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Corruptocrat and Bay State Bozos Bring Russian LNG to US

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Andrew Cuomo, Gov. Corruptocrat, and dumb as a rock Massachusetts politicians have succeeded in bringing Russian LNG to the US through their pipeline delays.

Andrew Cuomo, not so affectionately known here as Governor Corruptocrat, has stopped three separate pipeline projects intended to bring natural gas top New York and New England. Bay State politicians of no spine have likewise caved to extreme environmentalists and fractivists in killing their own projects. There results of this corruption and incompetence are the highest natural gas prices in the world during the cold snap and the delivery of high-cost, high-carbon Russian LNG to the country that brought us the shale revolution. That revolution could have delivered low-cost, low-carbon shale gas to New York and New England but the blindness, obstinance and virtue signaling of their dreadful politicians.

natural gas exports

Here’s the stunning news akin to delivering coal to Newcastle and ice to the Eskimos:

Not many people had expected the U.S. to turn to Europe for natural gas this winter.

Yet the polar chill that gripped the U.S. East Coast this month, and sent spot prices to records, has led to a tanker loading a cargo of liquefied natural gas in the U.K. for Boston, some of which was likely produced by a U.S.-sanctioned project in Siberia.

The Gaselys tanker is due to arrive in Boston on Jan. 22 after loading fuel from storage tanks at the U.K.’s Isle of Grain, according to ship-tracking data compiled by Bloomberg. The vessel docked at Grain shortly after the terminal near London received the first cargo from Russia’s $27 billion Yamal LNG plant.

“Gas from anywhere is profitable into that northeastern U.S. gas market as prices are the highest in the world,” said Trevor Sikorski, head of natural gas, coal and carbon at Energy Aspects Ltd. in London.

The arrival from the U.K. would make it the first LNG reload into the U.S. since a cargo from the tanks of the Huelva terminal in Spain was imported in June 2014, according to data from the U.S. Department of Energy through October. U.S. imports of the super-chilled fuel, mostly into Boston from Trinidad and Tobago, have dropped since exports started from the Gulf of Mexico coast in 2016.

Isle of Grain terminal operator National Grid Plc said it doesn’t comment on the intentions of gas shippers using its facilities. It’s not immediately clear who owns the cargo.

U.S. domestic demand climbed to a record last week as snow and winds bombarded Americans on the East Coast. Yamal LNG, co-owned by Russia’s Novatek PJSC, France’s Total SA and China National Petroleum Corp., has faced financial sanctions from the U.S. since 2014 because of Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian crisis.

What’s the matter with Massachusetts? We know what’s wrong in New York, of course.


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11 thoughts on “Corruptocrat and Bay State Bozos Bring Russian LNG to US

  1. This needs to get pushed into the main stream US news, especially in New York and New England. Let people see how much more costly the bad political decisions are to the local populace, how they are now having to purchase gas from a place they are not supposed to get it from, the increased CO2 emissions due to the bad energy policies and the increased risk of transporting LNG vs pipeline transport.

    • Totally agree Ken. The locals in New England need to know why they are unneccarily paying exhorbitant prices for Russian LNG.
      Lack of pipeline infrastructure is the simple answer, in this case.

  2. What are these politically lame bozo’s thinking? Even if they are so near-sighted as to deny their own region pipelines that would supply low cost, environmentally friendly LNG from the Marcellus, why are they not buying LNG from American suppliers (probably at lower prices) who can ship from a port as close as Maryland? Certainly makes no sense to me!

    • I don’t think they are politically lame, Tom, I think they are evil and
      misguided and they have an anti-fossil fuel agenda. An engaged
      and informed New England electorate should throw all these bums out!

  3. A friend of mine from Massachusetts wrote to Senator Warren (Pocahontas) about the high prices of heat, natural gas, and electricity. Here’s the opening paragraph of her reply:

    “The science is unmistakable. Earth’s climate is changing. Human activities are releasing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and contributing to climate change. Climate change endangers our health and national security, it threatens agricultural production and access to clean water, and it increases the occurrences of floods and droughts. As a concerned citizen and your Senator, I am committed to taking action to address this critical issue.” The letter went on-and-on and the rest of it was equally horrible.

    • Meanwhile, EVERY. Cubic. Foot. Of the 2 billion a day that the 2 big pipelines were to ship in to NE is heading over the border to Mexico.

      No dummies down there, they are rapidly transitioning to using natgas instead of oil to generate electricity.

      The reduced expense for power will be an additional inducement for industries – especially high cost north east US companies – to relocate there.

  4. Hopefully the Massachusetts citizens scream bloody murder when they see their sky high power bills, thus bringing more attention to this situation.

  5. Meanwhile on Wensday….Governor Cuomo Corruptocrat…
    Announced the 11Albany based mini power grids, all using Natural gas will move forward with the one servicing the Albany Govermental Plazza will be online in March. Why would Corruptocrat do this? Because the projected savings to his friends who financed the war on fracking, [THE ROCKERFELLERS] will save over 1 million dollars a year on their fuel bill

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