de Blasio Opposes NESE Pipeline, Increasing Chances of Approval

Tom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


Bill de Blasio, New York City’s essentially communist Mayor just gave the Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline project a big boost by declaring opposition.

Bill de Blasio just announced he’s opposing the Williams NESE pipeline project that would help alleviate New York’s gas shortage. He’s chosen the fractivist cause over the interests of his public housing residents. Why? Because he, too, wants to be President and knows there’s no money to run without choosing causes likely to produce special interest political donations from the gentry class. He’s only a man of the poor when he needs their votes. Right now, he needs money to launch a national campaign. That can only come from wealthy trust-funders who value leisure interests and moral preening above everything else.

The decision to oppose de Blasio to oppose the NESE could be very good news, though. He and Governor Corruptocrat are deadly enemies. FERC has already approved given a go-ahead to the NESE and only a water quality certification from Cuomo’s DEC (and New Jersey) are needed to bring it to fruition. Has de Blasio heard Cuomo is likely to approve one? Is this why he’s lining up on the other side to distinguish himself from Corruptocrat with potential campaign funders?

Or, is the equally corrupt de Blasio acting preemptively? He despises Cuomo, of course, and the feeling is mutual, especially when it comes to public housing issues. Could be. The Mayor, like his adversary, is a very vindictive sort of guy. And, like most communist wannabe types, he loves money and power, seeing himself as part of the nomenklatura.

Regardless, it’s hard to imagine Cuomo and arch-rival de Blasio ending up on the same side of anything. That’s why the Mayor’s announcement could be very good news. Just imagine Cuomo seeing it and the possible reaction. “I’ll show that pathetic SOB what leadership is.” We can hope, at least, that’s what happens. Given the actors here, it seems not unreasonable. If only we can get Andy to focus on this:

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2 thoughts on “de Blasio Opposes NESE Pipeline, Increasing Chances of Approval

  1. “Stranded In The Ground” he says? Well “Big Bird Bill”, no gas guzzling motorcade from your workouts at the gym to your office (rumored napping place) for you.

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