Cuomo Donations Show Special Interest Agenda Behind “Clean Energy”

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Update: There’s also this, of course, about Vivent Solar and SolarCity.

Gov. Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo does nothing except for money and Cuomo donations show the money is coming from  special interest “clean energy” investors.

Politico New York, no friend of fracking, has been diligent in exposing the special interest agendas of those seeking political favor through Cuomo donations. A recent story by Bill Mahoney at the journal, reveals solar investors are among the top dozen entities making Cuomo donations, which, no doubt, accounts for Governor Corruptocrat’s commitment to the least efficient, least dependable and most subsidized of all energy sources.

According to Mahoney, these are among the dozen parties who have given at least $150,000 to Corruptocrat’s campaign and that of his party in New York:

Hedge fund manager James Simons – $500,000

The article notes “Simons has now given the governor and the state committee a combined $2.6 million since he won his first term in 2010, more than any other contributor. Simons, of course, is the founder of the Renaissance Technology, LLC and invested heavily in Vivent Solar stock prior to a deal with Andy’s green piggybank. Here is what I wrote in December, in fact:

Back in January of last year I noted the big NY Green Bank investment in Vivent Solar (VSLR) by a fat cat CUOMO donor by the name of Jim Simons, father of Nat Simons. He’s the man behind Renaissance Technologies LLC, which just happened to buy some 493,455 shares of Vivent immediately prior to the announcement of the NY Green Bank deal.

Cuomo’s Green Bank, in fact, invested $57.5 million in Vivent Solar, an average of over $1 million per MW of installed generation capacity, which means it’s more like $3 million per MW of actual generation for energy produced but when the sun shines. Meanwhile, Simons has increased his Vivent holdings to 576,230 shares.

Cuomo Donations

James Simons

Simons, of course, is, too, the father of Nathaniel Simon, the big-time donor, through the Sea Change Foundation, to the solar promoting Energy Foundation, the NRDC and the like. The younger Simons is also suspected of funneling Russian money through his dark money accounts to fractivist groups in the U.S.

Brookfield Asset Management – $400,000

According to Politico New York, this “Canadian real estate and renewable energy company has long been one of the governor’s top donors. It contributed more than $800,000 in his first term… Three days after the firm gave Cuomo $100,000 last year, he announced that two of its hydroelectric projects were among 11 recipients of a $360 million pool of money from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.”

Brookfield is also heavily invested in solar and wind. Its subsidiary, TerraForm Power, once part of now bankrupt SunEdison, already has 160 MW of wing and 16 MW of solar projects in New York State and it’s obviously hoping to do much more. There’s no sign—yet—that’s it’s going to raid Cuomo’s NY Green Bank, but the big Cuomo donations indicate it knows how New York works under Corruptocrat. New York, unlike so many others states, is still a wide open door for net metering ripoffs combined with more direct subsidies, so it has great prospects for special interest “clean energy” scams.

Haugland Group – $162,405

This is a New York civil engineering company that specializes in electrical power infrastructure. It was Cuomo’s biggest new donor in the first half of 2018. It says this about itself (emphasis added):

Our expertise as power plant contractors includes traditional fossil fuel and natural gas steam generation plants, as well as an increasing focus on alternative-energy sources, including geothermal heat, wind energy, solar power and bio fuels.

Haugland is clearly a capable firm, knows how the power lines run in New York and hopes to secure its piece of the politically correct power pie.

Barry Rosenstein – $151,956

Rosenstein is the guy behind JANA Partners, LLC. Politico New York notes the following:

A sizable share of the donations that hedge fund manager Rosenstein and his family have made to Cuomo came when he hosted an East Hampton fundraiser for the governor last summer, for which he loaned the governor the use of a helicopter.

He has loaned the governor his aircraft on at least one other occasion. Six months ago, his private plane flew Cuomo and partner Sandra Lee to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

JANA was also the fourth largest stockholder in SolarCity until it wisely cashed out a couple of years ago, after buying a 5+ million share stake a year earlier. Need we say more?

Get the big picture? Four of the top dozen Cuomo donors are intimately connected to special interest “clean energy” projects riding the wave of Cuomo political correctness. This is the real nature of what’s happening in New York.

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One thought on “Cuomo Donations Show Special Interest Agenda Behind “Clean Energy”

  1. Thanks for this.
    Dear Dems, If you think solar investors are giving money to Cuomo because of the virtues of solar energy, you’re right. The most important virtue of solar is it makes project owners rich at taxpayer expense. Solar generates squat. And requires real utilities to keep conventional, reliable, on-demand, generation available 24x7x365. This increases the price for ratepayers. Especially for the near poor in rental apartments who can’t take advantage of taxpayer funded incentive scams.

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