Craig Stevens Supports Pipelines? Who Knew?

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Craig Stevens has been everywhere opposing gas drilling, fracking and pipelines, including the Constitution Pipeline, but when it’s his own property…

One of Craig Stevens’ most frequent remarks during his even more frequent appearances where he performs his fractivist schtick is “you probably know my name.” His notoriety is clearly a source of some pride but, let’s face it, it’s well-earned in a sense. Most of us involved in promoting natural gas development do know his name. His routine is all too familiar.

Those not so familiar, such as my wife, upon seeing him in action, tend to figure him out quickly. She took about 30 seconds to tell him to “just go away, we’re having a good time here and no one wants to hear you” at the last Cabot Picnic (and he did, as it was clear she wasn’t kidding).

Craig Stevens, like any good hustler, wasn’t phased for long, though. He knows the first rule of selling is to simply move-on, undeterred, when a sales pitch is rejected. He has gone on to oppose gas drilling, fracking and pipelines in more fertile territories. The Constitution Pipeline was a nice gig for him for a while, for instance. But, when it came to his own property, earlier this year, he sang a different tune.

Craig Stevens, in fact, has spoken at several anti-pipeline rallies and opposed the Constitution Pipeline with vigor. Here he is at a Stop the Pipeline event looking on as a Castro brother look-a-like from the NRDC gang, Wes Gilligham, speaks up against the pipeline.

Constitution Pipeline

Craig Stevens looking on with admiration as Catskill Mountainkeeper’s Wes Gillingham speaks against pipeline.

And, here is Craig Stevens participating in a Constitution Pipeline protest event at the Holleran farm where he and others worked so hard to create some media hype about tree-cutting.

Craig Stevens

Craig Stevens (far right, back row) protesting Constitution Pipeline at Holleran farm .

Then, there’s this speech he made at an anti-pipeline forum targeting the Constitution Pipeline in Sidney, New York in 2012.

Craig Stevens

Craig Stevens speaking at anti-Constitution Pipeline forum in Sidney, New York

He spoke in Franklin, NY in early 2015 at a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) hearing on the Constitution Pipeline, ending his remarks by saying “DEC; deny the permit.”

Yet, one of our alert readers doing some research in the Susquehanna County Recorder of Deeds office happened to notice that, on January 24, 2017, Craig Stevens signed an option agreement (recorded three days later) giving Williams, the developer of the Constitution Pipeline, the ability to acquire a permanent easement over property he jointly owns in nearby Silver Lake Township, Susquehanna County. Here’s the exhibit to the option agreement:

Craig Stevens

So, Craig Stevens, who has strongly advocated against Williams on the nearby Constitution Pipeline, is willing, for some unknown monetary consideration, to give this same Williams a permanent easement to support pipeline development on his own property? It seems so. Stevens apparently supports pipelines. Who knew?

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11 thoughts on “Craig Stevens Supports Pipelines? Who Knew?

  1. I did. He said so at our meeting in Otsego County when I told him we we needed a pipeline if we were serious about not having XNG trucks driving through the county.

  2. Just another of the left’s shameless fools doing the bidding of the coastal plutocracy.

    The national rift widens daily as radical fantasy land destroys the country from within.

  3. Here are some questions which one might pose about the documents:

    1. Is this document an option or the actual easement? It appears that from the terms of the first page that the document is the actual easement subject to a condition precedent for the payment of the “Additional Payment” within one year of the ‘Effective Date” (17 January 2017)

    2. The second to last paragraph of the document recites that the Agreement will terminate concurrently with the termination of a pre-existing Pipeline Easement Agreement entered into by the same parties in 2010, and modified in 2012. If the recitation is accurate, does that mean that Craig Stevens already signed a pipeline easement seven years ago and then a modification in 2012? Is this then the third signing of documents that Mr. Stevens has executed in the last seven years which aid the pipeline company in building their pipeline?

    3. When the “Additional Payment” is made, will the parties then file an amended Pa Realty Transfer Tax Statement of Value form, showing in box D 2 of the form what the ‘Other Consideration” is?

    4. Because the original Pa form claims an exemption because the consideration was for $100.00 or less, does the “Additional Payment” logically require a transfer tax to be paid, as any additional payment will cause the original one to exceed $100.00?

    5. Are there any legal civil or criminal penalties for failing to filing the amendment and for failing to pay any tax which may accrue due to the “Additional Payment”?

    6. It appears from the map that the Permanent access road may be about 1000 feet long. A common way to pay for pipeline easements and access roads is by the running foot. Can these be some possible “Additional Payment” figures? At $10 per foot, a possible Additional Payment could be $10,000.00; at $20.00 per foot could yield $20,000.00; and at $50 per foot could it yield $50,000.00 for the Grantors, divided according to their interest. Is there a separate value for the Permanent Stormwater Management Easement, as well, which will be included in the “Additional Payment”?

    7. Would it be the most efficient way for Mr. Stevens to clarify what the total payments will be by releasing to the “Separate Letter Agreement” recited on the second page of the Option to Purchase Permanent Access Road Easement Agreement? Is there a good case for Transparency in matters regardless pipeline easements, etc.?

    8. Is there a Confidentiality Agreement signed by Mr. Steven allowing him to conceal the total remuneration and the complete terms of his agreement from the public, thereby insulating him from any charge of a double standard?

    These are just some questions that occurred to me.

  4. This is the same Craig Stevens who wrote on Craigslist Sautner facebook account after Sautner did what he told the NY assembly he would never do…. do a settlement with Cabot and a non disclosure agreement (in other words sell out for money), don’t worry I will keep the brown jug alive.
    So true to form a liar is the pillar of the anti-gas movement


    Ah Craig Stevens one of the small group of antifracking pipeline resistance movement warriors who is literally everywhere and yet the people who write the news don’t seem to recognize him or that they have been covering the same hysterical and not credible people for years. By the way Bolger who covered the antifracking movements port Ambrose lng export shenanigans still works in the news business as do many reporters who fail at their jobs and have been for years.

    The schtick I saw craig give to FERC in Brooklyn at the Rockaway pipe draft eis heariny was about the family property and a pipeline and it seems like a bentonite spill from a possible HDD installation of that pipeline. He pulls a wad of fake money out of his pocket at one point.

    Chances are he is in more than just the transcripts of public heaings for both the Rockaway and port Ambrose lng import project. Transcripts are fascinating stuff. Not that any of the reporters pretending they know what’s going on have read any.

  6. First of all, Craig Sautner of Dimock and about a dozen families took settlements from Cabot and non-disclosures…
    why is Cabot doing settlements with them…if there is no problem with the water or whatever…
    if there is no problem with the water from Cabot , then Cabot should not settle and tell everyone to go to hell.
    Instead they settle with Dimock families, Lenox families and others in my county…
    What does that tell you, those who deny the DEP findings that Cabot and other gas companies like Southwestern and Chief and Talisman in my county were found responsible for water contamination of private water wells…
    And the pro-gassers continue to deny the problems and contaminations ….!!

  7. here is the explanation of what Craig Stevens and family signed in Jan. 2017….
    It is not a Right of Way for a Pipeline…
    It is a Right of Way for access to areas near the pipeline that were damaged by Laser/Rockford in 2011 during the installation of the original sixteen inch gas line…
    And all the landowners along the route were notified and Pa. DEP required the repair of the wetlands and sensitive areas …
    and the other landowners signed for the repair if they wanted to…
    Williams is now the owner of this pipeline and bought it from Laser and they got stuck with these repairs along this pipeline.
    Williams had to pay per acre for the access part to the areas needed to be repaired…it’s just areas below the pipeline …
    This is what Craig Stevens explained to me about this..
    Tom, if you want information about this, please directly contact the landowners involved like Craig Stevens and others and get the proper, correct story about this..
    Williams paid millions to repair the damage to the land because of this pipeline…erosion and sediment control and wetlands involved…
    Also, Tom , contact DEP in Pa. to find out about all this besides contacting the landowners involved….
    Check with the people who know the facts, the landowners , the Pa. DEP and Williams…and you don’t have imagine what happened….get the facts….

    • See just like I said. Bentonite spill from pipe installation on the property or something like that.

      Why not ask craig about his appearance at the Rockaway pipeline eis hearing in Brooklyn in 2013 and long beach long island as part of the antifracking movements deliberate conspiracy theory that the port Ambrose lng import project was actually for export? By the way it’s easy enough to look up and verify that Williams has a new pipeline expansion project filed with ferc which will deliver the same amount of natural gas to the Rockaway lateral as the port Ambrose lng import project would have been delivering. Super easy to see who lies and who doesn’t.

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