Deep Green Resistance Uses Court in Bid to Destroy Civilization


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Deep Green Resistance types are manipulating courts in what are naked attempts to impose their own political wills upon civil society so as to destroy it.

Deep Green Resistance—a global support center for the most violent eco-terrorists on the planet—is a big supporter of the “climate necessity defense” movement.

In their violent manifesto, “Decisive Ecological Warfare,” they describe (and endorse) a not-too-distant future where “well-organized underground militants would make coordinated attacks on energy infrastructure around the world,” while “aboveground activists … push for acceptance and normalization of more militant ad radical tactics where appropriate.”

Deep Green Resistance

The aboveground activists “vocally support sabotage when it occurs,” DGR wrote. “They argue that sabotage would not be necessary if civil society would make a reasonable response to social and ecological problems … [T]hey argue that the situation is serious enough to make such action legitimate, even though they have personally chosen a different course.” (Emphasis added.)

And it’s not just rhetoric. Deep Green Resistance is actively involved in the necessity-defense movement.

Meet Michael Bucci, climate justice warrior, soup-kitchen volunteer, and campaigns coordinator for the New York chapter of Deep Green Resistance.

The world was first introduced to Bucci when he was arrested for blocking construction of the Algonquin pipeline in Montrose, New York in 2015. He and his co-conspirators—collectively known as the “Montrose 9”—committed their crimes in hopes of becoming the first climate activists permitted to use the necessity defense at their trial.

The judge denied their request, found them all guilty of disorderly conduct and sentenced each of them to a 12-month conditional discharge, community service, and fines and fees totaling $350.00. Finding this punishment “very harsh,” Bucci wrote a letter to the judge vowing to “continue our resistance efforts in an even more concerted way — disrupting the fossil fuel industry and perhaps breaking the law whenever necessary.

“We need to act powerfully and intelligently to dismantle entrenched systems of oppression,” he wrote. “We will need to be smarter and even more militant, not less so.”

He signed it: “Michael G. Bucci, Deep Green Resistance, Montrose 9 Defendant.”

According to the Deep Green Resistance website, “We engage in aboveground campaigns using whatever nonviolent tactics will be most effective in any given situation.”

However, they continued, “It is our understanding, given the timeline we face and the numbers we have, that aboveground work will not be enough to dismantle civilization … Because of this, we focus all of our work here: on the need for a militant underground to physically dismantle the infrastructure of these systems and stop perpetrators from continuing their crimes. We work to build a culture that normalizes and promotes militant resistance.” (Emphasis added.)

The New York DGR chapter takes an equally “sorry, not sorry” approach to aiding and abetting the violent dismantling of global civilization admitting, “Our work is focused on dismantling industrial infrastructure … DGR NY is an aboveground organization, but we are unique in our support for smart and strategic underground resistance. Part of our work as the aboveground is to normalize this decisive action.”

They certainly do walk the walk.

If you go to their site and search “climate change” under the header “The Problem: Civilization,” you will be directed to a link that features a highly detailed map of the “NY Natural Gas Infrastructure.”

Deep Green Resistance

This map, the site explains, “makes the fracking infrastructure connections visible since it is not available to the public in a comprehensive manner, and works to connect people to grassroots groups fighting gas infrastructure at the local level.” (Emphasis added.)

In addition to existing natural gas pipelines, this map shows would-be eco-terrorists the exact location of proposed pipelines, power stations, compressor stations, and “other facilities.”

The site promises to “Show you how the pipelines are connected, define the parts of fracking infrastructure, [and] engage you with maps that are fully interactive … zoom, click and explore!” Or, if you’re a militant activist determined to dismantle New York’s energy infrastructure, the map could help you explore, click, boom!

It’s unlikely that supporters of the necessity defense will ever convince a jury that the threat of climate change justifies the total destruction of modern civilization. But every necessity defense trial that “normalizes” violent action takes civilization one step closer to that dystopian goal.

Editor’s Note: This story immediately draws comparisons with the activities of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF). This is no coincidence, as Derrick Jensen, the leader of Deep Green Resistance sits on the CELDF advisory board. So does Josh Fox. And, groups such as the Delaware Povertykeeper a/k/a Riverkeeper are happy to append their names with Deep Green Resistance on various fractivist petitions. They’re all enablers of violence. 

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9 thoughts on “Deep Green Resistance Uses Court in Bid to Destroy Civilization

  1. It seems obvious to me that the punishment for such promoted activities should be much more severe than that applied by the judge against Bucci. Maybe punishment that matches the seriousness of the crime, will dissuade a few of these violent people.

  2. Deep Green Resistance definitely has a destructive ideology. The youarehere map comes from a group called sane energy though. Sane energy can be said to be resist aim as well and occupy the pipeline.

    The Montrose 9 activists can be connected to nyers Sophia wilansky who was injured over in North Dakota over the Dakota pipeline, Karenna Gores daughter and on it goes. Most of those people aren’t deep Green Resistance followers . They have however been involved in mass misinformation on multiples pipelines , ferc (protests and arrests) and have been in the news for years. Not that you can get a reporter to actually cover the truth about them.

  3. The iconic picture from the Viet Nam war of the young, naked girl running down the road, flesh seared from napalm, is exactly what these people are PLANNING to happen to your loved ones.

    Is any further description needed?

  4. Stop this nonsense about the Deep Green Resistance. Stop magnifying these supposed revolutionary wannabes in to a bogeyman to suit your political point of view. DGR is a lunatic fringe group that has tried to attach it self to the environmental movement, not the other way around.

    Should Mr. Bucci be dim enough to try to use the “necessity defense” a second time, he will find a prosecutor and judge more than willing to let him be a guest of the state for a decade or two, especially in light of his letter to the first judge.

    Publicizing the absurd GDR idea that 95+% of the population has to be eliminated and reduced to the technological level of the Dark Ages is easy. Even anti-gassers, let alone ordinary people with a mortgage and a family, will not be pleased they have a 1 in 20 chance of making it to 600 A.D. and then life will be nasty, brutish and short. In the long run, it is better to tell Joe 6-Pack that for the sake of the anti’s reactionary “revolution” he won’t be able have a gas stove, gas grill or a car and will pay through the nose to freeze in the dark next winter.

    The gas shortage in Massachusetts and electric bills in the Southern Tier are where we should focus our effort because they are certain to happen again this winter. Working to educate the millions affected will expand our support and cut the ground out from under the anti-gassers.

    • Mark, I see where you are coming from but I suggest you try to “educate” the masses in Central NY who only hear from the loud “empty barrel” green groups in Ithaca and Syracuse.

      • You’ve seen what I think we must do before. Throwing silly “red meat” articles to gin up outrage among conservative readers is a luxury we can no longer afford. If we want to gain supporters for natural gas we have to make natural gas the answer to their problems, not a sop to conservative ideology.

        Gas can address high utility bills, NY’s ad valorum severance tax is paid directly to local governments, with strict regulation, gas can be drilled safely and it is orders of magnitude cleaner than oil and coal. You also have to show that solar and wind have environmental problems and are so far behind schedule they can’t meet deployment targets.

        The anti’s count on most people to expect the existing energy infrastructure to meet everyday needs and not pay too much attention. Now that the cracks and gaps are beginning to show, we have to show another way forward. Recently there have court filings, like the API filing back in March, that are relentlessly factual. Keep them up to date and use them to relentlessly refute the anti’s. Make gas an economic and pragmatic solution to the majority of people who a neither pro- or anti- gas.

        We have wasted far too much time presuming that conservatives and their political agenda was the way forward in Northeast and Middle Atlantic states. If that seems harsh, how much progress has been made in the last 5 years for gas development in this region? A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

        We know who our opposition is and the methods they use. Either we come up with an effective way to deal with them or we don’t. I don’t pretend that the usual suspects will be happy with my criticism. I want natural gas for the economic well being of my region and I’m tired of watching the anti’s dance rings around us.


    Judge rules civil disobedience a ‘necessity’ to prevent climate change.

    A Massachusetts judge found that 13 pipeline protesters “not responsible by reason of necessity” because the action was taken to avoid serious climate damage.

    MAR 28, 2018, 12:08 PM

    Judge rules civil disobedience a ‘necessity’ to prevent climate change
    A Massachusetts judge found that 13 pipeline protesters “not responsible by reason of necessity” because the action was taken to avoid serious climate damage.
    MAR 28, 2018, 12:08 PM

    Defendants stand outside a courthouse in West Roxbury, MA, after hearing that a judge found them not responsible for protest charges on the basis of necessity. (CREDIT: Peter Bowden)
    For almost a year, hundreds of protesters in Massachusetts took action to stop construction of a high-pressure fracked gas pipeline, which would have run for five miles through the Boston neighborhood of West Roxbury. The demonstrations, which featured protesters sitting in holes dug for the pipeline, lead to the arrests of nearly 200 people, many of whom faced criminal charges for trespassing and disturbing the peace.

    On Tuesday, the final 13 protesters facing charges over the demonstrations were found not responsible by a Massachusetts judge, who ruled that the potential environmental and public health impacts of the pipeline — including the risk of climate change — had made civil disobedience legally necessary.

    According to the Climate Disobedience Center, which supported the protesters in their demonstration, this is the first example of a judge finding defendants not responsible on the basis of a necessity defense — something that has been used by the climate movement increasingly in recent years as a basis for direct action against fossil fuel infrastructure.

    “We believe this is a first,” Marla Marcum, director of the Climate Disobedience Center, told ThinkProgress. “It’s pretty powerful, to us, that a judge listened very carefully and determined, essentially, that it was necessary for these people to take this action in an attempt to prevent a greater harm.”

    It’s a rare piece of good news for the climate movement, which has seen an increase in the criminalization on environmental protest in recent years. And, it’s good news for the West Roxbury protesters, because while they didn’t stop the pipeline from eventually becoming operational, they did force the pipeline company — Spectra Energy — to admit on the record that it didn’t have a safety plan in place in the event of a catastrophic failure.

    “In this moment in 2018, when we get a lot of bad news every day, I think good news in the movement is something that the movement always needs,” Marcum said. “This isn’t an unbridled victory, but it’s good news, and it’s evidence that when we can bring the full range of evidence that actually should be considered in our cases before the court, we may find someone who is prepared to hear that evidence and make a ruling based on all of the relevant evidence.”

    • Leftist judge from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts temporarily creates law — what a surprise.

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