Does the Daily Star Now Want The Constitution Pipeline, Maybe?

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Dick Downey comments on an Oneonta Daily Star article about the Constitution Pipeline stating they now “see benefits coming from the natural gas pipeline.”

Congratulations, Daily Star! You finally equate the Constitution Pipeline with the area’s economic health. While disapproving the route, the method of land appropriation, the preparation for construction, and the industry’s history of securing local tax abatement, the Star’s January 20/21st editorial at least notes some benefits and beneficiaries of affordable gas.

Constitution Pipeline

They include job retention at Amphenol and the agri-business in Frazier and, more generally, the benefits to small businesses, local governments, schools and homeowners. Unfortunately, the editorial goes NIMBY on local gas production. Earthquakes and secret chemicals are cited. Your apparent conclusion: just let Pennsylvania produce the stuff and pipe it north. We’ll take it; better underground than in trucks.

OK, but at least two cheers for your conversion.

Let’s drill a little deeper for some background. Upstate New York has been in a downward spiral for years. We’re bleeding population. Look at enrollment trends in local schools. In my district, Unatego, the enrollment 20 years ago was 1.479. It now stands at 806. Other districts tell the same story. With no jobs, people leave.

Businesses create jobs. New York touts it’s “open for business” but with the high taxes, the labyrinth of regulations, and high energy costs, the cost of doing business is far too often prohibitive. Solutions for these impediments are, perhaps, beyond local control but our leaders and institutions like the Daily Star must speak up for pipeline expansion.

While the Star’s focus on job retention is a good first step, job growth is the key to stemming the loss of young families and returning the area to vibrancy. The availability of natural gas is paramount to attracting businesses and creating those new jobs. Bottom line: we need the pipelines to deliver the gas.

Are you listening, Governor? Issue the permits. Stop the political games.

Richard Downey is a retired New York City schoolteacher and a member of the Unatego Board of Education and the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York.

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4 thoughts on “Does the Daily Star Now Want The Constitution Pipeline, Maybe?

  1. Great start on the good news for modern man Richard… all of Upstate NY needs to know this kind of successful story even if its reporrted by anti development factions like the local media. It is a sham and a shame that Governor Cuomo is costing tens of thousands of Upstate NYers thousands in energy cost yearly, for his failed energy visions for NYS. This is why people are fleeing NY and population in our schools is deminishing. Here in Broome County they are debating on wether or not to quit teachingvAmerican History… liberal thinking will cause repetitive failures throughout our society in many forms

    • American history is a required part of the Social Studies sequence in NY. You can’t graduate without it. I suspect that any district superintendent thinking about this, as opposed to local electives or AP courses, would have an unpleasant talk with the state education department and a revolution at the next board meeting.

  2. Retired Star Editor Sam Pollack refused to meet in person or with his editorial board with any natural gas coalitions or economic development organizations interested in promoting natural gas development. He ignored the role of natural gas in reducing greenhouse gases. His vision was myopic and without any scientific facts to support his arguments. The new editor seems to have more common sense and the ability to scrutinize facts, unlike our current Governor. States to our east where greenhouse gases are rising significantly as they continue to use high emission gasoline and fuel oil and diesel fuel are also ignoring historical emission data and never mention or address naturally occurring carbon or other essential processes that produce our food supply

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