Dimock Junkyard Plaintiff Ray Kemble Stars in “Pigs to Rigs – Act II”

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The Cabot Oil & Gas lawsuit against a gang of “pigs to rigs” trial lawyers and their Dimock junkyard plaintiff Ray Kemble advanced yesterday with hilarity.

Act II in the “Pig to Rigs” lawsuit took place yesterday inn Montrose at the Susquehanna County Courthouse. Act I took place, of course, when Cabot Oil & Gas filed a lawsuit against seedy pig farm suer Charlie Speer, his Luzerne County trial lawyer associates and Ray Kemble, the Dimock junkyard plaintiff fractivists have resorted to using as their poster child, despite his complete lack of credence.

Act II consisted of Ray making stupid statements for the cameras and the benefit of his usual suspect friends on the fractivist fringe. Here’s the WNEP report:

WBRE/WYOU offered its own report on Act II noting this:

Since Cabot first filed its lawsuit back in August, Ray Kemble says he’s contacted at least 30 different attorneys to represent him. None of the lawyers he contacted would represent him until he found Rich Raider’s firm two weeks ago.

The effort to paint Ray as David up against Goliath notwithstanding, it’s more than a little bizarre for a defendant to acknowledge 30 attorneys wouldn’t take his case, isn’t it? We live at a time when law firms are contracting, law schools are closing and many attorneys earn less than plumbers, yet Ray couldn’t find one? Most of us might be inclined to conclude our case was poor at that point, but Ray is anybody but most of us as his court appearance and plethora of outrageous videos have made abundantly clear.

He did find Attorney Rich Raiders, though, who happens to be a favorite of the Sierra Club and has a side business in dermatology. He’s also involved in several pipeline eminent domain cases. One wonders who’s paying him. Ray, after all, seems to claim he has nothing, even giving Craig Stevens (yes, that Craig Stevens) his power of attorney. Bill Huston witnessed it, in fact.

Not so coincidentally, I expect, Craig Stevens, whose name appears in the lawsuit, has an association with the various lawyers who represented Ray in his now withdrawn lawsuit. He went to them to incorporate his Energy In Denial group, which just happened to place an ad in the Des Moines Register; prime hunting grounds for “Pigs to Rigs” lawyer Charlie Speer,. Speer is another member of Ray’s former legal team, who rapidly withdrew when they got caught with their pants down in this matter, after they had unmercifully used Ray. Some of these same lawyers also represented Stevens in a lawsuit against the Borough of Montrose.

So, who is calling the shots here for Ray? His David routine doesn’t seem to match the reality of the situation. Was he’s really just a patsy set up by Stevens and his gang of “Pigs to Rigs” trial lawyers to create some more publicity for them? As I noted in my previous post on this subject, “discovery is going to be a nightmare for Speer, Kemble and allies.” That includes Stevens. Maybe we’ll even learn who might be paying him and Ray for flying all over the country doing fractivist events. Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, there are more than a few elements of this story the media, always eager for a man bites dog story involving the oil and gas industry, has missed or, more likely, ignored. Not only is Ray no David, but he’s also not just some “outspoken” opponent as every news story describes him. Such descriptions tend to erase the blemishes of his obnoxious behavior, false accusations, wild exaggerations, filthy language and all the rest. Moreover, it would seem he’s clearly being sponsored by someone who finances his extensive fractivist travel. Here’s what the AP and others call “outspoken.” See if that’s how you’d describe it:

I’d say not. Indeed, with all those blemishes on the Ray Kemble record, it’s no wonder her hired a lawyer who serves as CEO of dermatology firm.

There is also the little matter of the history of this case, which began in 2013, shortly after Ray Kemble publicly settled his claims against Cabot in 2012, when “Pigs to Rigs” lawyer Speer and company announced their intent to initiate a second litigation despite being aware of Ray’s then relatively recent settlement. Then, in 2017, Speer and Company (on behalf of Ray) filed a motion to dismiss its own case, after asking Cabot waive its right to seek fees and costs (which Cabot refused to do). The Court then dismissed the case and Cabot proceeded too sue.

Reporters suggesting this matter is all about Ray’s complaints and disparagement of Cabot are not telling this crucial part of the story; that the case brought by Speer and company was so bad they moved to dismiss it themselves. They had absolutely nothing. Think readers of their articles should have known? Yeah, me too, but that’s not how modern journalism works. Today, if it’s Dimock, it rocks, regardless of facts, of history or the character of the accusers.

The facts, of course, support nothing Speer and company or Ray have alleged. I addressed this in a 2014 post here about the “Fractivist ‘Say Anything, Do Anything’ Template,” noting the following regarding accusations made in the above video:

…let’s focus on Ray’s statement at 1:50 that “you’re going to be in a body bag after you drink that water” which is followed by screenshots of the water tests to which he’s referring. Here they are:


This table lists the results for 36 different tests on Ray Kemble’s water, tests conducted by his expert. Notice the table includes three lines for each item; the EPA primary drinking water standard (health factors), their secondary drinking water standards (aesthetic factors) and the sample results. There is not a single case among the 36 tests where the results exceed either EPA drinking water standard. Here’s another page profiled in the video with more of the same:


This particular table compares test results with minimum detect levels for each item (the lowest amount at which the testing will accurately reveal the presence of the item). We see the highest results (none exceed EPA standards) are to be found in the case of sodium (salt that is likely attributable to Ray’s water softener), calcium and iron, the latter two being completely natural and tending to accumulate in wells that aren’t used regularly. Infrequently used water sources will often have an orangish color from the iron, in fact.

And, then, there’s this.

These are the facts that don’t matter to Ray’s band of malcontents, the fractivist funders and groups who use them or the “Pigs to Rigs” trial lawyers exploiting them all or to the supposed journalists who get their jollies singing the Dimock jingle. It would all be quite entertaining but for the crudity, the deception, the incompetence and the truth. Still, I have to admit taking some joy myself in helping to expose them all to those who count most with me—you, the readers and supporters of the industry. So, let the play continue.

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8 thoughts on “Dimock Junkyard Plaintiff Ray Kemble Stars in “Pigs to Rigs – Act II”

  1. If Cabot had paid you enough for you to bother being there, you’d know enough to update your insults about Ray’s spare cars, from “junkyard”, to valuable “PROPERTY” that Cabot corrected the judge to and testified that it was jealous it wasn’t the one to get the money from some recent sales of.

  2. Go Cabot…
    Before Craig and Julie took down their Facebook and after they took Cabots money Craig S. wrote
    “Dont worry about the brown jug i will carry it for you”

  3. Hey sheppy
    Obviously you havent been on the crappy end of the energy company law stick, trying to hire a lawyer. The lawyers fees exceed the home/land value and the energy companies know it. They STOLE my land by eminent domain and NO LAWYER (they don’t work for free) would take the case as its a losing proposition for lawyers as they already know the odds are stacked against our cases due to lobby/BRIBE monies paid to the politicians and judges, by the energy and pipeLIE craporations. Its a sad state of affairs when people have to relinquish their 1st amendment right to free speech for clean water/air which was stolen along with his property value by a for profit craporations need for GREED. If you weren’t on the energy company dole, you could possibly open your mind and see the masses HARMED over the few locals that will prosper. At least the few locals could then afford to move elsewhere. While they abandon their homes for places where you can drink the water. Leaving their neighbors to SUFFER the consequence of their GREED.

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