DAPL Vandals and the Trendy Elitists Who Coddle Them

Tom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


A group called Rising Tide North America is behind some DAPL vandals. Both the Tides Foundation and the Levinson Foundation are in the background paying.

The Argus Leader carried a remarkable story the other day about two Dakota Access Pipeline or DAPL vandals who were arrested for sabotaging the pipeline by using oxy-aceytlene cutting torches to cut through steel valves. The two perpetrators, both Iowa women, were quite proud of their dirty work, self-empowered by a naive sense of moral superiority (mother’s milk to all useful idiots) and what can only be described as the arrogance of indignant high schoolers. It tells us a lot about what motivates these radicals and none of it’s good. Even worse are those who fund and manipulate them.

DAPL Vandals

Two DAPL vandals being arrested (from Argus Leader)

Here are the basics from the Argus Leader (emphasis added):

Two women who admitted to vandalizing the Dakota Access Pipeline during a press conference in Iowa on Monday are also suspects in pipeline incidents in South Dakota, authorities said Tuesday.

Des Moines residents Jessica Reznicek, 35, and Ruby Montoya, 27, were taken into custody Monday in Polk County, Iowa as they pried letters from an Iowa Utilities Board sign.

The duo read a statement claiming responsibility for acts of pipeline sabotage incidents along the route, which runs from the Bakken oil patch in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois.

Montoya said she and Reznicek used oxy-acetylene cutting torches to cut through steel valves, starting in Mahaska County, Iowa.

“After the success of this peaceful action, we began to use this tactic up and down the pipeline, throughout Iowa (and a part of South Dakota), moving from valve to valve until running out of supplies, and continuing to stop the completion of this project,” Montoya said…

Alex Cohen of the Earth Defense Coalition, a spokesman for Montoya and Reznicek, said the women were still in custody as of Tuesday afternoon and that they haven’t been charged with offenses beyond a misdemeanor for damage to the Iowa Utilities Board sign.

“Since their statement, there haven’t been any additional charges, but they’re definitely expecting some,” Cohen said.

Cohen said the women plan to represent themselves in court.

Montoya and Reznicek are part of the Catholic Workers Movement, and they said Monday that their actions were meant as a nonviolent response to unresponsive regulators, elected officials and media.

They said they began to vandalize pipeline sites shortly after Election Day, setting fire to construction equipment.

They continued to hone their skills, targeting valves along the pipeline route. They encouraged others to follow their lead during their press conference Monday.

“We feel we have nothing to be ashamed of,” Montoya said. “For some reason the courts and ruling government value corporate property over our inherent human rights to clean water and land.”

The shallow infantile reasoning of these two speaks for itself. I suspect most readers will share my view that appropriate punishment is something on the order of 10 years hard labor cutting firewood with handsaws to keep themselves warm. Nonetheless, I am far less concerned with these two self-righteous malcontents than those behind them; the people encouraging them and other DAPL vandals and sponsoring similar acts of sabotage against other pipelines.

Nearly every such act is aided and abetted by the moral and financial support of others who go to great lengths to hide their involvement. Take, for example, the spokesperson for  these two DAPL vandals; a fellow named Alex Cohen of the Earth Defense Coalition. If you go to this organization’s website and its About page, you’ll learn next to nothing about them other than the fact they are profoundly radical. The Home page says this:

If you’re Not Resisting…

(To the best of your human ability)

Then You’re Liable For…

(Systemic racialized injustice, depletion of finite resources, dehumanization of indigenous peoples by corporations, and ever-worsening climate change & extinction events)

Watching The World Burn


Not a lot here either other than a window into the souls of those who want the world as we know it to burn so they can rebuild it in their own image. The Contact Us page, though, is one place on the website offering a bit of transparency; it provides a phone number for Alex. Google that number (314-971-6304) and you quickly learn both Alex Cohen and Ruby Montoya (one of the two DAPL vandals arrested) are listed as contacts for another amorphous radical group known as Rising Tide North America.  The Earth Defense Coalition appears to be little more than one of a collection of aliases used by Rising Tide; a tactic common with fractivists and other radicals

Rising Tide says it does “direct action…to confront the root causes of climate change…out of the conviction that corporate-friendly ‘solutions’ to climate change will not save us and that most government efforts are half-measures at best.” We know what that means, of course, and it’s anything but peaceful or non-violent, as they would have the naive believe. The DAPL vandals were simply pursuing that mission.

Rising Tide also claims to have an EIN number for purposes of helping other groups secure tax-exempt donations, but there is no organization of that name listed on Guidestar, for example, where virtually every such entity can normally be found. Further searching, though, revealed this:

Recently RTNA received a grant from the Max and Anna Levinson Foundation to redistribute the funds to grassroots groups working within the climate justice and climate movements.  Rising Tide decided that the best way to do this was to open an application process for Rising Tide network groups and frontline community members to directly ask for microgrants to fund local, regional, or national projects. Providing  “no strings attached” funding is one of the needed elements of empowering local communities to develop fights that reflect their needs and issues, as well as helping to provide a foundation for local  direct action organizations and frontline voices.

The Levinson Foundation, in other words, is giving Rising Tide North America “no strings attached” money to finance more DAPL vandals. Except for its radicalism, it is, like its grantees, anything but transparent, a fact noted by Inside Philanthropy. A review of its latest 990 return (fiscal year ending May 31, 2014) indicates a $30,000 payout to an entity listed as “Media Island Institute” at 268 Bush Street, San Francisco, for the “Rising Tide campaign.” The group actual name is Media Island International and it is a fiscal sponsor for radical groups such as Rising Tide North America; a pass-through entity for purposes of tax-exemption and another degree of separation for funders such as the Levinson Foundation.

The Levinson Foundation is thus spending yet another one family fortunes ways intended to assuage the guilt of subsequent generations for having done so undeservedly well as a result of their ancestor’s success. It is run by grandchildren of the man who made the fortune; Max Levinson. It is said he was a prominent Philadelphia businessman and the founder of the Merit Oil Company.

Such is the irony of so many fractivist campaigns. Like the Rockefellers, the latter Levinsons want to prove their worth and independence by demonstrating they possess superior values to the old man who made the money and they intend to do it by spending the money he left to charity on their own causes and in such way as to not impose on the pampered lifestyles he left them. Funding DAPL vandals simply follows the trust funder rulebook.

The Levinson Foundation is the only one doing it, either. The Tides Foundation 990 return for 2014 also shows a $40,771 grant to Rising Tide North America (through Media Island International) for “general support.” Tides, of course, is one of the vehicles used by Teresa Heinz Kerry to pass through money from her first husband’s fortune. It is, essentially, another money laundering group to finance activities such as those of the DAPL vandals. It is how fractivism is done. Trust fund money is behind every bit of it, passed down through layers of non-transparent organizations to the useful idiots who imagine it’s all their idea. Watch the short video below for an illustration of what the Levinson and Tides money has bought:


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25 thoughts on “DAPL Vandals and the Trendy Elitists Who Coddle Them

  1. Wow. You’re talking big money here..30,000 and 40,000..!!!

    And who funds you….in your radical , pro-corporate agenda…?

    Since your position is the only righteous path…who funds you and how much per year….

    What do we call you??

    Corporist vs Fracjtivist…?

    • Vera– did you follow any info about police officers and their families being doxxed? What about visits to Army Corps of Engineer commanders homes? Did you read the article over at Democracy Now where these women say they hope to inspire others to follow in their footsteps? And they were “acting from the heart”? Well let’s say someone decides to hearfeltly of course bludgeon someone with a baseball bat. This is ok because it is from the heart?

      Your movement is a problem Vera. It has problems all over the place, mostly ethical. It isn’t ok to massively misinform the public, reporters and more etc. It isn’t ok to demonize everyone in your way and sabotaging pipelines is against the law Vera. It isn’t heroic. It is a crime.

      • Very well said Karen. Vera and her band of minions have gotten so good at their fear mongering and lying they fell into their own BS.

    • Vera, It is not the amount of money that is important, it is the manner in which the money is employed. Funding destruction of private property is not only unlawful it is immoral. How would you feel if someone came to your place and destroyed some of your property, using the excuse that your were endangering the world?

    • Vera what they did was stupid. They could’ve blown themselves up if there was oil or natural gas in any of those pipelines. They could’ve caused an environmental catastrophe also. By encouraging others to do it someone will get seriously injured or even killed if they try this on an operational pipeline. Why don’t you go out and try it ?? Maybe your smart enough to not do something this stupid.

        • Before being blocked from their Facebook accounts I saw they were raising funds by emailing their base of believers, and on line fund raising sites

          • No one is funding me ,…..
            Hate to disappoint you…

            Every now and then I get a donation..

            US government Social Security is helping fund me…

            You want to give me a donation…

            And of course…TOM Shepstone…
            Hasn’t answered his funding question yet…

          • Anti fracking groups like the Riverkeepers are funded through donations so if you accept these donations you are being funded by someone Vera. What’s the name of that anti-fracking group you belong to and give speeches on their behalf ?? How are they funded and how much do they give you to give a speech ??

          • I have my own group called Citizens for Clean Water…
            I pay myself for speaking…
            Pay for my gas as I go around and spread the truth of the harmed ….
            Anybody pay you for speaking

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  3. http://gmogottago.com/bill-mckibben-to-co-present-activist-award-on-eve-of-trump/

    Interesting. Well the Rising Tide factions are certainly interesting. Remember Sophia Wilansky who was injured over in North Dakota? Well she was arrested with a Vermont faction over a natural gas pipeline first. She was also arrested with Karenna Gore, the daughter of the former president as well as Tim DeChristopher.

    Rising Tide surely has some Occupy ties as I have seen them covered by Amy Goodman and Democracy Now and they showed up for a Port Ambrose protest in NYC.

    Democracy Now’s coverage of these women in certainly interesting to read. Their words are very telling. Somehow committing crimes is ok if you are acting “from the heart?”

  4. “Rising Tide Vermont organizes and takes direct action to confront the root causes of climate change and to facilitate a just transition to resilient and equitable land-based communities.

    We are part of a movement which opposes the expansion of industrial infrastructure in the Northeast US and Eastern Canada, and exposes corporate and state-sponsored false solutions to the climate crisis.”


    What exactly does direct action mean? Generally it involves getting yourself arrested. What does “we are part of a movement that opposes the expansion of industrial infrastructure in the northeast US and Canada” mean?

    Well they are not as out there as the Deep Green Resistance folks who want to dismantle civilization (and I saw that one of their leaders was a featured speaker at an environemental convention out west a few years ago actually)!! But clearly they are selling gibberish. And Bill Mckibben loves them right? Well we know it isn’t because they are using facts and logic and science right?

  5. This sounds like a criminal conspiracy to commit a string of interstate felony destruction of property. If the South Dakota incidents are theirs, as claimed, they could be doing some serious time in a federal prison, not to mention a federal look into who funds them. Since they seem bent on being martyrs for the cause by representing themselves in court, perhaps the state, federal authorities and the pipeline can accommodate them and their funders.

    • http://www.latimes.com/la-bio-times-editorial-board-staff.html

      Currently the ladies are being promoted and given a platofrm to speak by amy Goodman and democracy now. Goodman and democracy now record with reporting on pipelines, as in plural is atrocious. If journalists needed to keep a license current it were held to some standards she would have been fired along with Juan Gonzalez years ago.

      But I put a link into the recent editorial by the la times on it seems a natural gas pipeline on the east coast. What do you make of this opinion? What are they saying about ferc?

  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/billmckibben/status/892096667280867328

    Here bill mcibben will explain to you exactly how the antifracking pipeline reistance movement works. See? He is directing you to give money for legal support for some folks who got themselves arrested over a pipeline. Sounds like this is the kinder Morgan pipe in Canada.

    The antifracking movement and the anti tar sands movement and the anti pipeline movement are now one great big movement. Interesting eh?

    Hey how long ago was bill mckibben in that politico magazine article on cove point with the headline or if not headline, subtitle of it’s a big fracking lie? Three years ago?

    By the way the latimes editorial board isn’t qualified to approve a single pipeline as evidenced by their absurd editoral about saying no the the dakota pipe and they actually are under the impression they know something about ferc and all natural gas pipelines?

    Ever seen a single reporter get the story straight on a pipeline and the ferc process? True madness is occurring and I would get very serious about figuring out a way to have the facts and truth get out.

  7. Thank you Mr. Shepstone for doing fractivists’ work for them of condemning this stupid, hijacking-of-the-term-“peaceful”, set of NON-peaceful, overage-juvenile-delinquent actions by the Iowa duo. I think we might be seeing the beginning of the end of fractivism in view of the fact that, despite my looking far and wide for such condemnation on the pages of a dozen or so of the prominent fractivists that I know, I failed to find any; I had to instead wait for the red meat that this undoubtedly is for you to be snapped up by you first. Sad.

  8. Speaking of DAPL their safety expert kuprewitz of accufacts has produced something for millennium pipe. See Maya and the deleware riverkeeper for that bit. How many pipeline projects is this now with Mr accufacts I assume getting paid to produce some report now?

    Reporters can’t check that out?

    Hey remember when that ap reporter used the oil change international “report” on natural gas pipeline last year? The group is antifracking. Its board consists of various people from other environmental orgs. That reporter doesn’t have google? Seriously?

    The scandal that is the failure and it is massive by reporters and papers and magazines and editors is massive right now with pipelines, ferc and fracking. And it does not appear to me that they can be taught anything. Not even how to do their own jobs. It is astonishing.

  9. Certainly Scroggins is will pass her best, these actions represent infantile behaviour at best,it’s quite amazing how the mainstream media turn out to these pre-rehearsed childest traints that occupy the mind-set of these activist’s, I would have thought destruction of property is a serious criminal offence , these actions are of a serious consequence,scroggins is more of a pest, and a fairly innoculas one at that,she needs to retire gracefully, leave her tantrums to self preservation.and act more as a role model

  10. http://www.wnyc.org/story/james-cromwell/

    Man is it’s busy news day for the antifracking and infrackstructure movement. Bill mckibben and Al gore were in cnn and Al gore will be on some kind of townhall on CNN tomorrow. We can rest assured that the hacks at cnn will ask mr gore no questions about his antifracking and pipeline and natural gas stance. I certainly assume that is his position since he is proud of his daughter participation (getting arrested and promoting misinformation for antifracking pipeline resistance movement)

    Not to be outdone wnyc had ingraffea, the babe actor and pramilla malick, once promoted by NY State senator Avella on the air today as well!!

    Holy moly. Every time I think oh the problems with reporting on pipelines and fracking and natural gas can’t get worse they get much much much worse. Amazing stuff!

  11. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jul/31/more-arrests-in-anti-pipeline-action/

    Wow! More people got arrested. Over a natural gas pipeline! Oh what was the long drawn out history with that one again? Speaking of daktoa pipe it’s mentioned as some water protectors travelled to the east coast for this one.

    But wait that is not all the stories in the news today that somehow involve the antifracking/ pipeline resistance movement actually. Nope there is more.

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