Despite Everything, New York Natural Gas Use Grows

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New York natural gas use among residential users is growing, by a lot, despite the efforts of the Park Foundation, NRDC gang and friends to quash it.

It’s such great fun to point out the hypocrisy, the silliness and the phony nature of New York State energy politics. The NRDC gang, together with the Park Foundation, the trial lawyers and, of course, Governor Corruptocrat have made a great show of their antipathy to fracking. Meanwhile, New York natural gas use has shot up, leading Park Foundation water-boy Bob Howarth to deliver this whiny comment recently:

“New Yorkers need to wake up,” Howarth said. “We’ve banned fracking, but we’re importing shale gas, and we need to take responsibility for that.”

He was, according to the news story, bemoaning the fact “the gas comes mainly from across the border in Pennsylvania, where fracking is allowed.” He had good reason to throw up his hands, because New York natural gas use has been escalating significantly faster than the population. New Yorkers love natural gas, as it turns out.

New York Natural Gas gasuse

As the above chart, assembled from data supplied by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), demonstrates New York natural gas use by residential customers has grown by 15.8% since 2010. The number of customers also grew by 2.4%, exceeding the state’s 2.2% population growth (every bit of which comes from international in-migration). Put another way, average natural gas among New Yorkers grew 13.1% over the five years and the percentage of state households using gas rose from 60.2% to 61.1%.

What makes this so remarkable, of course, is that Park Foundation, the NRDC gang and all their assorted affiliates were spending tens of millions of dollars during that period attacking natural gas. They successfully maneuvered an ambitious corrupt governor into killing fracking “at this time” and throwing up obstacles to pipeline development. But, in Whoville fashion, the people of the Empire State, celebrated it just the same, despite the efforts of the gentry class Grinches. Maybe the state won’t freeze in the dark after all. Governor Corruptocrat may be crooked, but he can count.


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4 thoughts on “Despite Everything, New York Natural Gas Use Grows

  1. 1. How many news stories were produced by this presser or press release that Howarth and company did?

    2. How many of the reporters who covered this recent inanity by Howarth and company also covered the antifracking movement.

    3. Is Howarth the guy who began the whole hey natural gas just might be worse than coal for climate change thing?

    4. How much more obvious can it get that the ban on fracking in NY is absurd?

  2. Upstate NY has effectively no representation and has been criminally thwarted on minerals issues by this governor.

    NY and now CA consider themselves sovereign nations.

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