Dimock Fractivists and Funders Throw Friends Under the Bus

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The saddest part of the story regarding Dimock fractivists and their funders is how everyone involved used each other and threw their friends under the bus.

You can’t read the Craig Stevens deposition and not feel a little sad for the Dimock fractivists who were but pawns in the hands of their funders. Likewise, you have to feel for the small fry true believers and opportunists who got victimized by the big money special interests during this whole sordid tale. Everyone used each other to the nth degree and the end result for these folks is a picture of friends throwing each other under the bus.

Visit Bill Huston’s blog, for example, and see where he begs for money not only to do what he does but also to cover his basic needs. Bill is so completely wrong on so much, yet who can deny he believes what he says and or is standing with his friends? Ray Kemble is, likewise, plainly someone who was sold a bill of goods that there was real money to be made for those willing to serve as Dimock fractivists to the outside world.

dimock fractivists

Adelaide Park Gomer

Think about the exploiters. Food & Water Watch and the folks who fund it are at the top, of course, people like Erik and Wendy Schmidt of Google fortune, not to mention Adelaide Park Gomer, whose Park Foundation has also financed the group.

Her foundation operates from a brand new natural gas served building in Ithaca. There’s also the Catskill Mountainkeeper, an arm of the Rockefeller family’s NRDC gang. Where have they been as Huston and Kemble have begged for money and lawyers? Food & Water Watch may be providing some lawyering but it appears that may be to protect their own behinds, which is hardly an altruistic motive.

Then, there are the trial lawyers who roped in Ray Kemble. Charlie Speer shifted from pigs to rigs in hopes of raining cash and used local trial lawyers and Craig Stevens as fronts. Lawyers, in fact, organized lawsuit parties to recruit Dimock plaintiffs.

And, who can forget the lawyers who originally represented some of those plaintiffs? I’m talking about Napoli Bern Ripka Associates. Readers of this blog will recall how their greed descended into wars between the partners over prostitutes. Where are these lawyers? Speer is using a few to defend himself, but there’s been no pro bono help for Bill Huston. Why aren’t they throwing Bill Huston a few bucks or donating a few hours to his cause? The answer is simple; Dimock fractivists are no longer useful to them.

dimock fractivists

Park Foundation headquarters in new gas-heated building in Ithaca, New York

Finally, there are the Dimock fractivists themselves, at least one of who has seemingly decided to throw the others under the bus. This brings us back to the Craig Stevens deposition. Steven, as we’ve noted before, has the power of attorney for Ray Kemble, the document being witnessed by Bill Huston, who also has power of attorney for Ray. He also, according to the deposition, apparently fought it in Virginia court on December 7th. This is where we pick up the story (emphasis added):

Q. Mr. Stevens, during the December 7th hearing with Judge Azcarate, you stated that you did not — I believe your exact words were I have nothing to do with Mr. Kemble, correct?

A. That — I was cutoff there, I had 90 seconds in the four minutes, so that was not the entire sentence.

(Cabot Deposition Exhibit #3 was marked for identification.)


Q. Okay. Mr. Stevens, I’ve handed you what’s been marked for identification purposes as Cabot Exhibit Number 3, it’s a copy of the transcript in front of Judge Azcarate. At page 7 of the transcript, it’s a miniscript, if you look at page 7 in the lower left. You start off by discussing — you say there are 34 things including bank records for years and also e-mails for eight years, this is 34, and the judge says okay. And you say and I am not a named party and I have nothing to do with Mr. Kemble. Do you see that?

A. And then she jumps right in before I ended that sentence.

Q. So there was more you were going to say?

A. Yes, ma’am. I had four total minutes in motions court. And I read my own portion out and it’s 90 total seconds, that’s in my ample opportunity that you told judge — to respond was 90 seconds in a motions court.

Q. So the — so the truth is you do have things to do with Mr. Kemble, correct?

A. That is not what my — the rest of my — my statement was going to be in this —

Q. Okay.

A. — in court.

Notice how many times Stevens changes positions in far less than 90 seconds. First, he essentially admits to saying he had nothing to do with Ray. Then, he implies he would have reversed that position had he been able. But, when he’s given the opportunity to do it, he quickly retreats again. Reverse-forward-reverse; all in five short answers. But, Stevens wasn’t done throwing Ray under the bus. A few pages later we find this exchange:

Q. Now, you also say that you were under the threat of financial sanctions and jail. Who  threatened financial sanctions against you?

A. It looks like every filing that I have from your office tells what can happen if you don’t — if I do not show up for my subpoena, if I miss a court date. And by the way, I was threatened with arrest by Judge Azcarate twice in four minutes, so I was stalked, harassed, and threatened with arrest.

Q. Okay. But you’re not saying that Cabot’s agents were threatening you with financial sanctions or jail?

A. My appearance here today is I consider stalking and harassment. I have nothing to do with this case. I have nothing to do with Mr. Kemble signing an agreement of any kind with your company. I have nothing to do with him potentially violating that. So I consider this entire affair stalking and harassing, personally.

Bill Huston doesn’t get away either. Here’s how the questioning went with regard to that infamous press conference at the Dimock Post Office, the news release announcing it having cited Craig Stevens as a media contact:

Q. Number 5 asks you to produce all documents that refer or relate to the February 28th, 2018, press conference held at the Dimock Post Office, including but not limited to the following documents discussed at the press conference: One, the notice of claim against the Commonwealth; two, the letter to the Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, enclosing a private criminal complaint outlining a conspiracy between state and private actors to poison the air, land, water and people since the first horizontal well was drilled February 20th, 2006. Do you have any documents related to that press conference?

A. I do not have any documents related to that press conference.

Q. Who arranged that press conference?

A. I have no idea, I wasn’t present.

Q. You weren’t there for that?

A. No, I was not.

Q. Did you ever — did you ever read the notice of claim against the Commonwealth that’s mentioned there?

A. I did not create and have not seen these — what you’re asking. I have — don’t recall or found any documents or communication related to that.

Q. So you’re familiar with the February 28th, 2018 press conference though, correct?

A. After the fact it was in the paper, but I was not present so…

Q. Okay.

A. The newspaper.

Q. And you never discussed that with Mr. Huston?

A. I would — I was unaware it was happening and I was no — was in Northern Virginia at the time.

Q. Did Mr. Huston ever discuss this notice of claim against the Commonwealth document?

A. I have no discussion that — with anybody about those documents, I wasn’t there, I didn’t know it was being done.

Q. Prior to the press conference did you know that Mr. Huston was drafting out this notice of claim against the Commonwealth?

A. The same, I don’t recall finding — or having any communication with him about that document.

Q. Did you ever have any communications with Mr. Huston about the Attorney General — the letter to the Attorney General that supposedly enclosed a private criminal complaint?

A. You should ask Mr. Huston, I have no communication about that.

Q. So your answer is you’ve never discussed that with Mr. Huston?

A. Never discussed, I have no communication, but — discussion possibly but not — not before it, after. When it was in the paper I called and asked about what was happening.

Q. And what did he tell you?

A. He didn’t — he didn’t let me know anything, I guess it was a private document that was produced by him. So I have no — no idea what it said.

Q. And he didn’t tell you what it said?

A. No, he didn’t share it. It’s a private criminal complaint it says.

Q. I see that’s what it says, but I’m asking you did Mr. Huston share with you what he wrote in that criminal complaint?

A. No.

Q. Number 6, Produce all documents and/or ESI that — before we get — back this up. Are you saying that you had — I just want to make sure I’m clear. You had nothing to do with the notice of claim against the Commonwealth?

A. It’s not my notice of claim, so I don’t know what the notice of claim is, I didn’t write it.

Q. Okay. And with respect to number 2, the letter to the Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, are you saying that you had no involvement in drafting or creating that document?

A. Not that I — no, not that I know — have any recollection of.

Hmm…are we supposed to believe Bill Huston cited Craig Stevens as a media contact for the that stupid frack trick event, without ever telling him? I’ve had many arguments with Bill Huston and he trashes me with regularity on his sites, but I informed him on one occasion that he had something wrong and was able to prove it to his satisfaction. He corrected it, which was the honorable thing to do, so I have a very hard time imagining him not telling Stevens he was listing him as a media contact. I believe he’ll tell the truth about it when he’s finally deposed. It should be quite interesting.

I could go on with other examples from the deposition but there’s no need. Craig Stevens threw his friends under the bus as I see it, just as the trial attorneys have done with him. And, where was Wes Gillingham on Monday? He does all the work at the Catskill Mountainkeeper for Ramsay Adams, the Rockefeller bat boy. Why wasn’t he there to support Ray and the gang? What about Tony Ingraffea, Walter Hang and Bob Howarth? Where did they all go? As they say, we hardly knew ye. Dimock fractivists are fair-weather friends it seems.

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42 thoughts on “Dimock Fractivists and Funders Throw Friends Under the Bus

  1. How did you get a copy of the deposition?
    I don’t see it on the docket for Kemble case
    and I didnt hear that Cabot attorney offer the deposition into court record..
    How did you get it?
    Is this legal giving out to the public this info and your take on it?

    • You didn’t hear it? Well, take a look at the transcript when it’s available and you’ll find it was accepted without objection. You obviously weren’t paying attention. It’s a public record. Repeat, it’s a public record. In fact, I ordered a copy from the Court Monitor right after the hearings on Monday but cancelled it after copies were published by others. You simply don’t like what the deposition reveals, Vera.

          • your usual cruel and lying remark.
            I don’t get “a check”.
            I’m asking for proof how you all got a hold of Craig’s deposition.
            That will be investigated and if anything illegal was done, it will be revealed and prosecuted.
            your unkindness to the harmed will be remembered in heaven if and when you land there…your Christianity is a joke…
            with all your story-telling, you and Tom, you still can’t get fracking into Wayne County and Southern Tier where you live.
            The gas industry doesn’t even want your low levels of profitable gas.
            and your unkind and insensitive remarks about the Mannings will be noted by the world beyond this world.
            The Mannings and several others in Franklin Forks did receive a small settlement in court against WPX Gas; The court awarded it to them. wonder why?
            do you think? wasn’t because they were lying…there was negligence by WPX.
            and one day you will be in court for libel and slander against all of us…with your buddies.
            and your records will be acquired and dragged out to the public view.
            you will receive what you dished out to us for years relentlessly.
            no amount of facts will convince you but it convinces many others who can understand facts and that is most folks and that is why you can’t get fracking where you want it.

          • I’m very careful to let you and your friends speak for yourself, Vera. Nothing further need be said. Just like the deposition. It speaks for itself. And, it’s a public record, whether you want to believe it or not. You can get a copy from the Prothonatory’s office.

  2. Oh my GOD an NGO that focuses on water quality helped water pollution victims?? OH the HUMANITY – how could such evil occur???

    “Ray Kemble is, likewise, plainly someone who was sold a bill of goods that there was real money to be made for those willing to serve as Dimock fractivists to the outside world.”

    Let me help you, Tom:
    When Cabot cut their water pollution victims off from clean water, all the while framing these victims as liars, that left many with no clean water to their homes.

    Victims and friends put together a public water truck to help get water to these families.

    Your actions in promoting Dimock Proud and their claim that all these victims are lying helped radicalize Montrose against these real victims, leading to Montrose changing zoning so that families who had no clean water could get none even though they were paying for it. Ray was threatened with jail for getting water for families who had none.

    Since then Cabot and you and others have continued to berate and demean these real victims, supporting Cabot’s lie that their actions did not pollute the Dimock aquifer.

    NGO’s focused on water quality helped in the war that followed as victims worked to get their stories out and Cabot worked to silence them.

    THAT is reality – these fantasies of yours are so obviously PR propaganda you post in service to Cabot who likely pays you to do so.

    You seem to think the facts of this case will never come out and you will always have cover to lie in the most preposterous ways about these matters.

    My advise to you is you are wrong there. I have truth on my side Tom. You can’t pass wrong for right forever.

    • Oh my GOD an NGO that focuses on water quality helped water pollution victims?? OH the HUMANITY – how could such evil occur???
      What water pollution victims hopeforapeace? Jan, or whomever? Long before Cabot ever came to Dimmock Pa there was heavy metals in many many, many water wells, such as naturally occurring strontium, barium arsenic and others and in the northeast in general. Its a well known fact also that natural gas/methane levels were dangerously high in many water wells, even causing Susquehanna county to close a trailer park with explosive methane levels in the water before Cabot even heard of Dimmock Pa in 1995. NY tested water wells in upstate and the EPA tested over 300 water wells in Dimmock and found no fracking containments. In fact after the second round of testing the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Conservation (DEP) concluded that Cabot could stop maintaining water systems and deliveries because there were no containments in the wells caused by fracking. Just fecal matter at the Saunters because thet drilled near their septic.
      Water test results from the federal Environmental Protection Agency confirm what the Pennsylvania Department of Environment Protection has said all along: Well water in Dimock, PA has not been contaminated by hydraulic fracturing chemicals. The PA DEP investigated claims from some Dimock residents that their water had been contaminated by gas drilling done by Cabot Oil & Gas.

      “Ray Kemble is, likewise, plainly someone who was sold a bill of goods that there was real money to be made for those willing to serve as Dimock fractivists to the outside world.”
      One has to wonder here hopeforapeace/Jan What part did Vera play in directing the lawsuits aimed at Cabot when advising strangers like the Manning’s in Franklin Forks? You remember them, they had a water well at a home just purchased on a land contract that every fey minutes water would come gushing out like a Yellowstone guizer. SW showed up to see if there was gas pressure causing the water to shoot up out of the water well. Vera showed up as the men were pulling the well pump and advised the Manning’s to kick them out. She told them to lawyer up and sue’em. She even put that Video up on her site. Well let me tell you how that worked out for the manning Family… They are living around the corner from me in a 8×10 treehouse with no plumbing or bathroom. Turned out that water was guising because of a short in the pump. and the gas in their water was their long before the Dupue well.
      Let me help you, Tom:
      When Cabot cut their water pollution victims off from clean water, all the while framing these victims as liars, that left many with no clean water to their homes.
      Many who didn’t know their water was polluted should thank Cabot for causing testing by the EPA. Had drilling not come to PA they would have kept drinking polluted water without knowing.
      Victims and friends put together a public water truck to help get water to these families.
      it was a publicity stunt aimed at victimizing the minds of free thinkers causing them to believe their was an issue. It was meant to create a cloud of uncertainty and as we found out was paid for at first by Craig Stevens then the food and water watch up until the successfully got a moratorium on drilling in NY. You know hopeforapeace/Jan your full of misinformation which could have been scraped of the barnyard ground and you really are a failure in trying to convert people on a pro gas blog who are well aware of the antics that brought your friends to court. have a good day….

      • “What water pollution victims?”
        Nuff said.

        Tom has trained all of you to call real victims liars in service to Cabot, the operator who polluted these water wells.

        When you say these victims water was always polluted you realize you call all the victims, DEP, EPA and ATSDR liars?

        Yes, I know Mannings, I did an interview with them early on. The operator in that case came out first and cut the wires to the water pump, leaving them live in the water well that was full of methane. They did that to blame the water pollution on the Manning’s water pump. These operators get away with demonizing their victims and not giving proper restitution because people like you push stories that these real victims are liars.

        The reason behind it all the profit driven. Definition of profits over people.

        “Victims and friends put together a public water truck to help get water to these families.
        it was a publicity stunt aimed at victimizing the minds of free thinkers causing them to believe their was an issue.”
        Vic, it’s so sad you have to lie.
        People had clean water but the paid for more water for show?
        That’s just silly.

        You can’t admit Cabot polluted the water in Dimock clearly. No fact I can post will help you – you could read the isotopic testing, you could hear all the stories of the harm straight from the victims and read all their testing, you would still call them all liars – it’s become a tribal thing around here.

        “You know hopeforapeace/Jan your full of misinformation which could have been scraped of the barnyard ground ”
        (your hyperbole frames you)

        What did I state on any of these pages that was untrue?

        • “The operator in that case came out first and cut the wires to the water pump, leaving them live in the water well that was full of methane.”

          I think there’s a bit more to the story, Jan. Your flailing about here is quite entertaining.

          • Flailing = making a living calling real pollution victims liars and frauds and having no answer for any basic questions asked you about these cases.

            For me, the fact that the operator cut the wires themselves so as to blame the victim, then left the live wires in the methane filled water well 7 feet from where children slept is all one needs to know about how these operators work.

            Franklin Forks is a great example. It was likely DePue’s gas well that impacted that water – after she’d done the film on how safe fracking is.

            You can tell lies for a living for a while, Tom. I’m letting you know kindly, it will not last. In the end you’ll be known as a man who made a living calling real victims liars in service to profit margins.

          • You’re making some pretty libelous claims here, Jan, and I caution you to avoid it. I don’t care much what you say about me, but I do care about the fact you’re asserting WPX cut wires themselves with no proof. Either you provide the proof that they did this, you retract this statement or you’re off this site (again).

      • Actually that video about Manning’s well also showed the gas company spokesperson offering to fix their well pump at no charge. Then Vera interfered so WPX left. Her interference actually did them more harm.

    • I’m confused. In the first place I left a message for a Hope ForPeace of AK productions about certain things being said online not Jan Lemas, so why did you say I left you a message. In the second place, this article is discussing Craig Stevens who definitely gave testimony at a meeting about the port Ambrose lng import project in long island that was false and he appeared at the draft eis hearing for the Rockaway lateral pipeline in 2013 as well for what reason? He doesn’t live in Brooklyn or use gateway national recreation area not did he have anything to say about the Rockaway pipeline eis. Park Foundation is funding more than one org that misrepresents reality to the public and unlike Me Shepstone here I don’t think the large ngos and donors are controlling Bill Huston or Craig or anyone else.

      • Karen stated: “I don’t think the large ngos and donors are controlling Bill Huston or Craig or anyone else.” Controlling? Maybe, maybe not. Enabling, definitely! Why hide all the money? Is all the money from Frack Action, Catskill Mountain Keeper, and Food and Water Watch declared as going to fractivists like Stevens? How many more are there like him running around the country? Folks like him, Kemble and Huston seem to be agents of these “non – profit” NGOs. The groups mentioned thus far are all 501c3 and, to my knowledge, are either severely limited or prohibited from engaging in lobbying. Using these people as proxies / agents without either disclosing that on their tax returns or disclosing that folks like Stevens was in fact and agent of theirs to the news media, seems illegal. Don’t be surprised if Cabot doesn’t ensure that the IRS gets involved in this as a read of Stevens deposition indicates a substantial amount of cash transactions. If Cabot can prove that any of the NGOs were doing cash payments to ANYONE, they are in deep trouble. They may still be in trouble for not disclosing that the main instigators of all this in PA and NY were being paid by them. RICO may even be violated as far as NY is concerned? Cabot has to prosecute to the max to ensure that this does not occur again. NGOs now basically are a shadow government in NY. Basil Seggos, DEC Commissioner is from the NRDC and his predecessor, Joe Martens was from the Open Space Institute. All this leads back to one man: Andrew Cuomo. Follow the money…..

          • Jan / HopeForCash – Why am I not surprised at your total disregard of the actions of the NGOs who you profess to love and admire? They must go down along with their billionaire benefactors and the media which is a blatant supporter of them. I’ve just checked the New York Times on what is going on now. Nothing, nada. Proof of their complicity in all of this. Then and only then, do NY farmers and landowners have a chance of getting their mineral rights back

      • Karen .. in the last 5 years it would not be possible to list all the ways frackers have lied to America. If lies bother you why do those lies not bother you?

        This blog is full of them??

        “I don’t think the large ngos and donors are controlling Bill Huston or Craig or anyone else.”
        And you seem pretty good at catching them.

        • Jan if I could prevent people from lying or coming to false or wrong conclusions, pretending they are experts about things they are not or any number of other things, I would be magical or miraculous, no?

          The MISINFORMATION I have seen just in the news in the last 7 years on fracking or pipelines or that port Ambrose project is unlistable as well. It is not all deliberate of course.

          Why are you making films or video or at an EPA meeting or presenting the blowout film if you do go by hope forpeace with James Cromwell? Why are you personally involved in this issue? I assume it’s for a genuine reason but that doesn’t excuse how you choose to act, does it?

          If you want to know why I’m involved well the answer is I first came to know some antifracking movement activists over a pipeline proposal in 2012 and I could not get over how they turned information inside out and the way they operated. They are a problem.

    • Jan / HopeForPeace / WishForMoney : If there’s any doubt about Tom’s claim, consider the following. Prior to the frack ban in NY, the Park Foundation gave Josh Fox $100,000 for Gasland and additional money for Gasland II. It’s on their website. Now that the ban is in place in NY (it’s really an open ended moratorium as it did not go through the legislature and was an edict by Cuomo / DEC / DOH thus can be overturned immediately with a new governor), Adelaide Park Gomer has closed her purse for any more movie money as you stated you could not get any funding from any foundations. How’s it feel to be treated like dirt? Now you know how NY farmers and landowners feel : > ) Gomer is indeed the NIMBY Queen.

      • An NGO funded a film, thus all NGOs are manipulating people to lie about water contamination?
        How do you get there August?

        Did you want people to put out a notice if an NGO reimbursed them for travel .. no one was keeping anything quiet.

        I didn’t find a lack of funding like being treated as dirt. I’m a big girl, I can make it on my own.

        You all want to make money fracking. If it pollutes water – so what – you’ll just frame all the victims as evil liars and haters, say the pollution never happened and thank God as you cash your checks.

        • Pulling God into this displays you are becoming desperate at being bludgeoned with so many facts and data. They were not being paid for TRAVEL, they were being paid to spread lies and misinformation and make sure they did so in front of cameras – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HREAAfpDNb4 AND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR5A0QMhaf8 AND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmPAVKLG2qk There is a treasure trove to prove that Catskill Mountainkeeper, Frack Action, Food and Water Watch and Mark Ruffalo got their money’s worth. “Travel”, rubbish.

          • It seems to be Jan is a serial protester, true-believer type personality, who is probably sincere in her beliefs and simply unwilling to face facts. We have had some great discussion her on water tests and the like that lays them out, pro and con, so reasonable people can make intelligent judgments for themselves. I’d just like Jan to address her WPX accusation. I informed her I’d approve no more comments from her until she put up her evidence to support it, or retracted her allegation. She’s gone quiet since then.

    • Jan: You stated “Ray was threatened with jail for getting water for families who had none.” Please provide the data to support this. Thanks.

      • Remember the “Dimock thugs” era when Tom et al were getting Montrose all ginned up on lies about Dimock victims saying they were all frauds? They got the zoning changed in Montrose so that people who had no clean water could not get it from Montrose even though they were paying for it.

        One day university students rode with Ray and caught on film Montrose police threatening to arrest Ray for filling up the water truck The deputy even gets a call for someone having trouble breathing, instead she stays on site to make sure Ray can get no water for people who have none.

        I have the film in Blowout.

        It’ll be online in late March – you can view for $3.99 and the proceeds will go to the victims !!! That will make you happy!

        You’ll learn a lot from my film that Tom would never cover here.

  3. “Dimock, PA Landowners Paid $5K/Mo by Green Groups to Bash Cabot”
    MDN (absolute hooey)

    Tom I have to ask .. if I did an article that misled people, that spun the truth, I would be horrified at myself.

    How do you live with yourself knowing you are the genesis of so many lies?

        • Your embedded in your hate and self written unproven fictions Jan. You accuse To m of conditioning people with facts, where upon I accuse you of the same using fiction. In all the years you have participated in these discussions you have not once said how thankful you are to have plastic products, fuel to heat, light, and cook with in your home, gas in your car. You have done nothing but bash the very industry that has moved humanity from the dark ages unable to hold intelligent debate but rather only accusations hate. You have built a pedestal not overlooking an audience of concerned citizens, but one that only looks upon your self discimatory self projections. Your following is your shadow. That is my answer to you.

          Vera as far as my Christian beliefs and shortcomings, I own them and I am thankful that God sacrificed for me on the cross. But you tossing out my faith as a weapon against me, a woman who wrote about how to wake tiny children up to their sexuality, a woman who made a film about vomitorium parties in the nude, judge ye not less ye be judged


          • Vic, please post the lies you say I have entered here … as I asked already.

            “Your embedded in your hate and self written unproven fictions Jan.”

            How is isotopic testing hate Vic?
            How is talking about predrill testing hate Vic?
            How is linking to ATDSR findings hate Vic?

            Or is calling real victims liars and frauds (“what water pollution” you) so you can make money someday the real hate here?

            I think I mentioned God may not look well upon you lying about real pollution victims .. just another fact – not dissing your faith.

  4. Hey Jan/Hopeforpeace
    You should attend one of my educational lectures on civic engagement…after all I use the anti funding foundations as a point of fact

  5. Vera
    What unkind remarks about the Mannings? I feel bad for them used by people like you and Loco Ono and tossed away like yesterday’s trash. Hell Vera, you had know Idea they were living in a tree house until I told you a few months ago.thats how important their friendship with you and hopeforpeace is.

    • I talk to her and went out to lunch with her the other day..
      Have you talked to her or just imagine what she does..
      She likes being off the grid and leaving as little of a carbon print as she can.
      She and hubby are hard-working and good people…

      • Omg Vera… I have no doubt the Mannings are good people and may even like living off grid, but I’m no fan of “OFF GRID” life style and the so called carbon reduction. You helped them into poverty as I see it. How come you don’t go spend the night with your friends, Loco Ono and Ingraffea, Steingrabber, Stevens, Willy and all those who used them to parade around as victims. How come they have to use a gas powered generator when millionaire Mark Ruffalo could of spent just a few hundred dollars hooking them up to clean energy?

  6. Jan lied about the predrill. She pit a link to one of her videos in a comment here. I watched it. She lies in her video saying no hydrocarbons in the water when the predrill shows it was an LEL meter that dod not detect hydrocarbons. She even edited out a portion of her own statements in the video and she failed to inform viewers that there was benzene and toluene predrill. She has no credibility. Zero. Proven liar by her own video.

    • I asked her how that benzene and toluene got in his water before drilling and she couldn’t answer that. My guess would be from gasoline and other chemicals from the junkyard. When I said Ray’s cigars could have caused his cancer she replied that Ray’s cigar smoking couldn’t have caused his cancer because he quit smoking them AFTER he was diagnosed with cancer. She keeps making the libelous claim that Cabot caused his cancer. Maybe Cabot will file a lawsuit against her next.

  7. Not just Cabot polluted the Commonwealth Water Wells;
    Also other gas companies.
    Here is another area of my county that Cabot polluted;
    Lenox Twp. and Kingsley, Pa..
    here is the statement of the water woes of our former School Superintendent of Mt. View Schools
    and his statement to the EPA and all he went through
    and then settled in court with Cabot after getting water deliveries for over five years and now under a gag order.

    don’t forget to make fun of him and call him a liar…!
    several neighbors of his were also polluted in their water wells…

  8. Not chemicals but methane Vera. Just read your link. Sadly improper well casing cement led to gas migration from what I read. This is even though it’s called polluting a water aquifer in the report, a very common occurrence naturally without drilling. The northeast has millions of gas seeps throughout its geology. Jus bvt a few years ago while drilling a water well at Owego Free Academy in NY it was a gas seep that filled the shallow well with methane causing an explosion in the water well that burnt the drilling rig up. I have no doubt and neither does anyone with half a brain that methane followed the well bore into their water. Cabot mitigated the problem, paid for the inconvenience to to home owner. Now like Ely…can you tell us if the home is still occupied 6 years after by the same family?


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