Denial Is the Natural Order of Things in the Empire State

Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

New York State is in a state of denial regarding its dependence on natural gas, refusing to admit the facts of life and committed to preaching its virtues.

Watching what’s happening in Lynbrook, New York reveals the Empire State’s most critical problem; its absolute denial of reality. Here’s what I mean, from a CBS News story Friday:

Forty business districts throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties are impacted by a National Grid moratorium on new gas hookups

CBS2 demanded answers from the state and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and got action.

National Grid, which declared a moratorium on gas hook ups because an application for a new gas pipeline was rejected by the state in May, is now under the microscope. The state Department of Public Service is using the complaints to expand an investigation of the utility.

There, in a few words, are captured the essence of the foolishness that is New York. Don’t do anything meaningful to address the problem; initiate an exercise in denial by investigating one of the victims of your own short-sighted policies intended to demonstrate your superior virtues.


This is the mindset of the slowly collapsing empire known as New York State. Shale Magazine just published an article I wrote on it. Here are a few excerpts:

When it comes to energy issues, New York long ago plunged over the cliff. Now, it has attached booster jets to its heels to accelerate toward the bottom. Worse, one fears Governor Cuomo knows exactly what he’s doing — simply depending on others and time to rescue him.

New York State is a mess. Its politics reject logical thinking. It is all demagoguery and hype, and only those with a mastery of these along with Machiavellian skills can prosper. Green political correctness runs rampant among urban populations, those whose closest encounter with energy production is using their thermostat. Because New York City dominates its politics, the thoughts of these city dwellers constitute that which must be obeyed.

This is a large part of the reason Governor Andrew Cuomo initiated a fracking ban “at this time” five years ago. It is also the reason he blocked pipeline after pipeline, putting up a blockade against natural gas coming into or moving through the Empire State.

First, it was the Constitution Pipeline that would have delivered gas to New England and New York City, and then it was the Northern Access Pipeline and the Millennium Pipeline extension. Now, it is the Northeast Supply Enhancement project, which is directly focused on supplying the metro area itself with natural gas.

New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), under the apparent direction of the Governor himself, has denied Section 401 Water Quality Certification permits for all four pipelines, despite growing demand for natural gas. This has led to moratoriums on new gas connections by two major utilities. Without additional gas there will be little, if any, relief until 2023.

New York being New York, its politicians and business leaders who want to be seen as being “green” are reluctant to spell out the exact truth — that Governor Cuomo’s pipeline blockade is responsible for this fiasco. Instead, everyone operates in a state of denial, pretending the solution is simply to become more efficient, install heat pumps for supplemental energy or to order the utilities to reverse their policies.

Please read the whole thing here.

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5 thoughts on “Denial Is the Natural Order of Things in the Empire State

  1. Don’t leave out the culpability and the gullability of the NY press and also consider that new york is a media center that influences coverage and what’s talked about across the country. Huge problem !

  2. To fully comprehend NYC and their gas shortage, you had to attend a rally in which featured politicians who called for the moratorium in NY, now calling for the gas they helped stop.

  3. What New York is in the early stages of experiencing is exactly – step by step – what western Massachusetts has been going through for about 5 years now.

    Small gas utilities Berkshire Gas and Columbia Gas said they needed the new big pipelines to continue servicing new customers.
    When the pipes were denied, moratoria were instituted and new commercial and residential projects were severely curtailed.

    One of the more bizarre follow ons is what you are seeing now with the NY politicians … i.e., putting the blame on the utility.
    Specifically, claims arise saying utilities are inefficient, self serving (!!??), not ‘getting with the new agenda’, etc.

    It is a truly frightening display of incompetence and moral bankruptcy of the highest order.

  4. There’s got to be at least one Republican legislator in NY. This is the perfect and biggest soapbox issue to expose the governor’s galactically flawed policies. Where is the GOP??

  5. I constantly thank my lucky stars that I’m a Texan, born and bred. I’m totally baffled how any reasonable person cannot see through all this buffoonery. Investigating National Grid…… I had a good laugh with that one. I’m sure it’s no laughing matter if you’re a NY resident though. Sorry, folks. You just can’t fix stupid, apparently.

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