Cuomo’s New Energy Program: Fracked Natural Gas!

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Governor Cuomo has announced yet another clean energy program, but this one uses fracked natural gas Cuomo won’t let us develop in or even pipe into NY.

Suddenly, and once again, Governor Cuomo has announced another clean energy program but this one, ironically, uses “FRACKED” natural gas.  You know … that stuff over which the State of New York sits atop that he is denying landowners the ability to develop or even pipe into the state, to appease his big money donors and elitist friends. Read about it here.

The news release (excerpts below) is actually a confession to New Yorkers by the most Corrupt Governor ever elected, Andrew Cuomo, a man who flaunts his corruption in our faces of everyday New Yorkers as if he were some sort of emperor. He’s confessing that everything he’s told us about fracking and the dangers of the Constitution, Northern Access and Millennium Pipeline projects has been one big political farce – it’s all been one big lie. New York needs natural gas. New York needs fracking. New York needs pipelines.

energy program

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced plans to construct a new state-of-the-art, locally-sourced mini-power grid that will be connected to the statewide grid, and also be able to operate independently, to power the Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza in Albany. The energy-efficient co-generation plant and microgrid will supply 90 percent of the power for the 98-acre downtown Albany complex and is expected to save the Plaza more than $2.7 million in annual energy costs. The project will also remove more than 25,600 tons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere each year – the equivalent of taking more than 4,900 cars off the road – supporting New York’s goal to reduce emissions by 40 percent by 2030 from 1990 levels.

The power generation facility will be located on Sheridan Avenue in a dormant waste-recovery steam plant that was decommissioned in 1994 and is attached to the steam plant currently in use. The upgraded system will allow on-site power generation from two new 8 megawatt, clean-burning, natural gas-fired turbine generators that will also have dual fuel capabilities. As a byproduct of the electrical generation, the natural gas turbines will generate steam to serve heating and cooling needs of the entire plaza.

A video showing the benefits of the microgrid is available here, along with photos of the downtown facility to be repurposed.

Cuomo has to go, fellow New Yorkers, if we want any future at all. This man has no integrity and there is no limit to his hypocrisy. We’re being played for fools,

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19 thoughts on “Cuomo’s New Energy Program: Fracked Natural Gas!

  1. Does anyone listen…Does anyone care? I have Two sinkholes that opened up in my driveway 4 to 6 weeks after they drilled. They tell me these holes I can fit in might be woodchuck holes. More then 8 feet deep. 10 feet from my 800 foot water well.A trapper said a bear couldn’t dig a hole like that. I have trees sinking in my yard. Piers under my home tipping. Salt in my water more then DEP safe yet they tell me it’s fine. One lies the other swears to it. Who’s next? ??

    • Shelia, sorry about the surface subsidence; but it is highly unlikely that any drilling activity or even gas extraction from deep rock can or would cause those effects, especially over a very short time interval. It is more likely the result of natural causes and maybe even caused by your relatively shallow water well withdrawal of water and reduction of pressure in shallow rocks. If the shallow rocks are limestone, these tend to be dissolved as ground water leaches through them, resulting in eventual collapse. There is some salt content in all rocks, which can find its way into your well and you might even get salt contamination from the salt used to melt snow and ice on the surface during the winters there.

      • The complaint is true but no nat gas connection at all. Property is indeed leased yet the horizontal is approx 8,500 ft deep and approx 800 ft away. Property also neighbors and was a portion of township land hostng a dump. Don’t forget the tree clearing and back fill to level the lot. Lots of reasons that do not include Nat gas.

    • Sheila,
      More than likely it is subsidence from an old coal mine. I’ve drilled the surface section of numerous natural gas wells in PA and WV and what you describe is identical to many areas at identical depth. There are hundreds of old coal mines that no one knows about because they predated record keeping and permitting, etc. Saline water is very common in coal formations and consequently old mines. This doesn’t really have anything to do with gas drilling. Your water well (I’ve been licensed to drill them for years) probably wasn’t properly cemented when it was completed which has allowed surface water to create the sink holes via your water well bore. Get a water well remediation company to take a look at it so your well doesn’t contaminate fresh water aquifers in addition to surface damage, the liability would be all yours!

  2. Yup saw that and thought the exact same thing. And of course the reporters are too dumb to know, or just as likely, don’t care.

  3. Cuomo wants to help the Rockafella family save 2.7 million a year that’s what it comes down to. He does not care about all of the landowners in New York or New Yorkers at all. If he did he would approve the pipelines and allow natural gas to be developed. Jobs would be created and the economy would change. All of a sudden he wants to use natural gas. It is clean all of a sudden when it is for his benefit. We all know he has his hand in someone’s pocket. Since he wants to use natural gas he should allow it. If he does not want to remove his ban, New Yorkers should not allow it to be used. According to past articles roads get damages. noise, ect.
    What changed? He is a hypocrit.
    He has destroyed N.Y.

  4. I love you man. Keep up the fight. I had to go back and focus on asphalt but know we all love what you do.
    Anyone but Cuomo for governor.

  5. The entire time that the fracking debate raged in ny, in reality the state policy was for more natural gas. What has happened in NY and indeed with this antifracking, anti natural gas movement is absurd.

  6. Coumo is a liberal anti shale nutcase to prevent NY from
    cheat, clean natural gas via fracking. However I applaud him
    because it helps to keep gas prices elsewhere up.

  7. You really can’t make this stuff up… cuomo has for years barely skirted much deserved indictment- but with this press release he just achieved a new pinnacle of brazen and sadistic hypocrisy.

  8. Cuomo fears that upstate landowners with money may influence the politics. Thats the real reason he denied us our constitutional rights.

    • That’s absolutely part of it, though we still wouldn’t be able to overcome the huge democrat downstate advantage.

      With cuomo it’s just flat out cruelty. You stupid hayseeds didn’t vote for me? I’ll destroy you, and my crooked courts will back me up.

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  10. Whoa there boys, Cuomo never said HE wasn’t going to use natural gas, He said YOU up state, are not to use natural gas, no drilling, no pipelines, no jobs, no future, Cuomo and the rest of the world gets to enjoy the benefits of clean natural gas, Cuomo wants you upstate guys to go and buy one of those Chinese made solar arrays for $60,000. and put it on your $30,000. house.
    Remember in New York you only have the rights Cuomo wants you to have. May I remind you, you have the right to remain poor, you have the right to be over taxed, you have the right to be cheated out of your minerals and you have the right to not be able to do anything about it.
    Come on, you really didn’t think he was going to use solar HIMSELF, did you ?????

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