important fact about the case.

Fortunately, we are not solely dependent on the AP for our news. A local news outlet called The Susquehanna County Independent has closely followed the case from the beginning and a great reporter by the Reggie Sheffield was there in court the other day to hear the facts the AP has chosen to hide. He properly starts the story not with the Cabot withdrawal from settlement talks, as AP did, but with the real news and it’s not about Ray Kemble but, rather, his supposed former attorneys (emphasis added):

Attorneys who once represented the Dimock Twp. man sued by gas giant Cabot Oil & Gas must now pay the bills the gas company ran up in repeatedly trying to get those attorneys’ financial records Susquehanna County’s top judge said last week.

In another development, since those same attorneys still had not turned over the requested records last week, Cabot withdrew from settlement discussions with them, saying they only agreed to the discussions under the conditions that the defendants continued to exchange pre-trial documents and negotiate in good faith.

“Because the Defendants refused to negotiate in good faith, Cabot withdrew from the conference in early March,” Cabot spokesman George Stark said in a prepared release this week.

The defendants include Kansas City, Missouri, attorney Charles E Speer and members of the Kingston, Luzerne County, law firm of Fellerman & Ciarimboli. The lawyers once represented anti-fracking activist Raymond Kemble of Dimock.

Notice Sheffield doesn’t hide the role or the names of the out-of-town Dimock lawyers who peddled the “pigs to rigs” lawsuit only to seek its dismissal via their own motion, as if the whole thing was nothing but a stunt. He also reports this startling bit of news:

In a deposition taken last year; Kemble claimed that his former attorneys acted without his knowledge when they brought the 2017 lawsuit against Cabot.

What? Ray Kemble is saying he was victimized by these three attorneys and they acted without his knowledge? Why wasn’t that bombshell part of the AP story? Did Speer, Fellerman and Ciarimboli and company somehow forget to mention this little bit of news? They certainly knew but, then again, it’s probably not smart to bother telling an otherwise empathetic reporter the former client you still want to sell as the victim actually thinks you’re one of his victimizers. And, from the AP perspective it hardly fits the desired narrative of big oil versus local character either; so “let’s all just move on folks, nothing to see here.”

For the rest of us, though, this is the tipoff to the real story and Sheffield points out this:

[Judge] Legg’s order Friday imposed monetary sanctions for the attorney defendants’ repeated failure to turn over records. The sanctions include the costs incurred by Cabot in preparing legal arguments seeking the records and related expenses, including travel.

So, maybe we should examine that order a bit. It’s pretty simple actually, not saying a whole lot more than Cabot’s motion for sanctions to be applied is granted and laying out how the company is to be reimbursed by the Dimock lawyers. But, then there is these lengthy footnotes, which may be characterized as a Toby Keith “boot in your ass” directed at those same Dimock lawyers to remind them what serious trouble they’re in (emphasis added):

1. This litigation has a tortured history relating to difficulties encountered by plaintiffs in seeking discovery responses from defendants. Indeed, plaintiffs have filed numerous motions to compel – and the court has responded by directing defendants to respondand the parties continue to struggle to complete the discovery in this case. As to the most recent issue, plaintiffs served a third request for production of documents on defendants on August 5, 2019. Despite the requirement that defendants respond within 30 days under Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure 4009.12(a) , no timely response was provided. On October 22, 2019, plaintiffscounsel notified defendants’ counsel via email that the response was late but received no response. On October 25, 2019, the court conducted a hearing on another issue and plaintiffscounsel made an oral motion seeking an order from the court to compel defendants to answer the third request for production. On that same date, the court entered an order directing the defendants to file an answer within thirty (30) days to the third request for product ion. As of the date of the October 25, 2019 order, defendants’ response was already approximately 50 days delinquent.Defendants again failed to respond by the court-imposed deadline of November 25, 2019. On December 2, 2019, plaintiffs’ counsel again contacted defendants’ counsel seeking guidance as to the outstanding response to plaintiffsthird request for production. Defendants counsel indicated that the delay was occasioned by the need to obtain verifications . On December 10, 2019, plaintiffscounsel again inquired as to defendants delinquent responses, and, after receiving no reply, filed the present motion for sanctions on December 13, 2019 .

The court scheduled a hearing on the motion for sanction for March 6, 2020. On March 2, 2020, just four days prior to the sanction hearing, defendants finally provided plaintiffs with the response to plaintiffsthird request for production. Defendants’ response was made nearly 4 months after the court imposed deadline of November 25, 2019. When reviewed in its totality, defendants took nearly 6-months to respond to plaintiffs‘ third request for production – and when the response was received, it contained 5 screen-shot pictures of a computer screen. Defendants have provided no reasonable excuse for not only the initial failure to respond but also the blatant disregard of this court’s order that compelled production no later than November 25, 2019.

2. In assessing the appropriate sanction for a discovery violation, a trial court must consider: (1) the nature and severity of the discovery violation; (2) the defaulting partys willfulness or bad faith; (3) prejudice to the opposing party; and (4) the ability to cure the prejudice. See McGovern v. Hospital Service Assn of Northeastern Pa .. 785 A.2d 1012, 1019 (Pa. Super. 2001). Defendants have amassed a disturbing history of discovery violations in this case – and those violations have prejudiced plaintiffs to the extent that this litigation has been stalled without reasonable justification or excuse. Given the failure of defendants to provide any reasonable excuse for the abject failure to comply with a simple discovery request coupled with defendants’ act of ignoring the October 25, 2019 order for months, the record demonstrates that the defendants conduct was willful. As to the ability to cure the prejudice, the financial sanction will cure the financial prejudice suffered by plaintiffs as a result of the need to continually seek court- intervention to obtain compliance from defendants as to their discovery obligation.

That’s an angry judge if there ever was one, but it’s not the first time these three amigos, Speer, Fellerman and Ciambiroli have raised the Judge’s ire. No, on October 31, 2019, during the time Judge Legg references above, in one of his previous orders, castigated these Dimock lawyers in an equally stunning and significant way with a different footnote, which explains why Cabot’s discovery is so important and why the Dimock lawyers are so resistant to it (spelling of Kemble corrected):

Punitive damages may be imposed where a defendant’s conduct rises to the level of “outrageous” behavior, which has been further explained to constitute conduct that is “intentional, willful, wanton or done with a bad motive or with a reckless Indifference to the Interests of others.” Ogozaly. 67 Pa. D.&C.4th at 333 (citations and internal quotations omitted). In this case, the record currently establishes that defendant Raymond Kemble (Kemble), while represented by separate legal counsel, entered into settlement negotiations with plaintiff Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation( Cabot) to amicably resolve litigation centered abound allegations that Cabot had contaminated Kemble’s well water. A settlement agreement was reached between Cabot and Kemble. During the period where Kemble was considering the settlement offer, defendant Charles Speer (Speer) began to secretly represent Kimble and Speer was aware of the settlement agreement between Cabot and Kemble. Thereafter, the Lawyer Defendants, with full knowledge of the prior settlement between Cabot and Kemble, initiated a separate federal litigation by Kemble against Cabot Involving similar claims as hose resolved through the settlement agreement. Eventually, the Lawyer Defendants were forced to voluntarily abandoned (sic) the second litigation.

Kimble contends that the Lawyer Defendants acted without his permission, consent or knowledge in filing the second federal litigation – while the lawyer Defendants contest the former client’s claims of ignorance. Regardless of the extent of Kemble’s knowledge of the second federal litigation against Cabot, the Lawyer Defendants knowingly and intentionally initiated the second federal litigation with full knowledge of the prior settlement agreement between Kimble and Cabot. At the time of oral argument, counsel for the Lawyer Defendants provided no good faith basis to support the belief that the second federal litigation was not barred by the settlement agreement between Cabot and Kemble. Even if such proof were eventually submitted, a question of fact would remain as to whether the Lawyer Defendants initiated the second federal litigation in good faith or whether it was an effort to extort additional monies from Cabot for claims that had already been settled with Kimble. A determination that a prima facie case for punitive damages exists only acknowledges that the evidence submitted by the plaintiff – if believed by a jury – would support a claim for punitive damages. On the current record, plaintiffs have submitted evidence of intentional, willful and wanton conduct by the Lawyer Defendants in filing a second federal litigation with full knowledge of the prior settlement agreement between Cabot and Kimble. As such, the record supports plaintiffsrequest to proceed with wealth discovery under Rule 4003.7.

This is the story AP hid and what a story it is; the judge in the case finding the Dimock lawyers “secretly” represented Ray Kemble, who says he didn’t even know what they were doing. And, punitive damages? Talk about bombshells! And, AP didn’t think it was worth mentioning? Talk about fake news! Meanwhile, the real news of Ray Kemble’s victimization (so he says) by the Dimock lawyers earns crickets from everyone except the folks at the Susquehanna Independent who know the rest of the story.

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48 thoughts on “Dimock Lawyers Acted Without Defendant’s Knowledge in Wanton Conduct?

  1. The lawsuit by Speer has a valid reason because of new fracking of the Gesford wells on Ray’s road and new, further contamination of Ray’s water and those on that road and nearby.
    This happened in 2012

    Cabot is responsible for further and new contamination.
    Cabot still paying for water delivery in this area of Dimock.

    This is what you are leaving out of the story.

    Cabot’s lawyers are also withholding documents and Discovery and also withholding documents in the George Stark deposition besides holding the Non-disclosure / Settlement Agreement under court seal.

    Whatever, Cabot accuses the Defendants of, Cabot also commits.

    George Stark refused to bring documents requested to his deposition.

    What is Cabot hiding?

  2. Those are serious accusations there, Vera. I hope you can back them up with substantial evidence, but knowing you I won’t hold my breath.

  3. I’ve often thought that Kemble was being used by people like Vera and Hope For Peace. I never thought his lawyers would too.

    • No one uses Ray Kemble.
      He is doing all his can to expose this dirty Industry
      and more will come out unless Cabot bails out and drops the case.

      Think again, Donald Roessler…

      The ones who are using you and the whole county and State is Cabot Oil and Gas…

      • Ray didn’t know his lawyers filed case. You and Hope For Peace promote videos of Ray making him think he’s a celebrity while trying to make a name for yourselves by promoting videos you made of him. In those videos he often makes a fool of himself making wild false claims such as having weapons grade uranium in his water. Give me a break !!!

      • Vera are you threatening Cabot if they don’t drop the case ?? That could get you in some serious trouble. This is extortion.

        • As an employee of Cabot are you saying Cabot did not cause contamination now. In direct violation of the concent order and agreements signed by Dan D. CEO. There are criminal issues opened up if this is Cabot’s statement on the contamination in Dimock now.

    • “Kemble was being used by people like Vera and Hope For Peace.” (though Tom lets others post here under fake names – Toms rule for me = use my Babylon name – this IS Hope Forpeace commenting)

      I have spent years of my life creating a documentary film that shows the real trials these victims face.

      I am putting that film out to raise money for pollution victims = all the proceeds.

      HOW is that using the victims? The film cost me personally thousands of dollars to produce … IN fact I give my life to help them .. as trained people like you sit around bashing them and bashing those of us helping them.

      Looks like you get a paycheck from this industry: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/10/101022-energy-gas-faces-shale-pictures/

      is that correct?

      And I seem to remember you and I have a personal history when you got angry with me and attacked my social media account .. do you remember? I have the evidence still. No doubt the truths I have posted here will enrage you and possibly even drive you to such an attack again – I don’t care. I am not afraid of any of you. YOU can’t pass wrong for right forever and you will finally reap as you have sown for decades)

      • Guess what Hope ? My water was never contaminated with weapons grade uranium like the lies you, Vera and Ray promote. You’re FB was shut down because you were promoting your business without following their rules to do so.

          • You’re the one lying. I never said that you. Put words in my mouth and call me a liar. That’s typical of you and we can all see it.

  4. I don’t have to prove it to you, Spuds,
    the man that can’t even give his real name.

    it’s all in the dockets and testimony and filed motions in the case.
    Go to Montrose and read the docket and documents and depositions.

    You wouldn’t believe me even if I show you the documents.

    Those who are involved and been following the case know all this and more.

    • Well thank you kindly there, Vera. I just might have to make the trip to see for myself. At the same time, you should tour the Southern Tier and parts of Central New York where towns are economically collapsing in on themselves while your cohorts in Planet Ithaca are fighting upgrades to existing pipelines nevermind drilling.
      If you weren’t aware, NY is bound to go bankrupt within a decade or so. It is 6.1 Billion in debt (via Medicaid costs) due to poor financial management by Emperor Cuomo. That is just the tip of the iceberg as they say when you add in the necessary infrastructure improvement costs for environmental improvements. There is no way to pay for it and even wealthy statists in NYC are leaving the state in droves because they cannot deal with the extreme taxation. I don’t have to use my true name because why should I endure retaliation from the Cuomonian Empire??

  5. Vera we definitely want to see proof, because as of right now it sounds like that the people using Cabot Oil and Gas really don’t have a case to the point where they’re own lawyers are going, “,yea…. no.” So show some proof or were just going to go with your full of hot air.

  6. Tom,

    Cabot polluted the aquifer in Dimock a decade ago. Cabot denies it to this day and has convinced many – like you – that their gas extraction activities had nothing to do with water pollution in Dimock, thus calling all the pollution victims and DEP liars.

    In 2012 when DEP allowed Cabot to frack gas wells inside the 9 mile moratorium – more cases of water pollution occurred, including Ray’s neighbor Morcom, just two houses away from Rays. Ray’s water well turned black again after that 2012 fracking.

    Cabot argued in court that the settlement Ray signed for the earlier pollution gives Cabot the right to pollute Ray Kemble’s property as long as he lives there.

    Do you agree with Cabot?

    If so – would you abide such a claim by a company that was polluting your PROPERTY?

  7. Barry, hate to disappoint your imagination…

    Ray and I are not getting paid for our speaking out…
    We don’t need to be paid.
    Our truth will stand the test of time.

    And if we were being paid, believe me,
    Cabot lawyers and investigators would find out and blast it out to this site and be happy to let you know.

    And what about you Barry and your brand of BS.. being paid??

    • Ray was getting paid.

      I’m getting social security and Navy retirement. Thanks to the rich elite trustfunders and their lying media pals, I’m unable to lease my land in New York, while landowners in Susquehanna County have made billions over the past 10 years.

          • Ahhh – there you are Tom – will reply without evidence to smear Ray – possibly as paid to as we do not YET know if you have been on Cabot’s payroll all along …

            but you refuse to answer:
            “Cabot argued in court that the settlement Ray signed for the earlier pollution gives Cabot the right to pollute Ray Kemble’s property as long as he lives there.

            Do you agree with Cabot?”

            Know WHY you fail to reply to THAT question?

            I do.

  8. LOL… I am Spuds

    No… It’s me. I am Spuds. Or am I?

    2012.. do you know how much the technology has changed since 2012, Vera? You seem forever ignorant and, apparently, by choice.

    • Vera and fellow traveller Jan Lemas made their minds up years ago. Facts need not apply. Susquehanna River Basin Commission has had over 50 stations on the river monitoring water quality at five minute intervals since 2010. “To date, the Commission’s remote water quality monitoring network has not detected discernible impacts on the quality of the Basin’s water resources as a result of natural gas development, but continued vigilance is warranted. ”

      Vera and Jan assert that gas wells have been polluting the aquifer for years. Why doesn’t it show up in the river?

      • Barry, Feel free to post evidence I have ever forwarded fact free information.

        I never said fracking polluted the Susquehanna river. I have stated a fact over and over that water wells HAVE been polluted by fracking and related gas extraction and that Cabot did pollute many water wells in Dimock.

        That is a fact that Tom nor likely you will never admit.

        So don’t lie about ME being fact free when you and yours can never admit that fracking related water pollution can and does occur.

        • If there are pollutants in the water table, why is it that the river never gets contaminated?

          And let’s remember that, as I’ve pointed out to you before, that 40% of the fresh water wells in PA fail at least one Federal water qualify standard. This includes wells in counties where no drilling has taken place, as documented by the USGS for Wayne County.

          I’ve also posted about several specific instances of contamination from bad casing cement jobs, and posted links to DEP records that confirm some pollution has been documented. I’ve also posted links to DEP records noting that the casings were fixed, additional tested found no further contamination, and cleanups were successful. You can’t seem to remember any of that.

          DEP appears to have concluded that Cabot did cause water pollution, and made Cabot clean it up. Land owners were compensated, bought out, and supplied with water until cleanups were complete. Read the DEP reports. The DEP continues to inspect wells long after actual drilling operations have been completed. Between 1 Jan 2008 and 22 Nov 2019 (last time I pulled data from DEP web site) Cabot wells in Susquehanna County were inspected 9,774 times. No violations were noted in 9097 inspections, or 93% of the time. In 2012 there were a total of 14 violations noted, and they’ve all been corrected.

          • DEP never said there was WEAPONS GRADE uranium in his water because that is impossible.

      • None that were publicized. Now increases in cross boarder testing were identified as the gas drilling started expanding into new water sheds. Especially when I got to know the SRBC executive director, way before the snow flakes started to go to SRBC meetings. Then you have to look at what the monitoring stations are looking at. There was one stream, a native trout stream, that had a huge pH change one day. The idiots were dumping water from the well on the road for dust control. Overall how many tons of total nitrogen, total phosphorus and total suspended solids have been added by the oil and gas sector since 2006 in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Just the TSS was going to take 2 years off the life of one dam for blocking TP for 20 more years. Well before the 2011 flood screwed that up blowing TP in to the Bay. There is stuff going on that no one has any idea of with the Bay now and a few people that want to hide the numbers for TN, TP and TSS that the oil and gas industry has added over the last decade. All j have to do is contact a few rain tax opponents and give them the ammo.

  9. I figured you would answer that way.

    hiding behind your supposed vast knowledge
    making your usual judgments.

    come to Montrose Courthouse and read the docket documents and speak to the defendant Ray Kemble
    and myself and others and hear the other side .

    We only give you bits and pieces on this blog site.

    Don’t worry you will survive finding out that you don’t know it all..

  10. others on this blog from NY are using their real names
    are they being retaliated by Gov. Cuomo?

    find out about the debt level in the Pa. Government with 20 counties being fracked for over ten years.
    Gas is not your Savior…

    here is info on Pa. State Debt:
    This graph shows the state and local government debt of Pennsylvania from the fiscal year of 1999 to the fiscal year of 2018 with an additional forecast to the fiscal year of 2024. In the fiscal year of 2018, Pennsylvania state debt stood at about 47.99 billion U.S. dollars.

    Pa. State Debt is way higher than NY.
    You really should consider staying in NY and not consider moving to Pa..

    and come to visit us in Pa. and consider learning something from the other side that you consider “ignorant”.

  11. That’s for you to find out and ask the scientists. .
    and don’t forget to ask our DEP why they gave faulted the gas industry for polluting our water wells in dozens of cases in my county alone.
    But you might consider yourself more all-knowing than our DEP.

    WE only mention the contamination that our DEP has determined .

    Have to compare what DEP tests for and what the SRBC tests for.

    Our DEP still enforces a 9 sq. mile moratorium on Dimock where Cabot can not do any further drilling or fracking because of the impacts to the water.

    We have other areas besides Dimock in my county where folks lost their potable water and the gas industry has been faulted, fined, and settlements were made.

    But since you seem to know more and better than our DEP and impacted residents, you can notify them and tell them that their determinations are all bullshit.

    And while you’re at it, consider applying for the job of Director of the Pa. DEP and set us all straight. .

    • Vera, I suggest you take a look at Google Earth. Plot the corners of the Dimock 9 square mile area. Count the number of well pads in the area. With the ability to drill multiple laterals from one bore, and the number of bores already within the area, there’s just no need to drill any more wells. Cabot stopped drilling because there was no need to, and no more room.

      It’s those darn facts, Vera.

      Why is it that you keep claiming poverty, when the GDP of Susquehanna County is higher than that of Broome County, with a much smaller population? What’s the difference? Money (over $8 billion in royalties alone over the past 10 years) from natural gas in PA.

  12. Even if the worst of the alleged water pollution by Cabot is found to be true, the plain facts that (1) Cabot made every effort to do right by those affected, such as paying them twice the assessed market values of their respective properties in cash, thus giving them the option of staying or leaving and purchasing another home elsewhere + (2) the vast amounts of clean-burning, carbon-reducing natural gas that was, is and will continue to be produced, which is now replacing much coal in electricity production, and thus helping to lower the U.S. of A’s carbon pollution more and better than any other Country on Earth + (3) the incredible amounts of Royalty monies being paid each and every month to local landowners both big and small; it is worth it all when weighed in the balance.
    Oh, I almost forgot, (4) the seven-figure sum of money (that’s MILLIONS) of dollars that Cabot donated / invested in the brand-new hospital for the benefit of all.

  13. Cabot donated directly only two million to our hospital that cost over 50 million to build and other private citizens donated a million or more and didnt make a big show of it as Cabot does.

    Cabot has made efforts but not resolved the pollution of private water wells and still supplying water because they have not resolved the issues.

    Cabot has imposed gag-orders, non-disclosures on a bunch of our
    residents so the whole truth can not be revealed .
    Cabot is not into full transparency.
    Once you lose your first amendment rights and can not speak freely, you are no longer a full, American Citizen.

    • It didn’t cost $50 million, Vera, and you can check the 990 returns if you don’t believe me. Regardless, Cabot’s contribution, assuming your $2 million is correct, was huge. Yet, you denigrate it because that’s what spoiled children of the 1960s who have never contributed anything to their community other than dissension do. Tell us what you’ve done for the hospital, Vera. Tell us what you’ve done for local emergency services and other volunteer community groups other than your phony special interest groups and your attention-getting stunts. Tell us anything you’ve done other than promote your own causes.

  14. I’ve done many helpful, giving things all my adult life with or without money and don’t have to brag about them like Cabot and you.

    What is the price of the Hospital since you know?

  15. Well, Barry, only a few getting millioins with hundreds of acres..
    how many acres do you have?
    most getting small amounts.

    you get paid by the acre and depending on much the wells are producing.

    Find out what Ray was actually getting paid for and the amounts and not the rumors and misinformation.

    • Vera, the amount paid depends on the actual contract signed and the amount paid for gas, which varies over time. Ray appears to own a 4.5 acre parcel on the east side of State Route 3023. I don’t know how much Ray was paid for his initial signing, for any gas extracted, or for the settlement. Not sure of the source, but someone posted that Ray got $150,000 in the settlement with Cabot. Then there’s the money he was getting every month for a while afterwards from some lawyers fronting for various anti groups.

      Me: total payments from anybody – – zero. I’m retired, and still helping my kids pay off college loans.

      • Barry, you still haven’t told us how many acres you have.

        it depends on your acreage, besides the lease royalty rate and the production amounts of the wells and the market gas prices.

        I’ll give an example:
        A friend of mine in my county has 40 acres and all of them are in the production unit and his royalty rate is 21% , which is the highest I’ve seen, but most have a rate of 12 % and he now gets about $2,000 a month which has been getting lower each year and that amounts to about $50. an acre .
        He is across from three gas wells.
        and not all gas wells produce the same.
        Some are lower or higher producers than others.
        Different parts of my county produce widely, varying amounts of production.
        If you’re in my section of the county, which is northwest, there are very low, gas well producers.
        I have friends that get under $100. a month with 12 acres from the gas wells near them.
        Then one has to pay taxes on this income.

        It’s not a get-rich kind of situation.

        Sorry, you have to pay for your kids education.
        Didn’t Gov. Cuomo pass a bill for free education at the State Schools?

        We need free colleges and universities for the average family.

        • The last, THE VERY LAST, thing we need is “free’ education which would be hugely more expensive than now and eliminate every shred of accountability in our educational institutions.

        • Vera, Cuomo makes lots of promises to anyone who gives him campaign contributions. He’s the worst thing to happen to New York State in the last 50 years. Since my kids are already done with college, I’m stuck helping them.

          In 2011 a family in the same NY town I live in signed a lease as part of a coalition that included 25 NY properties and a much larger number of PA properties. This particular family got an initial payment of $225,000 in 2012, but since no wells were drilled in NY, no additional money was paid. I own a nearly identical parcel, but was working with another (and much larger) New York landowner coalition. Our rights as landowners were taken away by the state.

          The amount of land I own is none of your business. Are you a land owner? Your name doesn’t appear to show up in public records.

          Free college isn’t free: somebody has to pay for the staff salaries, buildings, power. And you green folks are jacking up the price of power with every whacky renewable idea.

  16. 2012
    Please update your arsenal Vera. I was at the Holiday Inn Arena in Binghamton NY when John Hanger former head of Pa-DEP addressed a room full of NY politicians and landowners about the quick and wrong decision for a water pipeline from Montrose to Dimock. Where he stated the jump to react to accusations of pollution by Carter Road residents was political and not scientific. That the pocket of shallow biogenetic gas that was drilled into creating a force of energy to agitate the water tables along the ground fault causing sediment containing natural earth metals common in the northeast to mix with water wells. Fracking had not yet taken place in the gas wells. The head of the DEP John Hanger informed the audience it was and is the Agency responsibility to act on the accusations with extreme prejudice to ensure public safety above all else. That the decision not to install a 14 million dollar pipeline to bring water to families was made once it was determined it was turbidity that caused the water to turn brown temporarily and not fracking. You were there to Vera I saw you there, lined up with protestors outside. You should have come in and learned

    • Remember this was at a time when a few members of the DEP NERO office where held liable for a few million personally for not issuing an air quality permit. The DEP workers were scared at the time and those three had to pay their own lawyers to win on the appeal a few years later.. I was able to talk with one of those defendants at a meeting at NERO after the appeal was susessful. As for naturally occurring biogenic gas in Dimock, sure. Only in some locations by looking at the soil cover. There are areas with peat moss. The but is, they burn differently an the composition is different in length from thermogenic gas.. biogenic burns orange, thermogenic blue. The other issue was the governor’s office issuing orders. One example is oversized loads on weekends. From noon Saturday to seven am Monday there are to be no oversized loads in PA. Except for a Corbit executive order. Oil and gas traffic can operate, now law passed, just and order. Well I should be going to another meeting with the DEP at NERO fairly soon. Also in 2012 they only had a few more Wells in the affected area to frack. After fracking more residents of the area started to receive water delivery. Another item, as those Wells were fracked, did other Wells have a small increase around them. That means communication between the wells and headaches for property owners getting paid.


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