Deep Green Resistance: The Group That Wants to End Civilization

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Deep Green Resistance is too frequently dismissed as a fringe group not warranting our time but a close examination shows just the opposite. It’s dangerous.

When civilization ends, the living world will rejoice. We must be biophilic people in order to survive.”

(Deep Green Resistance)

Know thy enemy. And, beware of organized violence against modern living.

With the Green New Deal (GND), the enemies of mineral energies and of modern living are at the door. And, one spinoff is Deep Green Resistance.

deep green resistance

An example of the work of a Deep Green Resistance affiliate

Here is the self-described mission of the Deep Green Resistance (DGR) in their own words. More information is available at their website but, be warned: it is scary stuff. (Emphasis added.)

Two words apply: buyer beware.

Why Deep Green Resistance?

  • Industrial civilization is killing all life on our planet, driving to extinction 200 species per day, and it won’t stop voluntarily.
  • Global warming is happening now, at an astounding speed. The only honest solution is to stop industrial civilization from burning fossil fuels.
  • Most consumption is based on violence against people (human and non-human) and on degrading landbases across the planet.
  • Life on Earth is more important than this insane, temporary culture based on hyper-exploitation of finite resources. This culture needs to be destroyed before it consumes all life on this planet.
  • Humanity is not the same as civilization. Humans have developed many sane and sustainable cultures, themselves at risk from civilization.
  • Most people know this culture is insane and needs radical change, but don’t see any way to bring the change about.
  • Unlike most environmental and social justice organizations, Deep Green Resistance questions the existence and necessity of civilization itself. DGR asks “What if we do away with civilization altogether?”
  • Unlike most environmental and social justice organizations, DGR asks “What must we do to be effective?”, not “What will those in power allow us to do?”
  • DGR offers organized, reliable ways to promote sane ways of living and surviving the ongoing crisis.
  • DGR has a realistic plan to stop the insanity,Decisive Ecological Warfare.

What Is Deep Green Resistance?

Deep Green Resistance is an analysis, a strategy, and the only organization of its kind. As an analysis, it reveals civilization as the institution that is destroying life on Earth. As a strategy, it offers a concrete plan for how to stop that destruction. As an organization, Deep Green Resistance is implementing that strategy.

The goal of DGR is to deprive the rich of their ability to steal from the poor and the powerful of their ability to destroy the planet. This is a vast undertaking but it needs to be said: it can be done. Industrial civilization can be stopped.

DGR is an aboveground organization that uses direct action in the fight to save our planet. We also argue for the necessity of an underground that can target the strategic infrastructure of industrialization. But these actions alone are never a sufficient strategy for achieving a just outcome. Any strategy aiming for a livable future must include a call to build direct democracies based on human rights and sustainable material cultures.

Which means that the different branches of a resistance movement must work in tandem: the aboveground and belowground, the militants and the nonviolent, the frontline activists and the cultural workers. We need it all.

And we need courage. The word “courage” comes from the same root as coeur, the French word for heart. We need all the courage of which the human heart is capable, forged into both weapon and shield to defend what is left of this planet. And the lifeblood of courage is, of course, love.

So while DGR is about fighting back, in the end this organization is about love. The songbirds and the salmon need your heart, no matter how weary, because even a broken heart is still made of love.

They need your heart because they are disappearing, slipping into that longest night of extinction, and the resistance is nowhere in sight. We will have to build that resistance from whatever comes to hand: whispers and prayers, history and dreams, from our bravest words and braver actions.

It will be hard, there will be a cost, and in too many implacable dawns it will seem impossible. But we will have to do it anyway. So gather your heart and join with every living being. With love as our First Cause, how can we fail?

Guiding Principles of Deep Green Resistance

  1. The soil, the air, the water, the climate, and the food we eat are created by complex communities of living creatures. The needs of those living communities are primary; individual and social morality must emerge from a humble relationship with the web of life.
  2. Civilization, especially industrial civilization, is fundamentally destructive to life on earth. Our task is to create a life-centered resistance movement that will dismantle industrial civilization by any means necessary. Organized political resistance is the only hope for our planet.
  3. Deep Green Resistance works to end abuse at the personal, organizational, and cultural levels. We also strive to eradicate domination and subordination from our private lives and sexual practices. Deep Green Resistance aligns itself with feminists and others who seek to eradicate all social domination and to promote solidarity between oppressed peoples.
  4. When civilization ends, the living world will rejoice. We must be biophilic people in order to survive. Those of us who have forgotten how must learn again to live with the land and air and water and creatures around us in communities built on respect and thanksgiving. We welcome this future.
  5. Deep Green Resistance is a radical feminist organization. Men as a class are waging a war against women. Rape, battering, incest, prostitution, pornography, poverty, and gynocide are both the main weapons in this war and the conditions that create the sex-class women. Gender is not natural, not a choice, and not a feeling: it is the structure of women’s oppression. Attempts to create more “choices” within the sex-caste system only serve to reinforce the brutal realities of male power. As radicals, we intend to dismantle gender and the entire system of patriarchy which it embodies. The freedom of women as a class cannot be separated from the resistance to the dominant culture as a whole.

Here are DGR’s surprising views on renewables, which this group, oddly enough, correctly sees as invasive to the natural world. One wishes that mainstream, Washington, DC-centric environmentalists would wake up to the fact that wind power and solar panels are very invasive to the natural world relative to dense, mineral energies.

Will Green Technology Save the Planet?

No. Wind turbines, solar PV panels, and the grid itself are all manufactured using cheap energy from fossil fuels. When fossil fuel costs begin to rise such highly manufactured items will simply cease to be feasible.

Solar panels and wind turbines aren’t made out of nothing. They are made out of metals, plastics, and chemicals. These products have been mined out of the ground, transported, processed, manufactured. Each stage leaves behind a trail of devastation: habitat destruction, water contamination, colonization, toxic waste, slave labor, greenhouse gas emissions, wars, and corporate profits.

The basic ingredients for renewables are the same materials that are ubiquitous in industrial products, like cement and aluminum. No one is going to make cement in any quantity without using the energy of fossil fuels. And aluminum? The mining itself is a destructive and toxic nightmare from which riparian communities will not awaken in anything but geologic time.

From beginning to end, so called “renewable energy” and other “green technologies” lead to the destruction of the planet. These technologies are rooted in the same industrial extraction and production processes that have rampaged across the world for the last 150 years.

We are not concerned with slightly reducing the harm caused by industrial civilization; we are interested in stopping that harm completely. Doing so will require dismantling the global industrial economy, which will render impossible the creation of these technologies.

Aren’t renewable energies like solar, wind, and geothermal good for the environment?

No. The majority of electricity that is generated by renewables is used in manufacturing, mining, and other industries that are destroying the planet. Even if the generation of electricity were harmless, the consumption certainly isn’t. Every electrical device, in the process of production, leaves behind the same trail of devastation. Living communities — forests, rivers, oceans — become dead commodities.

The emissions reductions that renewables intend to achieve could be easily accomplished by improving the efficiency of existing coal plants, businesses, and homes, at a much lower cost. Within the context of industrial civilization, this approach makes more sense both economically and environmentally.

That this approach is not being taken shows that the whole renewables industry is nothing but profiteering. It benefits no one other than the investors.

OK, renewable technologies have some impacts, but they’re still better than fossil fuels, right?

Renewable energy technologies are better than fossil fuels in the same sense that a single bullet wound is “better” than two bullet wounds. Both are grievous injuries.

Do you want to shoot the planet once or twice?

The only way out of a double bind is to smash it: to refuse both choices and craft a completely different path. We support neither fossil fuels or renewable tech.

Even this bullet analogy isn’t completely accurate, since renewable technologies, in some cases, have a worse environmental impact than fossil fuels.

More renewables doesn’t mean less fossil fuel power, or less carbon emissions. The amount of energy generated by renewables has been increasing, but so has the amount generated by fossil fuels. No coal or gas plants have been taken offline as a result of renewables.

Only about 25% of global energy use is in the form of electricity that flows through wires or batteries.  The rest is oil, gas, and other fossil fuel derivatives. Even if all the world’s electricity could be produced without carbon emissions, it would only reduce total emissions by about 25%. And even that would have little meaning, as the amount of energy being used is increasing rapidly.

It’s debatable whether some “renewables” even produce net energy.  The amount of energy used in the mining, manufacturing, research and development, transport, installation, maintenance, grid connection, and disposal of wind turbines and solar panels may be more than they ever produce; claims to the contrary often do not take all the energy inputs into account.  Renewables have been described as a laundering scheme: dirty energy goes in, clean energy comes out.


Biofuels, another example of “green tech”, have been shown to be a net energy loss in almost every case. Those biofuels that do produce net energy produce an exceedingly small amount. These fuels are often created by clearing natural ecosystems such as tropical rain forests or prairies for agricultural production, a process which releases even more greenhouse gases, reduces biodiversity, and reduces local food availability. Biofuel production is considered a major factor in rising food prices around the world in recent years. These rising food prices have led to widespread starvation, unrest, and violence.


Some people like to promote hydroelectric energy as a source of “green power.” This is false. Dams have enormous environmental impacts on rivers, beaches, and estuaries. Beyond these impacts, many dams are a large source of methane gas due to decomposing organic matter at the bottom of the reservoir. Methane from hydroelectric dams may be responsible for 4% or more of global warming.


Washington-DC environmentalists pretend that their favored renewables are clear ecological winners compared to natural gas, coal, and oil. Wind and solar power are not, for reasons given by the Deep Green Resistance. Still, the DGR is a fringe, violent, deep-ecology outfit that must be watched closely. They are not so much anti-energy as anti-human life.

Editor’s Note: It’s pretty fascinating that a group committed to the very destruction of civilization itself also sees through the fallacy of renewables. The point, though, is that no one is safe from the antics of Green Deep Resistance types. And, don’t think they’re not connected to other supposedly less extreme groups who have made enormous headway in some communities. Indeed, Derrick Jensen, the author of the Deep Green Resistance Book serves on the Board of Advisors of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) that we have profiled here numerous times and which has led many a community down the primrose lane to disaster. He serves there along with Josh Fox, Karenna Gore and Jerry Greenfield (of Ben & Jerry’s fame). 

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8 thoughts on “Deep Green Resistance: The Group That Wants to End Civilization

  1. Yet these people use modern technology to communicate and organize.
    Don’t they know that Fossil fuels are just millions upon millons year old vegetation like trees (monocots) that has been compressed underground? How will they heat or make shelter if cause the death of these vegetation. Eventually they will produce more fossil fuels on Spaceship Earth? These “Greenie-Boppers” are children who believe in rainbow farting unicorns. Like the Star Trek episodes “Miri” plus “And the Children Shall Lead”, these are scary times indeed.

  2. Yet another straw man argument from the head of the less than useful IER. Let’s pretend that an organization like the Deep Green Resistance, which wants to eliminate 95% of all humans on the earth, is ever going to gain any traction with the general public. But Bradley wants you to believe this is possible, so he trots out a two year old news story about a couple of wack jobs with a bag or two of concrete and a length of wire that set out in a so called noble act of resistance.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Bradley, they did not seem to have any interest is actually derailing the train, just getting publicity:

    “Early in the morning of April 20th we poured concrete on the train tracks that lead out of the Port of Olympia to block any trains from using the tracks. We took precautions to notify BNSF (the train company) – we called them and we used wires to send a signal that the tracks were blocked. We did this not to avoid damaging a train, nothing would bring bigger grins to our faces, but to avoid the risk of injuring railway workers.”

    Of course if anybody had actually researched the incident, they would have known that the wire that sent the signal to the control center would have stopped the train long before it got to the so-called “sabotage” and that a bag of freshly set unreinforced concrete is not likely to derail a 100 ton locomotive.

    The cause for natural gas deserves far better than this nonsense. The real advantages of natural gas over coal and oil are consistently deprecated by the likes of Bradley and the IER and Gregory Wrightstone and dubious theology of the Cornwall Alliance, both of which show up regularly on this site. Their denial of climate change means they they are also denying the unique natural advantage of natural gas in mediating climate change.

    Perhaps it would be better to concentrate on the real advantages of a clean fuel the public wants, as shown by the shortages in NY, than creating bogeymen where none exist. The struggle for natural gas will be won by making it the solution for the public’s problems, not by appealing to bias and fears of conservatives.

  3. As a science fiction writer, this is wonderful! This kind of fundamental error (forgetting that the world can naturally support something like 500,000,000 to 1,500,000,000 people and there are 9,000,000,000 at the moment is justs the start). I’ve copied this into a ‘research’ file for my future history where the environmentalists have joined the right-wing politically.

    As a radical member of the alternate stripe (Radical L-5er) I do intend to take the world population (but NOT species population) down to 500,000,000, and my weapon of choice will be the letter of job offer – with the job on a space colony.

    Hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s copyright toes taking a copy for myself (But that ensures I know where I got it when the website takes it down).


    Ed Wilson
    Writing as Ed Buchan.

  4. DGR:

    “Civilization, especially industrial civilization, is fundamentally destructive to life on earth. Our task is to create a life-centered resistance movement that will dismantle industrial civilization by any means necessary.”


    “[DGR] are not so much anti-energy as anti-human life.”


    – ‘life’ includes ‘human-life’. They say they are life-centered, so I don’t know how you can justify this claim. There is no evidence whatsoever that they are against human beings living on this planet. Quite the contrary, from what I can see.

    – Putting aside their tactics, would love to know what you disagree with in their core assumptions and why.


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