CONFIRMED! A Trump Pipeline Executive Order Is Coming!

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President Donald Trump’s economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, has confirmed Trump pipeline executive order is, in fact, coming soon, which is great news indeed!

Yes, the great Larry Kudlow spoke at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast event yesterday. He confirmed a pipeline executive order from the President is, in fact, coming soon. Let’s hope it includes some of things I wrote about yesterday to correct water quality certification abuse by serial political abusers such as Andrew Cuomo.

Here’s the video (start at 18:30 or so):

And, here’s what Larry said:

I myself have met with a number of committee chairman In both bodies, both houses and we have talked ability, talked about a lot of things. The discussions are ongoing. Both were with respect to be authorizing the Highway Bill. We also have some thoughts about infrastructure. I’m very keen on that myself. There is an Executive Order that will be unveiled in due course that will try to help out our energy revolution and will open the door to additional pipelines, terminals and things of that sort. That’s a big part of our view.

That’s extraordinarily good news and the first real authoritative indication it’s going to happen. Will it “overrule states” as some have said? Not if its constructed properly; it will simply force to to stop playing stupid pipeline games based on phony delays and extraneous issues. Such a pipeline executive order will simply restore Federalism as we’ve always viewed it, a cooperative endeavor with meaningful roles for the states, provided they don’t abuse the process for selfish personal and political gains.

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6 thoughts on “CONFIRMED! A Trump Pipeline Executive Order Is Coming!

  1. There are a lot of impoverished communities that are in dire need of upgrading their basic needs. How can they part of society if they are denied sufficient access to water, sewer, and energy?
    Right now due to the unnecessary stovepiping of agencies on the state and federal levels, it is almost impossible to accomplish in providing such amenities because they have conflicting regulations and/or no real process to communicate with one another to overcome such hurdles.
    A lot of good common sense and environmentally sound procedures could be carried out but if the red tape is not cut, then the quality of life for the people in need will be cut. How humane is that?

  2. I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath waiting for the Eye of Sauron to cast his gaze our way. Remember it took Trump over a year to appoint a quorum to FERC, and when he did, we got Mitch (“King Coal”) McConnell’s former chief of staff and the guy that wrote the DOE report that said coal was more reliable natural gas because you could pile up next to the plant. All this while the EPA, DOE and Interior are being run by stooges from the coal industry, even after Pruitt and Zinke resigned in disgrace.

    Why now and why just an Executive Order? Compliant Republicans controlled both the House and Senate for two years. Where was a pipeline law or modification of the Jones Act when we needed it? Executive orders can be challenged in court and cancelled at will by any successor.

    If this is all natural gas has gotten in over two years, I’d suggest you start working on a serious “Plan B”, in case 2020 doesn’t work out they way you hope.

    • Mark,
      Remember when the environmentalists under Obama were praising the coming of the “Hydrogen Economy”? Even Arnold Schwarzenegger as Gov. of California was high on the “Hydrogen Highway” to help bring better air quality to California and the nation. Unfortunately when it comes to fuel cell technology, H2 is the key fuel and one of the nation’s greatest sources of it comes from coal.

      Even Al Gore’s family was involved in the coal industry. So it is just not Mitch and the rest of the “stooges” you mentioned being the ones getting rich. Warren Buffett trains not only haul oil but coal as well.

      Fuel cells indeed have their place provided that they have an ample and reliable source of H2.

  3. Will it “overrule states” as some have said? Not if its constructed properly; it will simply force to to stop playing stupid pipeline games based on phony delays and extraneous issues.


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