Judge Calls Out Dakota Access Troublesome Protesters

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A Federal Judge calls out the criminals and hooligans of the Dakota Access, saying they have a vastly different agenda than the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

The extent of the hoax the Tribe and its minions are perpetrating on all of us at Lake Oahe has been duly documented by Judge Boasberg of the D.C. District Court already. Now another federal court has documented the extent of what Judge Hovland of the North Dakota Federal District Court correctly calls “the mindless and senseless criminal activity of the hooligans that chose to accompany the protest movement” being instigated and acted out by a small but very fractious percentage of the entourage out at the Lake Oahe site along the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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Judge Hovland’s September 16, Opinion notes the following (these are his words, not my repackaging):

  • Protestors [are] engaging in mindless and senseless criminal mayhem including:
    • vandalizing and defacing construction equipment;
    • trespassing on privately-owned property;
    • obstructing work on the pipeline;
    • verbal taunting, harassing, and showing disrespect to members of the law enforcement community.
  • Estimated damage to construction equipment and loss of work on the project is far in excess of several million dollars.
  • To suggest that all of the protest activities to date have been “peaceful” and law-abiding defies common sense and reality.
  • Many instigators are from out-of-state and have political interests in the pipeline protest and hidden agendas vastly different and far removed from the legitimate interests of Native Americans of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
  • For anyone to suggest the protests have been entirely peaceful and prayerful is less than forthright and ludicrous at best.

Note Judge Hovland’s reference to outsiders who’ve parachuted in for this performance who have no interest at all in the Tribe. These professional (probably paid) instigators have shamelessly coopted the Tribe and are using and exploiting it. No doubt these opportunists have never before cared a hoot about this Tribe or done anything for or with it. When these operatives are finished with this North Dakota act they will no doubt move on to the next thing and abandon the Tribe and resume not caring a hoot about it.

All of this shows again that the fuss of late over Dakota Access Pipeline is nothing but contrived and orchestrated theatre and mob political violence aimed at securing political and ideological ends. These are the facts as found by a Federal Judge who is there.

Here’s a link to the full Opinion.

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13 thoughts on “Judge Calls Out Dakota Access Troublesome Protesters

  1. The parts about rights to free speech being surpressed are actually priceless as is the part about the order simply being a directive to follow the law . Truly interesting to read. Doubtful any reporters will look at it.

    Not that the writer below is doing reporting but apparently the headline at the hill is “Democrats take aim at nd pipeline project” when the article mentions only two Democrats which is hardly a large percentage of all elected dems.


  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/22/arts/design/north-dakota-oil-pipeline-museum-officials-and-archaeologists-sign-letter.html?_r=0

    Now that piece of reporting in the nytimes filed under arts is truly fascinating. Originated with an outfit out of Brooklyn run by a Beka Economopoulos. The “reporting ” appears to be the person writing and then I imagine an editor giving the ok to what amounts to basically relaying pieces of a letter written and signed like a petition. Zero indication that the reporter knows any facts period about the project or process or what she is writing about.

    The reporter does however have a history of covering certain pipeline protests also with occupy activist/ activist ties, like the spectra nynj natural gas pipeline in ny.

  3. I am sorry but i have to side will Bill on this one. If he says “BULL” it must be so as nobody shovels more BULL than Bill therefore making him the leading expert

    • I lived what I speak about .You on the other hand just think you know what goes on .When you experience something you know it’s not NG co’s PR ….you’re just jealous or something since I bring out true issues …..just to bad .

    • I lived what I speak about .You on the other hand just think you know what goes on .When you experience something you know it’s not NG co’s PR ….you’re just jealous or something since I bring out true issues …..just to bad .

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