Deep Green Resistance and Friends More Red Than Green

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Deep Green Resistance is both radical and dangerous and it’s made alliances with the favorite fractivist shills of a supposedly respectable gentry class.

Deep Green Resistance is a very dangerous organization. The group’s operation manual, “Decisive Ecological Warfare,” is a diatribe on how to “disrupt and dismantle industrial civilization.” Among the strategies for doing so is “engag[ing] in direct militant actions against industrial infrastructure, especially energy infrastructure.” The whole enterprise is “aimed at identifying key points and bottlenecks in the adversary’s system (electrical, transport, financial, and so on) and engaging them to collapse those systems or reduce their functionality.” Deep Green Resistance is radically opposed to civilization as we know it and it has friends in strange places.

Deep Green Resistance is Derrick (not Derek, as typically spelled) Jensen’s group. I wrote about him last year here in relation to his role, along with Josh Fox and Jerry Greenfield (of Ben & Jerry’s) as advisors to the radical CELDF. I wrote about him again last month, noting the following:

These are hard-core extremists; dangerous narcissists with no souls. They do, in fact, advocate violence toward human beings and, of course, there’s always the collateral damage which they’re quick to excuse. They say, in their book Deep Green Resistance “A drop in the human population is inevitable, and fewer people will die if collapse happens sooner.” It’s the “making an omelet requires breaking a few eggs” philosophy that led to the death of tens of millions in the 20th Century. Derrick Jensen, the most prominent of all Deep Green Resistance folks, rationalizes that “No matter what you do, your hands will be blood red…”

Why and I writing about them again? Because this Deep Green Resistance, an admittedly underground group is slowly but surely forging relationships with aboveground groups kindly referred to by an empathetic journalists as merely “environmental activists.” Fractivist organizations are among those being conned. It’s all part of the Decisive Ecological Warfare scheme so nicely captured in this infographic (high-resolution version available here), portions of which are offered below:

Deep Green Resistance

Note the “combatants” language, the firewall and the “practice security culture” (secrecy) advice.

Deep Green Resistance

Note the “sabotage” reference, the employment of useful idiot aboveground groups to “vocally support” it and the emphasis on “attacking particularly egregious targets.”

Deep Green Resistance

Note the desire for “permanent long-term collapse,” the use of aboveground groups (“mainstream activists”) as “the more ‘reasonable’ alternative to the underground in a good guy, bad guy play and the emphasis on attacking banks, transportation and energy infrastructure.

Deep Green Resistance

Note the heading of “decisive dismantling of infrastructure,” the emphasis on moving from restraint to full power action, the desire to “induce widespread industrial collapse and hamper repair and replacement” with the ultimate goal of dismantling industrial (that is to say modern) civilization altogether. Also, the hooded destructor in lower left.

This is Deep Green Resistance in all its narcissistic glory. Like two-year olds they desire destruction and the attention it brings and when they can deploy their newly discovered manipulative abilities they are especially happy. Moreover, the aboveground groups being manipulated are like new new-age parents determined to avoid meaningful discipline and instead reward their brats with love only, so they are perfect enablers.

Who are those aboveground enablers? Well, it was less than three weeks ago that the Delaware Povertykeeper (a/k/a Riverkeeper) released and heavily promoted a petition opposing appointments to FERC. Among the “136 environmental and community organizations” supposedly “representing communities in all 50 states,” Maya van Rossum recruited to sign the faux petition was Deep Green Resistance New York. That’s what the William Penn Foundation pays her to do with money inherited from one of the bigger fortunes made in the chemical industry by Rohm & Haas – about as emblematic an example of industrial civilization as could be found. It’s like a ceramic hot dog wrapped in a plastic bun; each calling the other phony and dangerous when, in fact, they’re the same with respect to everything that counts.

Deep green resistance

One of several radical images associated with Deep Green Resistance New York

Berks Gas Truth in on that list, too, along with We Are Seneca Lake, the Rockefeller family’s Catskill Mountainkeeper organization, Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, Grassroots Environmental Education, the Responsible Drilling Alliance and Breathe Easy Susquehanna County and dozens of others; all of whom were pleased to put their name right along side Deep Green Resistance.

Likewise, when spoiled children Melissa Troutman and Joshua Pribanic (the trial lawyer’s kid) called for an EPA/DEP investigation they also recruited Deep Green Resistance. Many of the same useful idiots were only too pleased to join their names with the Deep Green Resistance and they were supplemented by Craig Stevens, Susan Van Dolsen (Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion), Ellen Gerhart (the Juniata Watershed People Before Pipelines lady making a martyr of herself with respect to the Mariner pipeline), the Sierra Club, Sam Bernhardt (Senior Pennsylvania Organizer, Food & Water Watch) and Beverly Braverman (Executive Director of Mountain Watershed Association). All saw nothing wrong with being associated with a group calling for destruction of infrastructure as a means to collapse civilization.

Also, when the Park Foundation funded Center for Biological Diversity put together a petition to oppose fossil fuel development on federal lands, it was only too pleased to feature Deep Green Resistance as one of its supporters, along with, Beyond Extreme Energy, the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline, Environment America, Food & Water Watch (another big Park Foundation funded outfit), Gas Free Seneca, the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), Sustainable Tompkins and RFK, Jr.’s Waterkeeper Alliance. They all agreed to ally themselves with Deep Green Resistance and its cadre of civilization destructors in hoodies and masks.

There’s an absolutely fascinating aspect to all this, though. It has to do with the point at which the useful idiots are able to muster the wherewithal to draw the line at accommodating Deep Green Resistance. It’s illustrated by a group called Stop the Frack Attack. It is an umbrella organization with the following steering committee:

Lauren Pagel, Earthworks
Rachel Richardson, Environment America
Emily Wurth, Food and Water Watch
Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth
Ted Glick, Beyond Extreme Energy
Tracy Carlucio, Delaware Riverkeeper Network
David Braun, Californian’s Against Fracking
Shannon Biggs, Movement Rights
Justin Wasser, Sierra Club
Rose Braz, Center For Biological Diversity
Kathleen Sutcliffe, Earthjustice
Jen Krill, Earthworks

It’s a broad representation of fractivist groups funded by the Haas, Heinz, Park, Rockefeller families, among others, and they actually said NO to Deep Green Resistance. They told the outfit it couldn’t attend the last national conference. Why? Well, it wasn’t, as you might imagine that they had gone a wee bit too far with all that civilization destruction talk or that they opposed blowing up pipelines or derailing trains or any of that stuff. They were down with all that. No, what caused hem to draw a line in the sand was their contention Deep Green Resistance favored a “gender binary.” The story, as told by Deep Green Resistance itself, includes the following:

As radical environmentalists (and radical feminists), we in Deep Green Resistance oppose any and all threats to the future of the planet…

Because of this, we were understandably excited when we saw that Denver would be host to the Stop the Frack Attack (STFA) National Convention this week, and immediately reached out to see about tabling and distributing materials for our organization. Unfortunately, the leaders of STFA made it very clear to us that feminist perspectives are not welcome at their event.

Deep Green Resistance (DGR) is being barred from STFA because, according to the organizers of this conference, we support a “gender binary.” This notion is absurd…

Critics of DGR like to portray us as somehow protecting or defending traditional definitions of gender, but nothing could be further from the truth. Deep Green Resistance encourages and supports anyone who resists the abusive and violent gender system – and the greatest example of such resistance is women saying no to men…

In a world teetering on the brink of destruction, we in Deep Green Resistance are absolutely amazed that an activist would turn his back on a committed environmentalist group solely because that group thinks rape victims shouldn’t have to shower and sleep with men.

Amazing isn’t it? Radicals are, by definition, extreme and, therefore, are seldom able to agree on anything for long, which is what saves civilization from their excesses despite the apathy of so many with respect to their threats. Their threats are real but their tendency toward self-destruction via their quests for purity is our best protector. The only civilization they ever ultimately destroy is that of their own world. Thus it is that I’m less worried about them than the dolts and their special interest funders who unthinkingly ally with Deep Green Resistance. The latter is truly fringe and accomplishes little but the Delaware Povertykeeper, et al, whose voice is magnified by sister entities such as StateImpactPA and who, deep down, shares the same ultimate objectives, is the real threat.

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4 thoughts on “Deep Green Resistance and Friends More Red Than Green

  1. Deep green resistance has a dangerous ideology at its core. And just one of the problems with these sign on letters and this antifracking pipeline resistance movement (and I suggest that people begin to acknowledge that in fact there is an antifracking pipeline resistance movement that has been active now for years) is the connections and the network itself. The misinformation moves rapidly from group to group and sometimes groups are but a few people and from there it eventually reaches the public whether through quotes in the news, inaccurate and poorly researched news articles and also directly through public meetings that are often billed as educational sessions. We are years into this now and there is misinformation on not just fracking itself but on natural gas use and climate change, pipelines whether specific projects or in general, ferc and on it goes and it is all reaching the public.

  2. Ms. Orlando and Mr. Shepstone, I could not disagree with you more about the so-called Deep Green Resistance. Since when do we dignify a bunch of tedious jerks with moderate skills in Adobe apps and a website, but nothing else, as credible enemies.

    Where is the sabotage that got Mr. Shepstone going all Cold War with “useful idiots” and of what use is vocal support? In Phase 2 they say they will undertake “low risk actions”. Unless they include littering as “low risk”, I’m hard pressed to see what they’ve done. Also in Phase 2 they say they will revert back to Phase 1 “under serious repression or setbacks”. I’ll posit that they never got out plan writing at any level and have accomplished nothing or ever will. These guys are the flip side of “doomsday preppers” and just as absurd. Think of the various Judean Liberation Fronts in “The Life or Brian” of Baldrick in the Blackadder series with his “I have a cunning plan”.

    Do not confuse the DGR with our anti-gas opposition. They may have it wrong about time frames or the amount of infrastructure for significant renewable energy production, but they are interested in making the world a livable place for the whole population. DGR wants to go back to hunting and gathering for less than 1% of that after they supposed dragged civilization backwards 5,000 years; now there is an attractive plan. But I wonder if I could strike the pose of a brooding, misunderstood revolutionary, waiting in the woods for the end of civilization, if women would think me attractive? Is that their angle?

    Why all the ink spilled on van Rossum’s bogus petition? I once tracked down a couple of signers of a Sierra Club petition, which claimed 84 organizations and found a day care center and yoga studio in in Bridgeport, CT. If Maya wants to squander her credibility lying and padding her petition with bogus splinter groups, it only reveals how thin on the ground her side is.

  3. FORTUNE magz. has an article this issue on what has happened in Germany past several yrs since the Greens took over a few yrs ago with their ENERGYSWITCH program. True they are the world leaders in renewable energy thanks mainly to subsidies to home owners, but they are not meeting their carbon reduction numbers and may not since they are burning more brown coal than prior to the switch. What we must learn from their errors is a balance in energy. .

  4. So , the greenies are back. They must be pretty amped up after their loss out west ?
    Oh well ,here we go again !
    Have any of you ever seen the AntArctic ice core studies done in the last decade ? Judging from what they tell us ,we are heading into another ice age soon ? I realize it seems hard to believe but as it turns out we are almost at the twenty thousand year cycle shift. Natural Gas sure would come in handy to help mankind survive another ice age ! Just a thought , And remember -Friends don’t let friends burn imported energy , The job you save might be your own !

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