Cuomo: A Failure for the Ages

Cuomo - Kathy Colley ReportsKathy Colley
Chenango County Landowner


Andrew Cuomo has been an abysmal failure as a leader. He’s let Upstate New York starve for the sake of not offending the NRDC and friends.

Governor Cuomo continues to fail Upstate New York residents who desperately need an economic recovery that’s just not happening.  More specifically, he is failing New York State by his refusal to move forward with natural gas development even though its safety has been demonstrated repeatedly.

Science? Open for Business? Gov. Cuomo Isn’t Fooling Anybody

The governor says his decision will be based on the science, but he already has a comprehensive (1,500 pages) Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) that provides a basis for moving forward with natural gas development. It’s obvious there other factors at work; political factors that have zero to do with science.

Cuomo put his disgraced ex-brother-in-law Robert J. Kennedy Jr. and two other senior attorneys from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on his advisory council, made  big show of it and then just as quickly let it sink into oblivion. He has promised decisions by one deadline after another, to the point no one on either side of the battle believes a word he says anymore; the perfect definition of malfeasance.

Cuomo - Leadership Fail

Yet, Governor Cuomo would have us believe he has crafted a plan on his own to restore Upstate New York State to economic health. He says New York is “open for business” as his motto while keeping the doors closed to the one business that could make a difference.  Nothing could better illustrate the phony nature of his plans, which are pure bunk.

We know Cuomo acts quickly, far too quickly, when he thinks there is a political opportunity to look like a leader with his base. Gun control, gay marriage, casino gaming, medical marijuana and other trendy left-wing issues have demonstrated Cuomo can pounce faster than a hungry cat, with no regard for science or anything other than the kill, but put fracking in front of him and he’s suddenly a scared rabbit. What a fake.

Cuomo in NRDC Chains

All this man cares about is not displeasing his elitist base. He wants Bobby Kennedy Jr. and the NRDC aristocrats to stay happy and not make any noise. He’s deathly afraid of the NRDC, in fact, if his actions mean anything. They own a chunk of the Catskills, want a lot more of it on the cheap and have the capacity to torpedo his political plans if he doesn’t behave. They have Cuomo in chains he has no idea how to throw off.

Cuomo in NRDC chains

Cuomo and the Four NRDC Connections on His Hydrofracking Advisory Committee

So, the governor sacrifices upstate farmers, landowners and businesses to keep them at bay, throwing the rest of us a few bones such as yogurt factories and casinos, while denying us what we really need; authority to proceed with natural gas development.

Governor Cuomo, in my opinion, is a leadership failure.  New York could contribute to this nation’s energy independence and help us continue to be a world economic power while helping its own residents secure inexpensive energy and revitalize rural areas like Upstate New York if he would but give the go-ahead. Yet, he fails to take action, any action whatsoever.

It’s tragic–a tragic failure to lead, a failure to simply do one’s job. Now, more than ever, with Russia and Ukraine at odds, we need that leadership. But, this man, our governor, will not stand behind his country or his state. Governor Cuomo is a failure for the ages.





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6 thoughts on “Cuomo: A Failure for the Ages

  1. And let’s not forget his failure when he was at HUD, no doubt at the insistence of his brother in law RFK Jr. Speaking of whom, do you suppose that he’d have gotten away with probation and a cushy job at the NRDC after his drug conviction if he’d been black or Hispanic? Or even if his name wasn’t Kennedy? Truly these people live in a different world, and the rules that we must live by do not seem to apply to them.

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  3. Cuomo’s problem is that he cares about no one else except Cuomo. He is without a doubt an ego – maniac and is one of the most obvious power – hungry politicians I have ever seen. The SAFE Act exemplifies his lust for power and control. Abusing the message of necessity, he and the other spineless senators and assemblyman had to cowardly debate and pass this law in the middle of the night. Anyone who would vote for someone like this, obviously enjoys being controlled and abused. As POTUS, Cuomo most assuredly will follow in the footsteps of his former NY governor father into the pages of history as a wannabee who never will be.

  4. Lets face facts ! Cuomo needs the Park ave money for his run for the White house. Most of the big Park ave. money comes from coal and imported crude. Them good ole boys stand to loose a lot on their lease holdings.else where in the world if NY gets developed. Even China would switch to NG instead of coal if they could buy enough of it at a fare price The chinese are dropping dead all the time from the coal smog. It really sickens me to think of all that must die because of greed! It just proves the filthy rich dont give a damn about the rest of us or our air and water.

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